Google Issues Warning To 2 Billion Chrome Users; Advises Users To ‘Urgentlyt’ Download New Patch

Google Issues Warning To 2 Billion Chrome Users; Advises Users To ‘Urgentlyt’ Download New Patch
    Numerous technology websites/blogs are reporting that Google Chrome users need to download a new patch the web giant just issued for “critical security flaws across Windows, Mac, and Linux; and, urges users to upgrade to the latest version of the browser,” Gordon Kelly wrote on the website, this morning/April 20, 2020. “Google is keeping the exact nature of the exploit [vulnerability] a mystery,” he adds. In a blog post, Google released the code name of the exploit (CVE-2020-6457), along with a vague description.
     According to the cyber security and technology firm, Sophos, “in some cases, use-after-free bugs can allow an attacker to change the flow of control in your program, including diverting the CPU to run untrusted code that the attacker poked [clandestinely inserted] into the memory from the outside [remotely], sidestepping any of the browser’s usual security checks, or the “are you sure dialogues.” “That’s the most serious sort of exploit, known in the jargon known as RCE, short for remote code execution, which means just what it says — that a crook [malicious actor] can run code on your computer remotely, without warnng, even if they’re on the other side of the world.”
     As Mr. Kelluy wrote in Forbes, “you can check your version of Chrome by clicking the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the browser, then navigating to Help> About. As long as you are running Chrome 810.4044.113, you are safe. If not, you must update urgently — something Chrome should prompt you to do on its own About page.
     One reason it is urgent of course is because the bad guys now know Google Chrome has released a patch — and, they will be racing against time to find those who haven’t updated. RCP,

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