NSA’s Recommendation That Companies In The U.S. Defense Industrial Base ‘Avoid Using Zoom’ Does Not Go Far Enough

NSA has formally issued guidance recommending that  “the defense industrial base avoid using Zoom Video,” — which has gained in popularity due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the stay-at-home movement.  Astonishingly, of the nine questions/factors NSA listed for potential customers and users to consider before choosing a video teleconferencing platform — NOT A SINGLE ONE REFERENCED CHINA-BASED SERVERS, as a potential red-flag or problem. Let that sink in — whether or not a company’s servers are based in China was apparently of no concern or lost on the NSA. It is well-known, documented that China builds backdoors into software and networks whenever and whereever they can. This behavior is part of China’s ‘DNA,’ which serves two purposes: It is part of their surveillance state mentaliy; and, these backdoors also operate as a giant information collection effort that would make NSA blush. China utilizes machine learning and big data minning, to sort through this vast trove of data to better focus their espionage and corporate theft activities. With that in mind, shouldn’t the issue of a U.S. company having China-based servers be a national security issue? It NEEDS to be. RCP, fortunascorner.com


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