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Meet The Real Life Green Beret That ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Turned Into A Playable Character

Meet the real life Green Beret that ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ turned into a playable character · by James Clark · April 22, 2020 Tu Lam can now add “video game character” to a list that includes “veteran,” “operator,” “martial artist,” “entrepreneur,” “instructor” and “all-around badass.” As a child, Lam fled the communist government of Vietnam […]

Update: Japanese Media Claims Kim Jong Un Is In A ‘Vegetative State’

David Maxwell Comment:  “Japanese media reports are notoriously inaccurate”   Other reporting just in that Chinese doctors recommended taking Kim off life support and he is now dead. RCP Japanese media claims kim Jong Un is in a ‘vegetative state’ Daily Mail · by Sophie Tanno · April 25, 2020 China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to […]

Pentagon Study Would Cut Aircraft Carriers, Undermining Most Useful U.S. Warfighting System

Excerpts: For starters, nuclear-powered carriers have unlimited range—which is why they can always be moving when forward deployed. That means you don’t need vulnerable bases on land to carry the war to the enemy. The latest Ford class of carriers can sustain 270 air sorties per day. If we assume that each of those sorties […]

Barron’s Big Money Poll: U.S. Stocks Could Rise 15 Percent By Mid 2021; Also Their Favorite Sectors To Invest In Over Next 12 Months — And, One’s To Avoid

Barron’s Big Money Poll: U.S. Stocks Could Rise 15 Percent By Mid 2021; Also Their Favorite Sectors To Invest In Over Next 12 Months — And, One’s To Avoid      The titel above comes from Nicholas Jasinski’s article in this weekend’s/April 27,2020 in Barron’s. Mr. Jasinski notes that Barron’s recently surveyed 107 money managers […]

Japanese Media Claims North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un In A ‘Vegatative State’

Japanese media is reporting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is in a ‘vegatative state,’ after undergoing emergency heart surgery several days ago. RCP,

Pandemic May Burn Out, But America Faces A New, Scarier World 

Pandemic may burn out, but America faces a new, scarier world  China is an international outlaw, Russia reels from crashing oil prices and North Korea is broke Follow Us Illustration on the still dangerous post-pandemic world by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times more > Print By Victor Davis Hanson – – Wednesday, April 22, 2020 ANALYSIS/OPINION: The world was […]

China And North Korea Cheer: Why Are U.S. Bombers Leaving Guam?

David Maxwell Comment:  “Make deployments less predictable?  Doesn’t that go against what we are trying to do to reduce stress on military personnel and families?  This is the paradox.  We need to be less predictable to our adversaries but we need to be more predictable to our service members and tier families.   That said, […]

Amid Rumors About Kim’s Health, What Would North Korea Look Like Without Him?

David Maxwell Comment:  “Some good analysis from Steve Metz.  I will offer this thought on China:   First there is no love between China and north Korea. While China wants to maintain the status quo and ensure there is no war or regime instability and collapse on the peninsula if they are unable to maintain […]

Kim Jong-un: China Sends Doctors To Check On Health; “Important Indicator”

David Maxwell Comment:  “This an important indicator.” Kim Jong-un: China sends doctors to check on health – report Speculation continues about dictator’s condition after reports of heart surgery and absence from important events Reuters Fri 24 Apr 2020 21.17 EDTLast modified on Fri 24 Apr 2020 21.40 EDT Shares 346  South Korea and China have played down speculation that […]

Exploding The Myths Of Offshoring

A retrospective of what a lot of smart people thought about supply-chain diversification and its ‘benefits’ 16 years ago — and, where we find ourselves now. RCP, July 14, 2004 Exploding the Myths of Offshoring Far from damaging the economy of the United States, offshoring should enable its companies to direct resources to next-generation […]