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What If The Pentagon Skipped 5G?

What If the Pentagon Skipped 5G? · by Read bio By Mackenzie Eaglen Resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute Read bio 7:00 AM ET The answer to the headaches and security risks of next-generation mobile communications just might be a technological leap past them. It’s round one of a WWE-equivalent policy fight, and the Federal Communications Commission has beat the […]

China’s Version Of GPS Is Almost Complete. Here’s What That Means.

Excerpts: Beijing expects the size of its satellite navigation industry to surpass 400 billion yuan ($57 billion) this year, with BeiDou contributing the vast majority of that value. In the future, the Chinese government sees BeiDou and related services as a major industry, particularly for countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, the swath of […]

China And Huawei Propose Reinvention Of The Internet

The proposal has caused concerns among western countries including the UK, Sweden and the US, who believe the system would splinter the global internet and give state-run internet service providers granular control over citizens’ internet use. It has gained the support of Russia, and potentially Saudi Arabia, according to western representatives at the ITU. “Below the surface, […]

White House Releases National Strategy For 5G Security

Excerpts:   The quietly-launched document outlines four distinct lines of effort that the bill called for it to include. They each briefly lay out the administration’s approaches and aims to: facilitate the domestic rollout of 5G; assess the risks and identify the core security principles of 5G infrastructure; assess the risks to United States economic […]