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China Builds Massive Spying Capacity In Africa

China Builds Massive Spying Capacity in Africa State-linked firms have built almost 200 government buildings on the continent Chinese President Xi Jinping shakes hands with Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa / Getty Images Yuichiro Kakutani – May 26, 2020 5:00 AM The Chinese government has established an unparalleled spying capacity in Africa by encouraging Chinese companies such as […]

China Builds A Mega-Fortress On The Horn of Africa

Excerpts: And it is not just castle aesthetics, the base really is designed to be highly defendable on a scale rarely seen, even in war zones. Construction of the walls started in early 2016, and was substantially complete by spring 2017, Forbes reported. There appears to be many layers of defense, including; vehicle checkpoints, perimeter […]

Coronavirus: Why China’s ‘Mask Diplomacy’ Is Raising Concern In The West

Coronavirus: why China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ is raising concern in the West Beijing has sent medical experts and badly needed supplies to places hit hard by the pandemic in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Other countries have also offered help, but analysts say there are worries about the motives behind the Chinese efforts and […]

The US Should Send More, Not Fewer, Troops To West Africa

The US Should Send More, Not Fewer, Troops to West Africa America’s interests and unique security partnerships in this burgeoning region argue for more help, not less. BY MATTHEW DALTONREAD BIO · by Read bio As the Pentagon looks to redistribute and possibly draw down its troops in Africa, it should consider not trimming but boosting its presence […]

Al-Qaeda And Islamic State Groups Are Working Together In West Africa To Grab Large Swaths Of Territory

Excerpts: Fighters appear to be coordinating attacks and carving out mutually agreed-upon areas of influence in the Sahel, the strip of land beneath the Sahara desert. The rural territory at risk is so large it could “fit multiple Afghanistans and Iraqs,” said Brig. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, head of the U.S. military’s Special Operations arm in […]

France Boosts Anti-Terror Force In Sahel As U.S. Mulls Pull-Out

France boosts anti-terror force in Sahel as US mulls pull-out · February 2, 2020 France is to boost its military presence in the Sahel, where it is fighting Islamist insurgents, by 600 troops, the Defence Minister Florence Parly said on Sunday. It will bring the number of French soldiers taking part in the anti-terror operation, […]

Russia Exerts Growing Influence In Africa, Worrying Many In The West

Russia Exerts Growing Influence in Africa, Worrying Many in the West By Eric Schmitt and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times · by Eric Schmitt · January 28, 2020 The Kremlin is increasing arms sales, security pacts and training programs as the American defense secretary weighs withdrawing troops from the continent. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia hosted a summit meeting […]

Hiding In The Grass: Fear And Confusion AQs Fighters Overran A U.S. Airfield

Excerpts:   It remains unclear how the Shabab fighters made their way onto the Manda Bay base, whether by surprise or a vehicle packed with explosives. According to one American official, the group likely had patiently watched the base and had selected their attack based on the Americans’ well-established patterns. Investigators are looking at the […]

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Prepare To Pull Back Officers From Africa

Excerpts.    The three nations are jostling for prominence in sub-Saharan Africa. Russia’s mercenary force, the Wagner Group, has had a presence in the Central African Republic and other countries, said Sean McFate, a professor at the National Defense University and the author of “The New Rules of War.” China has a military support base in Djibouti and is […]

In Push For Africa, Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Are ‘Out of Their Depth’ In Mozambique

In Push for Africa, Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Are ‘Out of Their Depth’ in Mozambique – The Moscow Times The Moscow Times · by Pjotr Sauer · November 19, 2019 When John Gartner, a former Rhodesian soldier who now heads the military security company OAM, was approached by a Mozambican official to help fight the Islamist insurgency in the […]