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Trump Taps Point Man To Remove Pentagon Officials Seen As Disloyal

Trump Taps Point Man to Remove Pentagon Officials Seen as Disloyal Foreign Policy · by Jack Detsch, Robbie Gramer · May 6, 2020   In another move aimed at consolidating control over policy and messaging, the Trump administration is sending a White House loyalist to serve in a key Defense Department policy role that officials are worried is […]

Trump Taps Private Equity Executive For Top Special Operations Job

David Maxwell Comment:  “Here is his Linkedin profile.   Here is his Cerberus Capital Management company profile:   Interestingly he is graduate of the US Air Force Academy but served 8 years as a Navy SEAL.   Recall this article when the rumor of Louis Bremer’s nomination for ASD SO/LIC was floated last September. ‘Tequila-drinking Navy SEAL’ in the running […]

DIA Experiment Shows Artificial Intelligence Can Outperform Human Analysts In A Key Area: But, A Clever, Sick-And-Twisted Adversary, Denial & Deception Still Trumps AI

DIA Experiment Shows Artificial Intelligence Can Outperform Human Analysts In A Key Area; But, A Clever, Sick-And-Twisted Adversary, Denial & Deception Still Trumps AI      Patrick Tucker’s posted an April 29, 2020 article, “Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Analysts In A Key Area,” to the national security and technology website,      […]

Trump Pushes Advisers To Pull Troops From Afghanistan Due To COVID-19

Trump pushes advisers to pull troops from Afghanistan due to COVID-19 NBC News · by Carol E. LeeCarol E. Lee is an NBC News correspondent. · April 27, 2020 WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has pushed his military and national security advisers in recent days to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan amid concerns about a major […]

Eight Leadership Lessons From The Navy Carrier Captain’s Case

Eight leadership lessons from the Navy carrier captain’s case · by Charlie Dunlap, J.D. · April 27, 2020 USS Theodore Roosevelt Last Friday the media reported that Navy leaders are recommending reinstatement for Captain Brett Crozier, the former commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (Roosevelt) who was relieved from command for the way he handled the COVID-19 outbreak aboard his ship. […]

Is It Time For A ‘New Way Of War?’ What China’s Army Reforms Mean For The Rest Of The World

Is it time for a ‘new way of war?’ What China’s army reforms mean for the rest of the world · by Adam Ni The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu once said, Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. Looking at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) today, it’s hard to […]

The Air Force Wants to Cut Surveillance Drones—A Think Tank Argues That’s A Mistake

Excerpt: However, a study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment makes the case that non-stealth surveillance drones could be useful before any shots get fired by providing persistent surveillance of global hot spots as part of a concept dubbed “Deterrence by Detection.” Systematic surveillance could render non-viable underhanded “gray zone” actions reliant on plausible deniability and/or surprise such as Russia’s seizure […]

How Delta Force And SEAL Team 6 Might Be Mitigating Coronavirus Readiness Risks

How Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 might be mitigating coronavirus readiness risks Washington Examiner · by Tom Rogan · April 14, 2020 How will the military’s top special operations units mitigate the risk of a coronavirus outbreak in their ranks? Well, in much the same way that the rest of us are: by isolation. But isolation with […]

Russia Tests Direct-Ascent Anti-Satellite Missile

Russia tests direct-ascent anti-satellite missile By U.S. Space Command Public Affairs U.S. Space Command Public Affairs 1 of 1 DOWNLOAD HI-RES  /   PHOTO DETAILSU.S. Space Command 57 PRINT  |  E-MAIL PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo., April 15, 2020 —U.S. Space Command is aware and tracking Russia’s direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) missile test April 15. “Russia’s DA-ASAT test provides yet another […]

The Air Force Abruptly Ends Its Continuous Bomber Presence On Guam After 16 Years

Excerpt:   The departure of the B-52Hs from Guam also comes as questions have been raised about the U.S. military’s ability to project power in the Pacific in light of the sidelining of the Nimitz class aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt due to a major COVID-19 outbreak among its crew, which has caused one fatality so far. That ship is now stuck pier side […]