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SOCOM All-In On Artificial Intelligence

SOCOM All-in on Artificial Intelligence · by Jon Harper SPECIAL OPERATIONS 5/12/2020 By Image: iStock Special Operations Command is gung-ho about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its portfolio as it faces off against peer competitors and violent extremist organizations, according to top officials. SOCOM Commander Army Gen. Richard Clarke noted that a number […]

SOCOM Chief: Door-Kickers Are Out, Cyber Operators Are In

Excerpts:   Speaking to thousands of members of the defense industrial base at the 2020 Virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, SOCOM commander Army Gen. Richard Clarke laid out his vision for the future of U.S. special operations around the globe, a future that, while still centered on violent extremism, will rely heavily on information […]

Opinion | Think We Have Military Primacy Over China? Think Again

Excerpt: “Over the past decade, in U.S. war games against China, the United States has a nearly perfect record: We have lost almost every single time.” That’s a quote from a new book called “The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare,” the most provocative critique of U.S. defense policy I’ve read in years. […]

A Rocket Attack (Against A Small U.S. Base/Outpost In Afghanistan): Two Narratives. This Is What Happened.

A Rocket Attack. Two Narratives. This Is What Happened. The New York Times · by Thomas Gibbons-Neff · May 12, 2020 at war Nine Americans were injured last October in an attack by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. The U.S. military said there were no casualties. The Marines’ living area on Outpost Bost after a Taliban attack in […]

How Cuba’s Spies Keep Winning; They’ve Infiltrated Another Attempt To Unseat Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

How Cuba’s Spies Keep Winning They’ve infiltrated another attempt to unseat Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro. By Mary Anastasia O’Grady May 10, 2020 3:40 pm ET The failed landing on a rugged stretch of Venezuelan coastline last week by a band of mercenaries hoping to unseat Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro is another tragedy for the beleaguered […]

Did Former Green Berets Violate The 1794 Neutrality Act By Invading Venezuela?

Excerpts: Based on this view, the OLC concluded that the Neutrality Act did not apply to covert action pursued by private individuals at the direction of U.S. intelligence agencies. If the facts fit, then the same conclusion would likely apply to Operation Gideon. And while not everyone might agree with this interpretation of the Neutrality […]

Grenade Drone Promises An End To Cover (Infantry), Forever

“Infantry portable loitering munitions.”   Excerpt: Innovation and iteration on all scales of remotely piloted bombs exists today, with a special and new predominance in infantry-portable loitering munitions. Designed to be carried on the backs of soldiers or marines and operated by just one or two people, these weapons lean on drone controls and sensors to let […]

Breaking Down The Absolutely Batshit Coup Attempt Against Venezuela’s Maduro

Excerpts: Initially, it appeared that Guaido was looking for additional security services to protect the opposition leader at various public rallies to boost support for his cause, something that Silvercorp USA would later provide. A purported contract covering “strategic planning, procuring equipment, and project execution advisement,” and worth at least $50 million, and possibly as […]

American Says Failed Venezuelan Invasion Was To Arrest Maduro

American Says Failed Venezuelan Invasion Was to Arrest Maduro Maduro shows video of imprisoned American who says the mission of weekend raid was to topple the president and bring him to the U.S. By Kejal Vyas and Jessica Donati May 6, 2020 9:06 pm ET Luke Alexander Denman, an American, was hired to lead […]

The Invasion Of Venezuela, Brought To You By Silvercorp USA

The Invasion of Venezuela, Brought To You By Silvercorp USA – bellingcat · by Giancarlo Fiorella · May 5, 2020 The video begins with Jordan Goudreau posing confidently, flanked by a man wearing an armour plate and a Venezuela flag wrapped around his shoulder. The man introduces Goudreau in a stern tone. Goudreau begins to speak with the terseness […]