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SOCOM Looking To Bake In AI Requirements On Every New Program

SOCOM Looking To Bake In AI Requirements On Every New Program · by Paul McLeary Special Operations Command’s Gen. Richard Clarke with students at the Special Forces Qualification Course. WASHINGTON: Special Operations Command is in a “war for influence” with adversaires from non-state groups to state-funded information operations, the command’s top general said recently, and is […]

Special Operations Command Wants To Put All Mission Data In A Single Pane Of Glass

Special Operations Command wants to put all mission data in a single pane of glass · by Nathan Strout · May 31, 2020 Special Operations Command wants all of the data operators need presented on a single pane of glass, working as a connecting step between the war fighter and the Department of Defense’s overarching Joint All-Domain […]

Are We Ready For The ‘Burn-In’ And The Real Robotic Revolution? 

Are We Ready for the ‘Burn-In’ and the Real Robotic Revolution? | RealClearDefense · by Michael D. Brasseur Peter W. Singer and August Cole have just released their latest book, “Burn-in: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution.” Singer and Cole describe their work as “useful fiction” as they, through a thrilling, yet plausible story in the […]

Special Operations Command Acknowledges That It Has To Change As AI Is Set To Revolutionize War

David Maxwell Comment:  “This is an elegant and simple quote but one we must think deeply about: “Data is the new ammunition.”  We should always keep in mind that some “data” can only be collected through close personal relationships that can only take place face to face.  I am not an iconoclast and I believe […]

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural Selection On The Unmanned Battlefield

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural selection on the unmanned battlefield 12th May 2020 8:00 am Forget the “Terminator scenario”. The future of AI based warfare could be far weirder than that writes Gareth L Powell Two articles in last month’s issue caught my eye. The first was about the Royal Navy’s decision to test extra-large autonomous submarines […]

The Pentagon’s $800M Effort To Embed AI In Decisions In ‘All Tiers’

The Pentagon’s $800M Effort to Embed AI In Decisions in ‘All Tiers’ That’s the goal of a five-year task order from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to Booz Allen Hamilton. · by Nextgov By Aaron Boyd Senior Editor, Nextgov, Nextgov Read bio 12:19 AM ET That’s the goal of a five-year task order from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center […]

How AI Will Soon Change Special Operations

David Maxwell Comment:  “Hopefully these capabilities will pan out.  With all due respect to the commander and the comments are probably taken out of context, I think we have to change our mindset in influence from being reactive.  Rather than think about what people are thinking and reacting to messaging ,or counter-messaging, we need to […]

New Malware Ramsay, Can Steal Data From Air-Gapped Computers

New Malware Ramsay, Can Steal Data From Air-Gapped Computers      Sudais Asif posted a May 14. 2020 article to the cyber security and technology website,, with the title above. For the better part of two decades, government and corporate entities, and others — have ‘protected’ their most precious digital information on stand-alone, air-gapped […]

SOCOM All-In On Artificial Intelligence

SOCOM All-in on Artificial Intelligence · by Jon Harper SPECIAL OPERATIONS 5/12/2020 By Image: iStock Special Operations Command is gung-ho about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its portfolio as it faces off against peer competitors and violent extremist organizations, according to top officials. SOCOM Commander Army Gen. Richard Clarke noted that a number […]

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Reportedly Once Told The US Army’s Top Special Forces General ‘You Absolutely Suck’ At Artificial Intelligence

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly once told the US Army’s top special forces general ‘you absolutely suck’ at artificial intelligence Business Insider · by Tyler Sonnemaker Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the US special forces’ top general “you absolutely suck at machine learning,” The New York Times reported Saturday. The comments came in 2016 during Schmidt’s push […]