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Libya : Lawless, Alarming, Unpredictable, Dangerous Libya : Lawless, Alarming, Unpredictable, Dangerous By Alexander Mezyaev Global Research, June 28, 2015 Jamahiriya News Agency 25 June 2015 Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: Militarization and WMD, Oil and Energy, United Nations, US NATO War Agenda The situation in Libya is continuing to develop alarmingly. The current situation in the country is characterised by a complete lack […]

Stopping Intelligence Scandals Before They Start

Stopping Intelligence Scandals Before They Start It’s clear now what should have been done to prevent the CIA torture mess. FE_PR_090203intel_cia.jpg By Daniel J. Gallington April 16, 2014 | 2:30 p.m. EDT + More Reading the latest media leaks about the investigation into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program undertaken by the Democratic staff of the […]

The Benghazi Cover-Up Continues The Benghazi Cover-Up Continues By Daniel Greenfield November 24, 2014 A diplomatic mission was slapped down in the middle of a city controlled by terrorists. The diplomatic mission was left mostly undefended, despite multiple requests by everyone in Libya right up to the deceased ambassador, except by a militia gang linked to Al Qaeda […]

When Politics and Intelligence Meet

How can this author write an article like this — on this subject — and, not even mention Benghazi? RCP Conclusion: As discussed above, “smoking gun” examples of direct politicization of intelligence estimates are rare. From this fact one can choose from several conclusions: That it does not occur; that it may occur and evidence […]

U.S. Lost Track of Terrorists – Says Former U.S. National Counterterrorism Director updated 3:47 PM EDT 10.21.14 Ex-Official: U.S. Lost Track of Terrorists By Kevin Liptak, CNN Washington (CNN) – Ripping the cover off top-secret U.S. surveillance programs pushed foreign terrorists underground and out of intelligence services’ reach, a former top intelligence official said Tuesday. “We’ve lost collection against some individuals, people that we were concerned […]

5 Things You Missed In Panetta’s Memoir

5 Things You Missed In Panetta’s Memoir defense/220461-5-things-you- missed-in-panettas-memoir Getty Images By Kristina Wong – 10/11/14 09:09 AM EDT Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s new memoir, Worthy Fights, has garnered attention for its tough critique of President Obama’s foreign policy. But the book includes many other revealing stories from Panetta, a long-time Washington insider, […]

New Book Says CIA Station Chief/Libya – Held Up Benghazi Rescue

New Book Says CIA Station Chief In Benghazi, Libya – Held Up Rescue; New Review Of DoD/CIA Authorities Regarding Force Protection Authorities Needed David Kirkpatrick, writing in the September 5, 2014 New York Times, says that “5 commandos guarding the CIA Annex in Benghazi, Libya — when the terrorist attack occurred on September 11, […]

Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears Of Suicide Attacks On 9/11

Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11 Egypt set for military intervention as Libya spirals toward failed state In this image made from video by The Associated Press, smoke rises from the direction of Tripoli airport in Tripoli, Libya, Sunday, July 13, 2014. Rival militias battled Sunday for the control of […]

As U.S. Evacuates Libya; Islamic Militants Step Forward; Makings Of An Islamic State?

Islamic Militants Seize Benghazi As U.S. Evacuates Libya Hard-liners linked to consulate attack that killed J. Christopher Stevens, 3 others By Reda Fhelboom and Angela Waters — Special to The Washington Times Thursday, July 31, 2014 TRIPOLI, Libya — Fighting in Libya escalated Thursday as Islamic militias claimed to control the country’s second-largest city, Benghazi, […]

‘A Job Well Done, As Libya Implodes,’ “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming A Punch Line,” By Walter Russell Mead Walter Russell Mead Published on July 26, 2014 A Job Well Done As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a becoming-a-punch-line/ A Job Well Done As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a Punch Line The United States is pulling embassy staff out of Tripoli, and has issued a travel advisory that nicely outlines what a […]