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Commanders Suggest 2nd Group In Benghazi Terror Attacks

Commanders Suggest a 2nd Group in Benghazi Attacks Jul 10th 2014 4:04AM 20 Comments Associated Press FILE – In this Sept. 13, 2012 file photo, a Libyan man investigates the inside of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya after an attack two days earlier. Newly revealed testimony from top military commanders involved in the U.S. […]

SECSTATE Clinton Reportedly Bristled At Benghazi Deception

If true, this would explain why Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk shows to discuss Benghazi and not SecState Clinton. But, if true, it also means Ms. Clinton turned a blind eye to the deception and allowed it to continue. Her silence, — if true — is damming. It also makes NSC Advisor Rice […]

Why Delta Force Waited So Long To Grab A Benghazi Ringleader

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program David Maxwell: Come on. What kind of cheap analogy is this from the critics? Do we really want to compare the conduct of special operations with journalism? I wonder how journalists would have felt if he was […]

Huh? Benghazi Terrorists Used State Department Cell Phones?

Huh? Benghazi Terrorists Used State Department Cell Phones? Posted: June 13, 2014 The terrorists who attacked the U.S. consulate and the CIA annex in Benghazi were using State Department cell phones which were seized from State Department personnel during the attacks. What does this mean? It’s bad enough that the attacks separated our people from […]

Libya: Muslim Brotherhood’s Tenuous Hold

IISS Strategic Comments Libya: Muslim Brotherhood’s Tenuous Hold The Muslim Brotherhood has maneuvered itself into a position of power in Libya’s fractious General National Congress despite only enjoying minority support among the electorate. Its militias are among the most powerful in Libya, and it has benefitted from the disintegration of the largest parliamentary party, […]

Discredited On Benghazi

Discredited in Benghazi by ANGELO M. CODEVILLA May 21, 2014 The abandonment of the State Department-CIA mission in Benghazi that came under attack on September 11, 2012 marked the failure of the Obama administration’s foreign policy toward the Muslim world. That American generals and admirals raised no protest to the decision not to go to […]

‘Over My Dead Body’: Spies Fight Obama Push To Downsize Terror War

Ouch! Excerpt: Or, as one senior U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast: “Take this ‘al Qaeda is on the run’ message, it’s something you’ve seen in the last couple of years. If they are on the run, they are on the run to the United States.” Eli Lake WORLD NEWS 05.21.14 ‘Over My Dead […]

al-Qaeda’s American Fighters (In Syria) Are Coming Home – And U.S. Intelligence Can’t Find Them

WORLD NEWS 05.20.14 Exclusive: Al Qaeda’s American Fighters Are Coming Home-And U.S. Intelligence Can’t Find Them articles/2014/05/20/exclusive- more-than-100-americans-are- waging-jihad-in-syria-u-s- intelligence-says.html The number of American extremists who have flocked to Syria is higher than previously understood, American intelligence sources say. And some of the fighters are coming home. Western intelligence services have been warning that […]

Libya’s Growing Risk Of Civil War

Conclusion: The latest offensive raises serious challenges for U.S. efforts to deescalate violence in Libya and mediate the conflict, since each side believes it possesses legitimacy and seeks to punish the other for transgressions. The fighting further complicates the familiar and uncomfortable balancing act of pursuing stability on the one hand, and a tumultuous and […]

African Union Air Strike in Somalia Kills 50 al-Qaeda Linked al Shabaab Members

May 20 (Bloomberg) — African Union forces killed more than 50 insurgents in an attack on an al-Shabaab stronghold in Somalia, as the death toll from clashes between security forces and the Islamist militants in northeastern Kenya doubled. An African Union Mission in Somalia air strike targeted “senior leadership and foreign al-Shabaab fighters” on the […]