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Russian Scientist Who Claimed To Develop Nerve Agent That Poisoned Sergi Skripal Has Reportedly Been Hit By A Car In Russia

A Russian scientist who claimed to develop the nerve agent that poisoned Sergei Skripal has reportedly been hit by a car in Russia By Alexandra Ma, View Original April 25th, 2018 A Russian scientist who developed the nerve agent used to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal was hit by a car in Russia earlier this week, local […]

U.K. Lawmaker Says ‘Overwhelmingly Likely ‘ Putin Personally Ordered Skripal Poisoning

Boris Johnson blames Vladimir Putin directly for nerve agent attack | Metro News <link rel=”stylesheet” href=” content/themes/vip/metrouk/ css/async-post.min.css? 1523873551214“> Follow on Instagram 132.3m shares Richard Hartley-Parkinson Friday 16 Mar 2018 12:14 pm Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email Share this article […]

Two CIA Vet Takes On CIA Nominee Haspel & Those Tapes

Two CIA Vet Takes on CIA Nominee Haspel & Those Tapes View Original April 19th, 2018 The nomination hearing of Gina Haspel to lead the agency is shaping up to be a bruising interrogation over Haspel’s role in the destruction of evidence regarding the CIA’s now-defunct enhanced interrogation techniques program. Haspel, currently deputy director […]

Clandestine Cold War Unit Honored At Fort Bragg

Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the US Army’s Elite 1956-1990 by James Stejskal. Available at Amazon here. David Maxwell’s review, “DET-A”: Applied Unconventional Warfare In Berlin and Beyond in the Cold War, is here. Clandestine Cold War unit honored at Fort Bragg · by Drew Brooks Drew Brooks Military editor @DrewBrooksNot quite a year after the Berlin […]

U.S. Seeks Arab Force And Funding For Syria – An ‘Arab NATO’

U.S. Seeks Arab Force and Funding for Syria Under plan, troops would replace American military contingent after ISIS defeat and help secure country’s north; proposal faces challenges American troops looked out toward the border with Turkey from a small outpost near the town of Manbij, northern Syria, in February. PHOTO: SUSANNAH GEORGE/ASSOCIATED PRESS By Michael R. […]

Pentagon Acknowledges U.S. Contractor Presence In Syria For First Time

Excerpts:   Unlike the Russians, however, the US contractors are mostly focused on supporting the 2,000 US troops in Syria by delivering hot meals, gasoline and other supplies. More than 30% of them support logistics and maintenance, according to the quarterly Pentagon report, and another 27% help with support and construction of US military outposts […]

Pentagon Officials Describe Syria Strikes, Hope Assad Gets Message

e Pentagon Officials Describe Syria Strikes, Hope Assad Gets Message By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity 2 PRINT  |  E-MAIL  |  CONTACT AUTHOR WASHINGTON, April 14, 2018 —The Syrian regime killed at least 45 people and sickened hundreds of others in a chemical weapons attack on Douma, Syria, April 7, and on April 13, U.S., British and French […]

HR.5428. What Is Said In New Draft Law On Sanctions Against Russia HR.5428. What is said in the new draft law on sanctions against Russia 10 April 2018 ·         Valentin Baryshnikov Capitol The bill on imposing sanctions against the people responsible for the attack on Sergei and Julia Skripal … The bill can be shortly called the Act “Together with Great Britain – Against Russia’s Violations” … Proceeding […]

Statement By Secretary Of Defense James N. Mattis: Strike On Syria

  Statement by Secretary James N. Mattis on Syria 04/13/2018 09:18 PM CDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-113-18 April 13, 2018 Statement by Secretary James N. Mattis on Syria Good evening. As the world knows, the Syrian people have suffered terribly under the prolonged brutality of the Assad regime. On April 7th, the regime decided to […]

The U.S., U.K., & France Strike Bashar Assad’s Syria — For Gassing His Own Civilian Population; Mr. Assad, Red Lines Mean Something In A Trump Administration

The U.S., U.K., & France Strike Bashar Assad’s Syria — For Gassing His Own Civilian Population; POTUS Obama’s ‘Strategic Patience Has Been Replaced With…….’Strategic Resolve!’      Mr. Assad, Red Lines mean something in a Trump administration — ‘Strategic Patience,’ has been relegated to its proper place – the dustbin of history.  Any ‘leader’ […]