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A Thucydides Fallacy: The New Model Of Power Relations For Southeast Asia, the U.S. And China

Excerpts: In response, Bonnie Glaser — an American scholar and Asia observer — warned the region to “not draw a false equivalence between U.S. and Chinese actions.” Glaser suggested “the choice that Southeast Asia must make is not between the U.S. and China,” but “between a future in which there are shared rules and norms […]

“The Green Berets In The Land Of A Million Elephants: U.S. Army Special Warfare & The Secret War In Laos 1959-1974,” Book By Col. (Ret.) Joseph D. Celeski

“The Green Berets In The Land Of A Million Elephants: U.S. Army Special Warfare & The Secret War In Laos 1959-1974,” Book By Col. (Ret.) Joseph D. Celeski      Col. (Ret.) Joseph D. Celeski was interviewed this weekend/March 30/31 on C-SPAN, about his new book, with the title above. The U.S. Army’s […]

Michael Healy, Army Major General Who Led Green Berets In Vietnam, Dies At 91

Michael Healy, Army major general who led Green Berets in Vietnam, dies at 91 The Washington Post · by Harrison Smith · April 23, 2018 Gen. Michael D. Healy in the early 1970s. He was known as “Iron Mike” for his heroism during the Korean War. (John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School) Michael D. Healy, an […]

My Father Fought The CIA’s Secret War In Laos

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell:  Joe Celeski (retired SF Colonel, former Commander of 3d SFG) is writing what I believe will be the definitive history on the employment of US Special Forces in […]

A Secret Warrior’s Secret War In Laos

A secret warrior’s secret war in Laos · by Lee Williams Decorated Green Beret John Meyer, who ran reconnaissance missions, will be the featured speaker at the Fifth Annual Florida Fun Shoot. Lee Williams Topics EditorAs the ancient Sikorsky H-34 helicopter carrying an elite six-man reconnaissance team was spiraling down toward a landing zone in Laos, […]

Another Review Of Max Boot’s New Book On Edward Lansdale & Vietnam War

Review: ‘The Road Not Taken’ in Vietnam As war began, Edward Lansdale’s lonely voice argued that winning local support—not battles—was key to victory PHOTO: TIME & LIFE PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES By Robert D. Kaplan Jan. 5, 2018 4:34 p.m. ET 35 COMMENTS Edward Lansdale (1908-87) was one of America’s most important military thinkers and practitioners, and yet he […]

Another Review Of Max Boot’s New Book: “The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale And The American Tragedy In Vietnam”

Excerpts: Lansdale retired from military service at the end of October 1963, “battered by too many bureaucratic beatings to count.” But, like a phoenix, he returned to Vietnam in the summer of 1965, theoretically to coordinate the pacification program, but in fact to experience “the most frustrating and difficult period of his life.” That “nightmare” […]

The Counterinsurgent: Review Of Max Boot’s New Book On Edward Lansdale

Excerpts:   This perspectivalism is invaluable in small doses; it can aid critical thinking and can helpfully remind strategists of the importance of seeing events from others’ eyes. But if it dominates strategic thinking it can lead to disaster. In a brilliant, widely debated 2009 article, “A Strategy of Tactics,” whose title became a shorthand […]

Was America Duped At Khe Sanh?

Conclusion: Duped or not, Westmoreland was replaced soon after the Tet offensive ended. The well-respected CBS newsman Walter Cronkite — a former supporter of the war — now thought the best that the United States could hope for was a “draw.” Johnson chose not to run for a second term as president, and Richard Nixon […]

Behind The Phoenix Program

Excerpts: To date, the debate over Phoenix has focused mainly on the roles played by the C.I.A. and individual Americans in the program. But a vast majority of Phoenix personnel — soldiers, interrogators and analysts — were Vietnamese. Exploring the South Vietnamese role in Phoenix offers alternative perspectives on its origins and significance. Of all […]