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If Radiation Is Leaking From The Collapsed North Korean Mountain Site, it is Not Having A Detectable Effect On Aviation Over Neighboring Countries.

Of course, to make an informed judgment about the potential threat, if any, of radiation leakage/spillage in and around the mountain that collapsed as a result of Pyongyang’s 6th underground nuclear test — we would need to get scientists on the ground to test soil samples, etc.  Good luck with that.  RCP,   If […]

North Korea’s Elite Quitting Facebook, Concealing Internet Activity: Researcher

North Korea’s elite quitting Facebook, concealing internet activity: researcher By Dustin Volz, View Original April 25th, 2018 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea’s ruling class has in recent months abandoned Western social media sites such as Facebook (FB.O), Instagram and Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) and dramatically increased its use of tools that cloak internet activity, according to cyber […]

North Korea’s Secret Weapon: A Huge Electromagnetic Storm

North Korea’s Secret Weapon: A Huge Electromagnetic Storm By James Stavridis, View Original April 25th, 2018 Something up his sleeve?Photo by: Source: AFP/Getty Images The diplomatic circuit is awash in optimism as the proposed summitbetween North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump draws near. Indeed, Trump is right to go to the table with […]

Russia Claims It Has A U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missile And Will Use It To Improve Its Own Weapons

Russia claims it has a US Tomahawk cruise missile and will use it to improve its own weapons By Holly Ellyatt | @hollyellyatt, View Original April 25th, 2018 Matthew Daniels/U.S. Navy via Getty Images Russia has gotten its hands on an U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile and it’s going to study it to improve its own weapon […]

North Korea’s Underground Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed — Which May Be The Real Reason Kim Jong-Un Has Agreed To Freeze Missile Tests — Chinese Officials Say

North Korea’s Underground Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed — Which May Be The Real Reason Kim Jong-Un Has Agreed To Freeze Missile Tests — Chinese Officials Say      Jullian Robinson posted an article this morning, April 25, 2018, on the website of the Daily Mail, with the title above. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un only […]

POTUS Trump To Nominate ADM. Harry Harris As Ambassador To South Korea, Ahead Of Summit With North Korea

Trump plans to nominate Admiral Harry Harris as ambassador to South Korea ahead of North Korea summit: NBC News, citing sources Christine Wang | @christiiineeee Published 28 Mins Ago   Updated 4 Mins Ago Toru Hana | AFP | Getty Images Commander of the US Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris President Donald Trump plans to nominate Admiral […]

Chinese Money Sows European Disunion: ‘Eastern States Are Being Seduced By The Allure Of Authoritarianism’ The EU’s consensus-based approach to diplomacy and security makes it difficult to stand up to China, if even one member sides with Beijing.   © AP COMMENT Chinese money sows European disunion Eastern states are being seduced by the allure of authoritarianism   HIROYUKI AKITA, Nikkei commentator April 23, 2018 13:55 JST TOKYO — The […]

What Is Kim Jong Un Thinking?

Excerpts: Kim may also be signaling his opening position for the summit meetings. Pyongyang declared that “suspension of nuclear testing is an important process for global nuclear disarmament” (emphasis added). Over the years, North Korea’s negotiating position has evolved from pledging to never build nuclear weapons, to then promising to abandon them, to more recently […]

U.S. Admiral Warns: Only War Can Now Stop Beijing Controlling The South China Sea US Admiral warns: Only war can now stop Beijing controlling the South China Sea WHILE Australian warships were being challenged, a top US admiral was telling Congress Beijing now controlled the South China Sea. Jamie Seidel News Corp Australia Network  APRIL 22, 2018 THE island fortresses are built. The airfields are ready. The harbours are […]

What Kim Jong-un Really Wants

What Kim Jong-un really wants · by Daniel Gallington Illustration on Kim Jong-un’s diplomatic wish list by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times more > ANALYSIS/OPINION: If one were to make a list of “what Kim really wants” in his discussions with the U.S., such would be quite straightforward, however — at least so far — they have […]