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Mission Impossible: Inside The Dramatic Cave Rescue Of A Thai Soccer Team

Mission Impossible: Inside the Dramatic Cave Rescue of a Thai Soccer Team By Lara Seligman, foreignpolicy.comView OriginalSeptember 20th, 2018 U.S. Air Force Maj. Charles HodgesPhoto by: left At a certain moment during the mission to rescue young members of a soccer team and their coach in Thailand this past summer, U.S. Air Force Maj. Charles Hodges calculated […]

Britain Launches 250M Sterling Cyber-Force To Wage War On Terrortists Britain launches £250m cyber‑force to wage war on terrorists Lucy Fisher, Defence Correspondent September 21 2018, 10:00pm, The Times GCHQ will set up a new cyber-force base because its headquarters in Cheltenham is at capacity ALAMY An offensive cyber-force to combat hostile states, terrorist groups and domestic gangs will be set up by the Ministry of Defence […]

China’s Deep Water Strategy; Building A Vessel Able To Scour Seabed 6KM Deep China building vessel able to scour seabed 6km deep New ship will be able to lay cables at a depth of 3,000 meters and deep-water hoisting at 6,000 meters By Asia Times staff September 19, 2018 5:26 PM (UTC+8) The Shenqian, currently the most advanced deep-sea salvage and exploration ship in service with the […]

Trump Directs Government To Step Up Defenses Against Bioterrorism

Trump directs government to step up defenses against bioterrorism The Hill · by Peter Sullivan · September 18, 2018 President Trump on Tuesday signed a memorandum directing his administration to step up efforts to fight bioterrorism and other biological threats. Trump’s order establishes a Biodefense Steering Committee, led by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, to coordinate defense […]

Initial Thoughts On Pyongyang Summit From Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell

—– Forwarded Message —–From: David Maxwell <>Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018, 6:41:19 AM EDTSubject: My initial thoughts on the Pyongyang Summit Agreement Initial thoughts: 1.  There appears to be much euphoria over the Pyongyang summit agreement but we need to keep cool heads and discern how sincere is Kim Jong-un and how much he is supporting his strategy of “divide […]

North Korea to Allow Outside Inspectors To Visit Missile Test Site

David Maxwell Comment: “This is a significant development if true.  Significant but the question is is it sufficient? The devil is in the details as they say and we will need to see some real action and not just words.  But this could be a positive development.  This may be something to work with.”Excerpt: North Korea to Allow Outside […]

Moon Jae-in’s Grand Design For The Korean Peninsula

Excerpt: Moon Jae-in’s grand design for the Korean peninsula By L.r.s., www.economist.comView OriginalSeptember 18th, 2018 TODAY Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. Thus began his third meeting this year with Kim Jong Un, the North’s dictator, also marking the first time a South Korean leader has visited the city in more than […]

The Cargo Ships That ‘Liquefy’ The cargo ships that ‘liquefy’ Think of a dangerous cargo, and toxic waste or explosives might come to mind. But granular cargoes such as crushed ore and mineral sands are responsible for the loss of numerous ships every year. On average, 10 ‘solid bulk cargo’ carriers have been lost at sea each year for the last […]

“Inside The Mind Of A Double Agent”: Book Review Of Ben Macintyre’s Latest – “The Spy And The Traitor”

“Inside The Mind Of A Double Agent”: Book Review Of Ben Macintyre’s Latest – “The Spy And The Traitor”     Ben Macintyre is one of my favorite authors; and, he is especially steeped in the genre of spying and counterintelligence during World War II. One of his previous book’s,“The Man Who Never Was,” was a […]

The Enemy Gets A Vote

Conclusion: The Enemy Gets a Vote By Kim Cragin, www.lawfareblog.comView OriginalSeptember 16th, 2018 Editor’s Note: Perhaps the biggest counterterrorism challenge facing the Trump administration is whether or not to keep a robust military presence in Syria now that the Islamic State has been forced underground. Kim Cragin of the National Defense University argues that the killing of jihadist leaders […]