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Technology And The Future Of War

David Maxwell’s Comment:  A warning we must heed (It may come down to M4 rifles, 45 cal pistols, paper maps, and compasses): If the Chinese would be unwilling to attack the US satellite system by exploding a nuclear weapon in space, they have already proven to have other means at their disposal: namely, antisatellite missiles […]

An Expert On Warfare Examines Centuries Of Evolving Mayhem

Excerpts: Freedman is eclectically curious not merely about the predictions of generals, spooks and nuclear strategists, but also novelists, from Arthur Conan Doyle — who in 1914 wrote a prescient potboiler about German submarines sinking British civilian ships — to a chilling 1958 novel of nuclear annihilation that became the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s film […]

U.S. Officials Warn Special Ops Forces Being Stretched To Possible Breaking Point

Excerpt: Another option, according to both Reed and Ernst, is to expand the number of U.S. special operations forces, which they say may be necessary even with a bulked-up diplomatic corps.   “We have to increase numbers and resources,” Reed said, warning, “We cannot sacrifice quality for quantity.” US Officials Warn Special Ops Forces Being […]

After Niger, Is America’s ‘Light Footprint’ Counterterrorism Strategy Sustainable?

Excerpt: The question is whether the United States can tolerate this dissonance between what the public wants and the costs it is willing to bear to get it. How many shocks like Niger will it take for Congress and the public to become fully disillusioned with the light footprint? Right now, that approach seems to […]

The Revolution Unfolds:  Saudi King To Step Down & Hand Power Over To His 32 Year-Old Son; King Salman Expected To Step Down Next Week

The Revolution Unfolds:  Saudi King To Step Down & Hand Power Over To His 32 Year-Old Son; King Salman Expected To Step Down Next Week      Saudi Arabia’s King Salaman “is planning to step down and announce his son as his successor next week,” according to a highly/well-placed source who spoke ‘exclusively,’ to […]

The Messaging App Fueling Syria’s Insurgency

The Messaging App Fueling Syria’s Insurgency By Adam Rawnsley, Eric Woods, Christiaan Triebert, View Original November 6th, 2017 In rebel-held Syria, access to the weapons you need to wage an insurgency are just a tap away thanks to an encrypted messaging app. The Islamic State may be in retreat, but other militants in Syria have been trading thousands […]

Was The Tet Offensive Really A Surprise?

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP David Maxwell Comments:  Perhaps there are no intelligence failures.  We can always find an analyst who correctly forecasted what was to come.  The blame lies with decision makers who fail to […]

Social Media: The Fifth Column In The Fifth Domain

Social Media: The Fifth Column in the Fifth Domain View Original October 30th, 2017 The key question as representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google testify Tuesday and Wednesday before Congress is not how Russia used social media to interfere in last year’s presidential election, but rather what role U.S. voters, the federal government and […]

Russia Field-Tested Hybrid Warfare In Ukraine. Why That Matters For U.S.

Excerpts: After all, many Ukrainian citizens in eastern Ukraine can’t tell whether the artillery they are living under is fired from Ukrainian or Russian forces. And so long as they had access only to Russian television networks—which exclusively painted Ukrainian forces as the aggressor and, consequently, responsible for all civilian casualties—public opinion toward Ukraine’s central […]

Survivor Describes Chilling Details Of Deadly Niger Ambush – And, Acts Of Heroism

Survivor describes chilling details of deadly Niger ambush By Adam Ciralsky, View Original October 24th, 2017 Nearly three weeks after the deadly ambush on U.S. Special Ops forces in Niger, ABC News has learned chilling new details about the mission gone wrong from a survivor of the attack and a senior U.S. intelligence official. Their accounts, provided […]