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How The Pentagon Will Experiment With 5G

How the Pentagon will experiment with 5G · by Adam Stone · December 6, 2019 The Pentagon announced the four bases in late October where it plans to roll out initial testing around 5G high-speed, high-bandwidth networking protocols. Now, military leaders have begun to describe in greater detail the types of experimentation they have in mind, and […]

Mapping Spies Through Fitness Trackers And Phones: Privacy Is Dead Even For Those In the Shadows

Mapping Spies Through Fitness Trackers And Phones: Privacy Is Dead Even For Those In the Shadows By Forbes Editors’ Picks, View Original July 20th, 2018 Kalev Leetaru Contributor i #BigData Shutterstock This past January a university student discovered that a global public fitness tracker map could be used to discern highly sensitive security information about the locations and movements of […]

Even In Death, The Spy Kim Philby Serves The Kremlin’s Purposes

  Excerpts: The betrayal of the 1949 Albania subversion operation, planned and executed by Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, Mr. Philby’s employer at the time, and the C.I.A., was one of the most disastrous episodes for Western intelligence during the Cold War. Similar subversive operations into western Ukraine also failed miserably.   Debate continues about how […]

After The “West-2017,” – Russia, Serbia, Belarus Hold ‘Slavic Brotherhood’ Military Drills After the “West-2017” starts a new Belarusian-Russian military exercises September 25, 2017, 20:22 Russian paratroopers to exercise “Zapad-2017”, September 14, 2017 · Russian special forces arrived in Belarus to participate in joint special tactical exercises.   This was reported on the website of the Defense Ministry. According to a report in the exercise, which will be […]

Finally, A Gov’t That ‘Gets It:’ “Shoot Terrorists Yourselves” Czech Gov’t Tells Is Citizens How To Fight Islamic Jihadis “SHOOT TERRORISTS YOURSELVES” CZECH GOV’T TELLS ITS CITIZENS HOW TO FIGHT ISLAMIC JIHADIS Snoopy | June 5, 2017 | News | No Comments The Czech Republic, is perhaps the most pro-gun nation in Europe and their government says that putting weapons into the hands of citizens is the best defense against terror. According to data collated by, a firearm […]