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China Industrial Policy Seeks To Steal ‘Crown Jewels’ Of U.S. Tech

We used to call this China’s ‘Great Steal Ahead.’  And, there is nothing new about this policy/strategy.   RCP,   China Industrial Policy Seeks to Steal ‘Crown Jewels’ of U.S. Tech White House exposes Chinese economic aggression Getty Images BY: Bill Gertz June 19, 2018 9:01 pm China’s government is using a multi-pronged strategy to systematically […]

Former NATO Commander Envisions New Cyber Branch of Military

Excerpt: Cyberattacks carried out by nation states such as Russia and North Korea increasingly are sophisticated and brash, said Mr. Stavridis, the current dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. A dedicated cybersecurity unit would help critical infrastructure operators, for example, prevent and respond to attacks that could cause widespread […]

How Will The Senate Defense Bill Impact Future Pentagon Agenda?

Main topics: Doubling down on research and development Requiring a roles and missions report Basing American troops in Poland permanently Exercising greater oversight of Pentagon accounting Revamping the human resources system at Pentagon   How will the Senate defense bill impact future Pentagon agenda? By Mackenzie Eaglen, View Original June 14th, 2018 This week, the Senate […]

Blockchain All The Rage — But, It Comes With Numerous Risks

rp-blockchain-security-risks Blockchain All The Rage — But, It Comes With Numerous Risks      The title above is from Kelly Sheridan’s June 13, 2018 article she posted on the security and technology website,  And, she’s right, as being associated with blockchain has become a cottage industry on Wall Street.  “If you haven’t jumped into the […]

‘It’s Only A Matter Of Time’ Before Cyber Terrorists HACK An Aircraft And Bring It Down — According To A New Study By The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security 

DHS-Document-Release-on-Aviation-Cybersecurity ‘It’s Only A Matter Of Time’ Before Cyber Terrorists HACK An Aircraft And Bring It Down — According To A New Study By The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security      Numerous news outlets are citing documents obtained by the news cite – Motherboard – warning that “it is only a matter of time before cyber […]

Treasury Hits Russian FSB For Underwater Reconnaissance Of Internet Cables Moscow Plans To Attack Undersea Cables In Future Conflict

Treasury Hits Russian FSB for Underwater Reconnaissance of Internet Cables Moscow plans to attack undersea cables in future conflict An undersea fiber optic cable / Getty Images BY: Bill Gertz June 12, 2018 5:00 am The Treasury Department on Monday announced the imposition of economic sanctions against Russian entities engaged in targeting undersea internet cables and […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Threat Is Nothing Compared To Its Cyber Warfare Capabilities

The comment highlighted in blue below is by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “Yes it is farfetched to think this but I will throw this out anyway:  What if the north thinks that its cyber capabilities can be more effective […]

Are We Headed For A ‘Cyber Cuban Missile Crisis’ With Russia?

Are We Headed for a ‘Cyber Cuban Missile Crisis’ with Russia? · by | Suzanne Kelly · June 5, 2018 Bottom Line: The risk posed to U.S. national security by what are believed to be Russian-backed hacking groups, is similar to the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis according to Cipher Brief Experts, but different, in that the U.S. […]

How A Pentagon Contract Became An Identity Crisis For Google

How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google The New York Times · By Scott Shane, Cade Metz and Daisuke Wakabayashi WASHINGTON — Fei-Fei Li is among the brightest stars in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, somehow managing to hold down two demanding jobs simultaneously: head of Stanford University’s A.I. lab and chief scientist […]

China’s Xi Calls For Breakthrough In Key, Cutting-Edge Technologies

Not hard to figure out the ‘key’ technologies:  quantum computing, artificial intelligence, space, deep machine learning, big data management, drones and autonomous systems, blockchain technology, miniature/micro robotics, stealth, exoskeleton/super soldier on the battlefield, hypersonic weapon systems.  RCP, Xi calls for breakthrough in technology By HU YONGQI | China Daily | Updated: 2018-05-29 03:51 […]