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How To Decouple Key Supply Chains From China

How to decouple key supply chains from China | Opinion JONATHAN SCHANZER , SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH, FOUNDATION FOR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES ON 5/13/20 AT 7:30 AM EDT Newsweek · May 13, 2020 The great power competition between Washington and Beijing is heating up. The U.S. effort to contain China’s rise is now on full display, […]

The Dangers Of Trimming The Post-Coronavirus Defense Budget

Excerpts: The military’s readiness free-fall did not occur overnight, and can’t be fixed in a year or even four. It will take years of consistent funding before the military will be considered adequate for the missions it is expected to perform. That’s a cost this country has easily shouldered in the past. As former Secretary […]

Thornberry Unveils Pentagon Reform Package

Excerpts: “It always concerns me a lot if DoD or any other agency ignores the law,” Thornberry said. “I believe very strongly that when we put something into law, when it’s signed into law by the President, then it is the law of the U.S. And you may like it or you may not like […]

An Army Expert Navigates The Pentagon’s 2021 Defense Budget Request

Excerpts: The 2021 defense budget request contains a number of unresolved and difficult issues. Navigating them will require Congressional and Pentagon leaders to keep an unblinking focus on moving towards the military force that accomplishes the National Defense Strategy with the least amount of risk. But it’s even harder than that. Tough decisions also have […]

FY2021 Defense Budget Request PDF & Press Release

fy2021_Budget_Request fy2021_Press_Release (1) The budget request and press release are attached at link above. RCP

HASC’s Thornberry On POTUS’s FY2021 Defense Budget

HOME  |  ABOUT  |  NEWS  |  CONTACT For Immediate Release: February 10, 2020 Contact: Claude Chafin (202) 226-3988 THORNBERRY ON PRESIDENT’S FY2021 BUDGET REQUEST WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, made the following statement on the President’s budget request for FY2021. “The President’s DOD budget request for FY21 is consistent with the bipartisan budget […]

Weak Encryption Means Putting Our Military At Risk – CyberScoop

Weak encryption means putting our military at risk – CyberScoop · by Ari Schwartz · February 4, 2020 Written by Ari Schwartz Feb 4, 2020 | CYBERSCOOPLast month, a brigade of U.S. soldiers deployed to the Middle East received instructions from their superiors to use two commercial encrypted messaging applications, Signal and Wickr, on their government issued cell phones. These […]

Mysterious New Ransomware Targets Industrial Control Systems; EKANS Appears To Be The Work Of Cyber Criminals Rather Than Nation-State Hackers — A Worrying Development If True — Says

Mysterious New Ransomware Targets Industrial Control Systems; EKANS Appears To Be The Work Of Cyber Criminals Rather Than Nation-State Hackers — A Worrying Development If True — Says      The title above comes from Andy Greenberg’s February 3, 2020 article he posted to the security and technology website, For Mr. Greenberg’s full […]

NSA Activates Cybersecurity Directorate To Protect Weapons, Industrial Base

Excerpts: The President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee warned in a 56-page report to the White House last year that the United States will see more severe and destructive cyberattacks over the next decade than it has faced to date. The committee had urged the Trump administration to make cybersecurity a top priority, adopting the term “Cybersecurity […]

Esper Starts Setting Up DoD-Wide ‘Night Court’

Esper Starts Setting Up DoD-Wide ‘Night Court’ · by Paul McLeary Esper and nominee to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at Arlington National Cemetery. PENTAGON: If you’ve been waiting for a big rollout of some of the savings Defense Secretary Mark Esper has been finding in the Pentagon, you’ll have to keep waiting. Esper is […]