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Changing Calculus And Learning From Our Enemies

Excerpts: Again, it is helpful for to compare these worrying advances with the successful attack on Keating in 2009. Despite the technological superiority of their opponent, the Taliban used basic weapons, tactics, and technologies that had not changed substantially from similar attacks on Soviet forces in the same region decades earlier—probably because their dominance in […]

Outing Spooks: “Doxing” In The Cyber-Hack Era

Outing Spooks: “Doxing” in the Cyber-Hack Era · by | Levi Maxey · December 6, 2017 Revealing the identities of intelligence officials – a practice known as doxing – could become more common among nation-states, directed in particular at the clandestine cyber-spies who operate overseas. Doing so undermines an unspoken norm of confidentiality among even adversarial intelligence services […]

Did American Missile Defense Fail In Saudi Arabia? Did American Missile Defense Fail in Saudi Arabia? By MAX FISHER, ERIC SCHMITT, AUDREY CARLSEN and MALACHY BROWNE DEC. 4, 2017 The official story was clear: Saudi forces shot down a ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group last month at Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. It was a victory for the Saudis and for the United States, which supplied the Patriot […]

Future Wars May Depend As Much On Algorithms As On Ammunition, Report Says

Excerpts: “China intends to seize the initiative to become the ‘premier global AI innovation center’ by 2030, potentially surpassing the United States in the process,” according to a recent report by the Center for a New American Security.   That should serve as a call-to-arms “Sputnik moment,” Work said. “I personally believe that a national […]

When Terrorists Learn How To Hack

When Terrorists Learn How to Hack · by | Levi Maxey · December 3, 2017 Terrorist groups are expanding their use of the internet beyond mere messaging and disseminating operational know-how, slowly adding a cyber-hacking toolset that could one day rival that of criminal or state-sponsored hacking. To date attacks have included website defacement, doxing of personally identifiable […]

The Death Of The Internet

Excerpts: The end of the internet may come in a form that looks and feels like fascism, but let’s not forget that most of these destructive actors are motivated by money. Twitter may defend its actions (or inactions) around harassment as an act of free speech, but it’s really an act of commerce. As long […]

Russia Is Now Providing North Korea With Internet: What That Could Mean For Cyber Warfare

David Maxwell asks:  “And how can we we exploit this? I sure hope our cyber experts are ta And how can we we exploit this? I sure hope our cyber experts are targeting this. Russia Is Now Providing North Korea With Internet: What That Could Mean For Cyber Warfare by Matthew Newton and Donghui Park By Out […]

27 Western Spy Tools Confiscated By The Soviet KGB 27 Western Spy Tools Confiscated By The Soviet KGB HISTORY AUG 09, 2017 BORIS EGOROV Ilya Ogarev RBTH presents a collection of special spy equipment and weapons that were seized from foreign spies by Soviet and Russian counterintelligence agents, and border officials. Canes with blades / Ilya OgarevCanes with blades / Ilya Ogarev […]

Inside The New American Way Of War

David Maxwell Comment:  “Quite a critique.  In a 2015 OpEd Anthony Cordesman called the use of SOF “strategic tokensim.” Seems like things have not changed.”   Excerpts: Over the past 16 years, Special Operations have become the new American way of war. Once mainly used to supplement the work of conventional troops, the elite units […]

The Tools Of Espionage Are Going Mainstream

Excerpt: Today, real-looking images could just as easily set off real crises on false pretenses. The possibilities get scary fast.   Here are just a few: A video shows Iranian President Hassan Rouhani discussing a clandestine nuclear weapons program that violates the Iran deal. It’s fake but there’s no way to know it, and Rouhani’s […]