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Bitcoin Losses Its Digital Luster; How Low Can It Go?

Bitcoin Losses Its Digital Luster; How Low Can It Go?      My have the mighty fallen.  The darling of the digital coin believers has taken a hard fall.  Trading at $20K per digital coin just six months ago/Dec. 2017, Bitcoin traded just north of $6,133 at the close on Wednesday.  Yikes!  The […]

Bitcoin A Shadowy Realm As U.S. Weighs Security Clearances

Bitcoin a shadowy realm as US weighs security clearances By Daniel Flatley, View Original May 27th, 2018 As the Pentagon struggles to recruit a more tech-savvy workforce, it’s facing the confusion of many an old-timer: What to make of people who invest or trade in bitcoin. The question is whether owning bitcoins or lesser-known cryptocurrencies such […]

Despite Recent Price Drop, Bitcoin Gets Vote Of Confidence; How To Play China Now

Despite Recent Price Drop, Bitcoin Gets Vote Of Confidence; How To Play China Now      Avi Salzman had a full-page article in this weekend’s (May 21, 2018) Barron’s, “Despite Recent Price Drop, Bitcoin Gets Vote Of Confidence.”  “Bitcoin has plunged 58 percent from its December highs, Warren Buffet has compared it to rat poison, and […]

The Case For Extreme Worry

In places that include China and Russia, chief rival powers to the U.S., technology is “empowering top-down authoritarianism as liberal democracy weakens.” The case for extreme worry Axios · by Mike Allen To White House insiders, this is the most dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency so far, from the brewing trade war with China that he denies is a […]

Watch Your (Bitcoin) Wallets Despite Pyongyang’s Olympic Charm Offensive

Watch your (Bitcoin) Wallets Despite Pyongyang’s Olympic Charm Offensive · by | Levi Maxey · February 13, 2018 Bottom Line: While North Korea has put on a friendly face during the Olympic Games taking place along its southern border, the country’s hackers continue to engage in global cybercrime campaigns that seek to fill the coffers of the ruling […]

North Korea Behind Massive Bitcoin Heists

North Korea Behind Massive Bitcoin Heists By Choi Yeon-jin, View Original February 6th, 2018 North Korean hackers are believed to be responsible for stealing tens of billions of won worth of cryptocurrency from a South Korean exchange last year (US$1=W1,091). The National Intelligence Service on Monday told the National Assembly’s Intelligence Committee that the North is […]

Bitcoin And The Dark Web: The New Terrorist Threat?

Excerpt: It can be argued, however, that the evidence at present largely remains anecdotal. There is insufficient information on the extent Bitcoin is used on the dark web and for what purpose, despite respected companies including Microsoft, Expedia, and Subway accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.   The fast paced, dynamic and evolving […]

New North Korea Hack: Hijacking Computers To Power Cryptocurrency Mining

New North Korea Hack: Hijacking Computers to Power Cryptocurrency Mining New cyberattack uses foreign computers to generate Monero and send it to a university in Pyongyang Students at Kim Il Sung University work on computers in 2013. Pyongyang’s latest cyberattack targeting cryptocurrency appears to have originated from the university.PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS By Timothy W. Martin […]

North Korea Is Suspected In Bitcoin Heist: Pyongyang’s Hackers Turn To Cryptocurrency And Banks As Kim Regime Hunts For Funds ASIA North Korea Is Suspected in Bitcoin Heist Pyongyang’s hackers turn to cryptocurrency and banks as Kim regime hunts for funds The Youbit digital-currency exchange in Seoul collapsed on Tuesday after an attack by hackers. PHOTO: YONHAP NEWS/NEWSCOM/ZUMA PRESS By Timothy W. Martin, Eun-Young Jeong and‎ Steven Russolillo Updated Dec. 20, 2017 2:34 p.m. ET 21 COMMENTS SEOUL—Investigators […]

North Korea Is Hacking Bitcoin Exchanges As Currency Value Soars, Expert Says

North Korea is hacking bitcoin exchanges as currency value soars, expert says By Katherine Lam, View Original What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin, a digital currency, was created in 2008. Shares of Bitcoin are sold on internet exchanges where users remain anonymous. As the value of the cryptocurrency continues to hit record highs, here’s how it works. As […]