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Forget The SR-71 Blackbird, The AR-12 Oxcart Was Way Faster

Forget the SR-71 Blackbird, the AR-12 Oxcart Was Way Faster as-way-faster-133777 But how fast? — Key point: The AR-12 was faster and yet came before the better-known SR-71. But what happened to the CIA’s secret Oxcart spy plane? by Sebastien Roblin <> for The National Interest // March 17, 2020 Analysis of Week’s photos […]

How Late DCI William Colby Saved The CIA, And What That Can Teach Us Today

How Late DCI William Colby Saved the CIA, and What That Can Teach Us Today · by Martin Edwin Andersen · January 16, 2020 January 16, 2020 The day after the Jan. 3 U.S. killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani marked the centennial of the birth of the late Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) William E. Colby. […]

Here’s How U.S. Forces Finally Found al-Baghdadi

Here’s How U.S. Forces Finally Found al-Baghdadi TIME · by John Walcott For all the attention, invention and investment that the U.S. intelligence community devotes to spy satellites, communications intercepts, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the raid that killed ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was launched by the same old-fashioned tool that led to Osama bin Laden: […]

Mossad Foiled 50 ISIS Terror Attacks In 20 Countries In Past 3 Years, Including Turkey

July 09 2019 | Tammuz, 6, 5779 Arab Israeli Conflict Israel News Opinion Middle East News Diaspora Green Israel WORLD NEWS LOGIN Israel Elections Gaza News BDS Antisemitism OMG Health & Science BUSINESS & TECH Premium Shapers of Israel AMERICAN POLITICS Travel Channel Sponsored Bowknot Detail Printed Plus Size Swimdress and Panty MODLILY Sponsored Women’s Heather Grey Low-Rise Bikini pactus  Yair Netanyahu wins slander case against Aybee Binyamin  Republicans and Democrats slam Barak over choice […]

Is North Korea’s Regime Really In Peril?

David Maxwell Comment:  “Important analysis from Dr. Hwang.  If the regime is not really in peril then we have much work still to do.  While collapse of the regime will be catastrophic the only way Kim will make the decision to give up his nuclear weapons is if he assesses that possessing them is a […]

North Korean Leader’s Slain Half Brother Was A CIA Informant

David Maxwell Comment:  “Interesting. I wonder who is such a knowledgable person.  And I would certainly hope our CIA is reaching out and trying to make contact with any possible source for information.  The bigger “scandal” to me would be if the CIA hadn’t tried to obtain information from him.  I am waiting for Ms Fifield’s book to arrive. U.S. […]

Why We Rushed To Believe Kim Executed His Own Officials

David Maxwell Comment:  “Has it been fake news?  Many of us questioned the initial reports because we know that the Kim family regime is masterful at denial and deception and we have seen previous reports of executions proven false. But there is internal friction within the regime based on the failure at Hanoi and the […]

Russia May Send More Military Specialists To Venezuela

Russia may send more military specialists to Venezuela Russian Politics & Diplomacy June 07, 10:03 UTC+3 This is an absolutely technical issue related to implementing certain contracts on a particular volume of work, the Russian diplomat said Share © AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko Read also Venezuelan ambassador to Moscow denies rumors about Russian military base ST.PETERSBURG, June […]

Iran ‘Is Six Months Away From Having NUCLEAR WEAPONS,’ And ‘Israelis Need To Be Worried,’ Warns Former Deputy Director Of The International Atomic Energy Agency

Iran ‘Is Six Months Away From Having NUCLEAR WEAPONS,’ And ‘Israelis Need To Be Worried,’ Warns Former Deputy Director Of The International Atomic Energy Agency      Chris Pleasance posted an article to the June 5, 2019 edition of the DailyMail, with the title above. He noted that the former Deputy Director of the International Atomic […]

‘Executed’ North Korean Diplomat Is Alive, Sources Say

David Maxwell Comment:  “So Kim is capable of resurrecting people.  Maybe this Juche really is a religion and Kim is a deity.  (note sarcasm)   But on a serious note we are right to be skeptical of a single source media report from a newspaper at least in terms of Kim Yong-chol.  On the other […]