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Killed In A Foreign Country. The Mysterious Death Of An American In Siberia SOCIETY Killed in a foreign country. The mysterious death of an American in Siberia 57 minutes ago ·        Dmitry Volchek Colin Madsen decided to live and study in Siberia “God forbid that anyone should be in my place.” My son was killed in a foreign country, and two years of my life went to try to […]

Another Fitness App Reveals Data That Can Be Used To Identify Soldiers And Spies

Can this technology be used to disguise — or make it seem you are somewhere you aren’t?  RCP,   Another fitness app reveals data that can be used to identify soldiers and spies Polar’s Flow app exposes sensitive information that can be used to decipher where people live and work. The news: An investigation by De Correspondent and Bellingcat has shown […]

Makeup Artists Have Found A Way To Defeat Facial Recognition Technology/Surveillance

Makeup Artists Have Found A Way To Defeat Facial Recognition Technology/Surveillance      Caroline Haskins posted a July 2, 2018 article on the website,, with the title, “Juggalos Figured Out How To Beat Facial Recognition,” technology using Juggalo makeup. Ms. Haskins writes that “according to Twitter user @tahkion, a computer science blogger for, Juggalo makeup outmatches […]

Analysis: Pentagon Continues To Underestimate al Qaeda, Downplay Ties To Taliban

Analysis: Pentagon continues to underestimate al Qaeda, downplay ties to Taliban By Bill Roggio, View Original July 5th, 2018 Screenshot from video produced by the Taliban in Dec. 2016 that emphasized the ties between al Qaeda and the Taliban. Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden and Taliban founder Mulla Omar (center, top) are shown side by […]

Wars Of None: AI, Big Data, And The Future Of Insurgency

A weapon of mass disruption is coming to a wargame, and ‘battlefield,’ near you.  RCP, Conclusion: Whether AI and information technology will empower states or insurgents remains unclear. Most likely it will do both, with AI and information technology supercharging insurgencies in failing or weak countries while constraining the space in which insurgency can […]

Cyber Command Moves Closer To A Major New Weapon

Cyber Command moves closer to a major new weapon · by Mark Pomerleau · June 29, 2018 The Air Force issued a formal proposal earlier this month for the Department of Defense’s long-awaited cyber weapon system, known as the Unified Platform, sources tell Fifth Domain. DoD officials have said the Unified Platform is one of U.S. Cyber […]

Rep. Wilson Wants Formal Reports On U.S. Response To Sonic Attacks In China, Cuba

Rep. Wilson Wants Formal Reports on U.S. Response to Sonic Attacks in China, Cuba Wilson requests steps being taken to protect embassies Share Tweet Email Rep. Joe Wilson / Getty Images BY: Susan Crabtree June 29, 2018 4:10 pm Members of Congress are demanding more answers on how the State Department is responding to mysterious health […]

CYBER MAVEN: When And How Should The U.S. Launch “Offensive” Cyber Attacks?

Excerpts: Ultimately, this new policy raises the question: are we, as Americans, comfortable with any other combatant command running offensive, destructive operations against the like of Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran without prior authorization or debate?   Would we be comfortable with the commander of Indo-Pacific Command opening fire on Chinese military aircraft that […]

Which Windowless American Buildings Are Secret AT&T/NSA Listening Posts?

At the web site the map is interactive. Which windowless American buildings are secret AT&T/NSA listening posts? Boing Boing · by Cory Doctorow · June 25, 2018 In 2016, Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke published a long, Snowden-derived investigation into AT&T’s secret NSA listening station in New York City, and AT&T’s extensive complicity in mass, warrantless surveillance on Americans and […]

Mueller’s Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree Mueller’s Fruit of the Poisonous Tree It makes no difference how honorable he is. His investigation is tainted by the bias that attended its origin in 2016. FBI agent Peter Strzok and special counsel Robert Mueller. PHOTO: RON SACHS/CNP VIA ZUMA WIRE, CRAIG F. WALKER/THE BOSTON GLOBE VIA GETTY IMAGES By David B. Rivkin Jr. and  Elizabeth Price […]