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The Retired U.S. Senator And Diplomat Shilling For China’s Propaganda Machine

Excerpts: The media appearances raise the question of why an American citizen with a long and distinguished career in government has gotten cozy with Chinese propagandists. An answer is hinted at in a 2013 comment by Russ Sullivan, a former Democratic staff director for the Senate Finance Committee that Baucus chaired, who at that time […]

Edward Luttwak On The Political Repercussions Of The Pandemic

Key point:   Yet the biggest impact may be on politics. Looking back, we might call the coronavirus of our affliction “the truth virus”. Wherever it has spread, it has revealed submerged truths about political regimes, entire societies and international institutions. Edward Luttwak on the political repercussions of the pandemic The Economist May 11th 2020 […]

Covid-19 Is Finishing Off The Sino-American Relationship | The Strategist

Excerpts: This toxic brew of ideological hostility, a prolonged trade war, geopolitical rivalry and domestic politicking will most likely fuel further escalation in bilateral tensions. In the US, Congress is likely to pass legislation mandating the reshoring of China-based production of goods deemed relevant to national security. And the Trump administration will probably impose new […]

China’s Global Influence Operation Goes Way Beyond The WHO

In cold geopolitical terms, the countries that invest in international organizations are most likely to reap the benefits of influence within them. It would be a sad irony of the U.S. forgot this fact at a time when China has most assuredly discovered it. China’s Global Influence Operation Goes Way Beyond the WHO The U.S. hoped […]

Britain Plans Coronavirus ‘Reckoning’ With China Which Could Become ‘Pariah State’

Excerpts:   Speaking to the Mail on Sunday a senior Government figure said: “Of course, the priority now is to deal with the crisis, but everybody knows there’s a reckoning when all this is over.” A leading Minister added: “We have always known their wildlife markets are a recipe for a pandemic. “China needs to […]

The U.S. Can’t Afford To Lose The Philippines

Excerpts: Assuming this breakdown in relations goes forward, what will be the effect on American strategy in the region? In blunt terms, how important are the Philippines to the U.S.? The short answer is that the Philippines, an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, is critically important to American security and geopolitical influence. First and most […]

A Campaign Against Bureaucratic Bloat In U.S. Foreign Policy

Excerpts: President Trump inherited this system, and it wasn’t functional. It is conceivable that the episodic nature of the administration’s foreign policy is due as much to NSC paralysis, bloat and turnover as to Mr. Trump’s style. The churn of national security advisers hasn’t helped. Michael Flynn, Keith Kellogg (acting), H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, Charles […]

Russia Exerts Growing Influence In Africa, Worrying Many In The West

Russia Exerts Growing Influence in Africa, Worrying Many in the West By Eric Schmitt and Thomas Gibbons-Neff The New York Times · by Eric Schmitt · January 28, 2020 The Kremlin is increasing arms sales, security pacts and training programs as the American defense secretary weighs withdrawing troops from the continent. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia hosted a summit meeting […]

Op-Ed: If You Seek Peace With China, Prepare For War

Op-ed: If you seek peace with China, prepare for war · by Bruce A. Elleman and Sarah C. M. Paine, Naval War College · December 22, 2019 With the first live round fired at protesters in Hong Kong, the rest of the world must wake up to a resurgent and imperialistic China. Like Imperial Japan in its heyday, which […]

Does Australia Need A Massive U.S. Naval Base?

Does Australia Need a Massive U.S. Naval Base? | RealClearDefense · by Euan Graham The U.S. Naval War College’s James Holmes, a strategist of serious stature, has suggested that the U.S. Navy should establish a ‘massive’ base in Australia. This isn’t Holmes’s first stab at this. His initial proposal, back in 2011, apparently received the ‘gimlet-eye’ treatment from […]