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Why The U.S. Withdrew Its Bombers From Guam

David Maxwell Comment:  “Strategic reassurance. Strategic resolve.  This author thinks we are giving them up.”    Conclusion:   From within the US, questions are bound to arise about America’s commitment to maintaining forward deterrence while a major potential adversary, China, is building up capabilities and adding impressive technology-based systems to its arsenal. Why the US […]

China And North Korea Cheer: Why Are U.S. Bombers Leaving Guam?

David Maxwell Comment:  “Make deployments less predictable?  Doesn’t that go against what we are trying to do to reduce stress on military personnel and families?  This is the paradox.  We need to be less predictable to our adversaries but we need to be more predictable to our service members and tier families.   That said, […]

The Air Force Abruptly Ends Its Continuous Bomber Presence On Guam After 16 Years

Excerpt:   The departure of the B-52Hs from Guam also comes as questions have been raised about the U.S. military’s ability to project power in the Pacific in light of the sidelining of the Nimitz class aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt due to a major COVID-19 outbreak among its crew, which has caused one fatality so far. That ship is now stuck pier side […]

China Could Overwhelm U.S. Military In Asia In Hours, Australian Report Says

If our/U.S. allies in the Pacific really believe this — then there may be more urgency on their part to develop a nuclear weapons capability.  RCP, fortunascorner China could overwhelm US military in Asia in hours, Australian report says By Brad Lendon, CNN Updated 10:25 AM ET, Tue August 20, 2019 Hong Kong (CNN)The US military […]

The U.S. Is Ceding The Pacific To China ·         OPINION  ·          COMMENTARY The U.S. Is Ceding the Pacific to China While Washington’s focus is elsewhere, Beijing plays the long game—that means preparing for war. By Mark Helprin March 3, 2019 4:45 p.m. ET PHOTO: PHIL FOSTER   The way to deal with China, and thus North Korea, its naughty but wholly dependent vassal, is not […]

‘Last Adult’ James Mattis Leaves The Room: What Next For Asia?

‘Last Adult’ James Mattis Leaves The Room: What Next For Asia? South China Morning Post · December 21, 2018 The resignation of United States Defence Secretary James Mattis, the so-called last adult in the room in the Trump administration, has plunged the future of the decades-old security balance in Asia into doubt. Mattis’ exit, after nearly […]

A New Novel Lays Out Nuclear War With North Korea

Excerpts: The shooting down of the South Korean passenger airline set in motion a chain reaction: a retaliatory but limited South Korean airstrike, communication failures in the White House, angry Trump tweets, nuclear retaliation, a failure of U.S. missile defenses, massive civilian casualties, and finally, a bitter partisan debate in the United States about whose […]

The Next Pacific War: Lessons From Wake Island For The PLA

The Next Pacific War: Lessons From Wake Island For The PLA By Ben Ho Wan Beng and Gary Lehmann, View Original July 1st, 2018 Marine Corps F4F Wildcat fighters lie wrecked on Wake after the battle. Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) is the new Navy-Marine Corps concept for using land units forward-deployed ashore to help win a naval […]

Chinese Navy Pays Friendly Visit To The Cape: (South Africa); Becoming A Frequent Stopover Destination 

Chinese navy pays friendly visit to the Cape Written by Dean Wingrin, Thursday, 28 June 2018 A PLAN frigate in Cape Town.  In what is becoming a frequent stopover destination for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), the 28th Escort Task Group (ETG546) arrived in Naval Base Simon’s Town on the morning of Wednesday 27 […]

Artificial Island Bases & Deployment Of Long-Range Bombers Extend China’s Pacific Power & Strategic Reach CHINATop Stories Expert: H-6K has the capability to cruise Malacca Strait Source China Military Online Editor Li Jiayao Time 2018-06-01 A+– An H-6K bomber flies in the airspace over the South China Sea. Twelve H-6K bombers assigned to a division of the PLA Air Force recently conducted a long haul flight from the hinterland […]