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Arrested Ex-CIA Agent Kept Low Profile While Living In Hong Kong Arrested ex-CIA agent kept low profile while living in Hong Kong Former city police superintendent says Jerry Chun Shing Lee operated very discreetly while living in Hong Kong PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 January, 2018, 11:27pm UPDATED : Thursday, 18 January, 2018, 1:14am   Raquel Carvalho A former CIA agent in US custody for allegedly […]

Ex-C.I.A. Officer Suspected Of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested

Ex-C.I.A. Officer Suspected of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested The New York Times · by ADAM GOLDMAN · January 16, 2018 China killed or imprisoned several C.I.A. informants in the country starting in 2010, unraveling the agency’s source network in a devastating setback for the C.I.A. Andy Wong/Associated PressWASHINGTON — A former C.I.A. officer suspected of helping China identify […]

With All Eyes On North Korea, Beijing’s Massive South China Sea Land Grab Continues

With all eyes on North Korea, Beijing’s massive South China Sea land grab continues By Twitter, View Original December 15th, 2017 China’s People’s Liberation ArmyPhoto by: PLA With the US making North Korea its top priority, Beijing has continued to militarize artifical islands in the South China Sea. China continues to test other Pacific nations with […]

China’s Plan For The Arctic – And A Shipping Center To Rival Singapore business/article/2046117/ chinas-plan-arctic-and- shipping-centre-rival- singapore CHINA’S PLAN FOR THE ARCTIC – AND A SHIPPING CENTRE TO RIVAL SINGAPORE Beijing may be playing it cool, but it sees its current role in the contested High North as just the tip of the iceberg BY RYAN KILPATRICK 15 NOV 2016 / UPDATED ON 16 NOV 2016 · Chinese expendition team […]

Arctic Link Reveals The Full Scope & Strategic Significance Of China’s Belt And Road Ambitions

Comment below is from one of my followers.  And, Beijing is also building an ‘unhackable’ encrypted communications in space.  RCP RC:   “The strategic significance of the Chinese One-Belt-One-Road concept is almost entirely ignored by the DoD/USG.  At the 19th CPC Congress last week, the Chinese formalized the incorporation of the Arctic region in their OBOR concept […]

Xi Offers Bold Vision For PLA At 19th Party Congress Xi offers bold vision for PLA at 19th Party Congress This week’s policy announcements by Xi Jinping are part of a concerted effort by China to shape the PLA into a world-class force. Encompassing a modernisation drive, a major force restructure and an anti-corruption programme, the reforms are as wide-ranging as they are bold, […]

After 4000 Years, China Eyes Truly Global Role

After 4000 Years, China Eyes Truly Global Role By Colin Clark, View Original October 18th, 2017 Xi Jinping WASHINGTON: The president of China, seeming to cast aside the better part of four millennia of Chinese tradition, declared today that he sees “a new historic juncture in China’s development,” one that clearly calls for his country to flex its global muscles and change […]

Pride Of PLA Navy To Make Port Call In Hong Kong News›China Pride Of PLA Navy To Make Port Call In Hong Kong Analysts say visit to mark handover anniversary next month is aimed at boosting patriotism and is a rare chance for Beijing to show its military muscle PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 June, 2017, 11:12pm UPDATED : Saturday, 24 June, 2017, 12:20am COMMENTS: 12  Kristin […]

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery (China): Russia Could Turn Kurils’ Mantua Island Into Fortress To Defend Borey Class Subs

06/08/2017 Russia: RF Could Turn Kurils’ Mantua Island Into Fortress To Defend Borey Class Subs Moscow Svobodnaya Pressa in Russian 08 Jun 17 [Sergey Ishchenko report: “Kurils’ Mantua Fortress Will Cover Kamchatka Boreys; Russian Federation is Converting Former Japanese Military Base Into a ‘Restricted Access Zone for American Tomahawks”] A second Russian Federation Defense Ministry […]

What Would It Take To Reconstruct North Korea After Defeating It?

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this article. To say the least, this would be one hell of an infrastructure project.   RCP, fortunascorner,com David Maxwell:  I am reminded of the two miracles in Korea.  We all know the Miracle on the […]