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Russian Fighters Flown Out Of Western Libya After Haftar Retreat

Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat Al Jazeera English Russian fighters in Libya were flown out a town south of Tripoli by their Libyan allies after retreating from front lines at the capital, the town’s mayor said. The reported departure of the Russians on Sunday was another blow to the Libya […]

Coronavirus: Experts Warn Of Bioterrorism After Pandemic

Coronavirus: Experts warn of bioterrorism after pandemic | DW | 25.05.2020 DW · by Deutsche Welle ( The Council of Europe has warned of a potential increase in the use of biological weapons, like viruses or bacterias, in a post-coronavirus world. Terrorists would not forget “lessons learned” during the pandemic. Security experts from the Council of Europe […]

Sabotage And Subversion: The Secret Operations Of The SOE

Sabotage And Subversion: The Secret Operations Of The SOE · by James Wharton 18th May 2020 at 3:55pm Kidnapping German Generals, blowing up factories and infiltrating the water supply of a laundrette with itching powder … three real examples of the top-secret war time operations of the SOE, or to give it its full name, the […]

Cyber Warfare, Israel, Iran And The New Way Of Total War

Cyber warfare, Israel, Iran and the new way of total war Jerusalem Post Iran lacks a major army, navy or air force. So it uses other means, sometimes called “asymmetric” ones, in conflict. That means missiles, drones, militias – and now cyber. By SETH J. FRANTZMAN MAY 19, 2020 12:54 A report by The Washington Post indicating that […]

China Updates Its ‘Art Of (Hybrid) War’

Excerpts: The bulk of his argument concentrates on the shortcomings of US manufacturing: “How can the US today want to wage war against the biggest manufacturing power in the world while its own industry is hollowed out?” An example, referring to Covid-19, is the capacity to produce ventilators: “Out of over 1,400 pieces necessary for […]

The Century Of Bioweapons: The Coronavirus Disruptive Effects Will Inevitably Spur Evil Minds Into Action

As one of my followers wrote:   … an extraordinary demonstration of the power of weaponized biology   … imagine a jihadist group or other criminal organization   The ability to recognize new diseases quickly and to develop treatments and vaccines has become a cornerstone of national defense. The Century of Bioweapons The coronavirus’s disruptive effects […]

Author, Former Special Operartor Dr. David Kilcullen Interviewed On CSPAN On His New Book: “The Dragons And The Snakes: How The Rest Learned To Fight The West;” A Peak At The Evolving State Of Warfare

Author, Former Special Operartor Dr. David Kilcullen Interviewed On CSPAN On His New Book: “The Dragons And The Snakes: How The Rest Learned To Fight The West;” A Peak At The Evolving State Of Warfare      Former Australian Special Forces soldier (Iraq and Afghanistan) and author Dr. David Kilcullen, was interviewed this […]

Book Review: The Dragons And The Snakes, By David Kilcullen

Excerpts: The snakes have learned to adapt their warfare and their systems to put the West on the back foot. Add to this the rapid development of the internet, wi-fi, mobile phones and social media, and you have warfare in which a small mortar team with a smartphone can use GPS to give their location […]

Decoding The Wagner Group: Analyzing The Role Of Private Military Security Contractors In Russian Proxy Warfare

Decoding the Wagner Group: Analyzing the Role of Private Military Security Contractors in Russian Proxy Warfare By: Candace Rondeaux Last updated on November 7th, 2019 Tracing Wagner’s Roots The story of the Wagner Group has largely been told as the story of one critical Russian oligarch, Yvgeney Prigozhin, and his role in connecting private, financially motivated […]

Don’t Let Kabul 2020 Look Like Saigon 1975: The Dangers Of A Precipitous Afghanistan Withdrawal – Modern War Institute

Conclusion: Despite current uncertainties, the dynamic situation in Afghanistan presents opportunities for a convergence of interests that could lead to lasting peace. The latest Asia Foundation survey reports that 64 percent of Afghans believe an intra-Afghan peace settlement is possible, the highest percentage since the survey started in 2004. To provide a peace settlement with the highest […]