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DIA Experiment Shows Artificial Intelligence Can Outperform Human Analysts In A Key Area: But, A Clever, Sick-And-Twisted Adversary, Denial & Deception Still Trumps AI

DIA Experiment Shows Artificial Intelligence Can Outperform Human Analysts In A Key Area; But, A Clever, Sick-And-Twisted Adversary, Denial & Deception Still Trumps AI      Patrick Tucker’s posted an April 29, 2020 article, “Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Analysts In A Key Area,” to the national security and technology website,      […]

U.S. Adversaries Are Accelerating, Coordinating Coronavirus Disinformation, Report Says

Excerpt: The State Department report was produced by the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which coordinates the government’s effort to identify and counter disinformation by foreign adversaries. “The GEC assesses that their current convergence on Covid-19 disinformation has accelerated as the pandemic increasingly impacts the world,” the report said. “Russia, China and Iran do have […]

American Media Is Amplifying Chinese Propaganda

David Maxwell Comment:  “I hope journalists will read and reflect on this. No one should be blinded by their views on Trump (or on Biden/Sanders/Clinton/Obama for that matter). What makes CCP propaganda so effective is it use the already existing biases and themes and messages that are already in place (thus the title amplifying).  And […]

North Korea Launches New Smartphone: The Pyongyang 2428

David Maxwell Comment:  “More potential for information and influence activities.  We need to exploit this.” North Korea launches new smartphone: the Pyongyang 2428 – Daily NK · April 7, 2020 The Pyongyang 2425. / Image: Daily NK North Korea has launched a new iteration of its “Pyongyang” series smartphone, the Pyongyang 2428, Daily NK sources […]

Western Media Falls Into China’s Propaganda Trap

Excerpts: China’s information war goes hand in hand with a bid for greater global influence. Although this is unconscionable, it’s not hard to grasp the motivation of the leadership in Beijing. What is much harder to comprehend is the readiness of the mainstream media to give Beijing a pass—all the while showing irrational disdain for the […]

Don’t Let The Chinese Communist Party Use The Coronavirus To Its Advantage

Excerpts: These lies serve a higher purpose for the party: turning coronavirus into a net positive for the CCP. Consulting firm Horizon Advocacy published a report last week, based on Chinese government and state media sources, that details China’s plan to position its economy in strategic sectors to box out other industrialized nations still reeling […]

U.S. Officials Push For Expelling Suspected Chinese Spies At Media Outlets

Excerpts: American officials view the state-run outlets in China as a potent threat in the growing strategic rivalry between the two superpowers, both because it disseminates propaganda around the world and because of its ability to provide cover for intelligence operatives. “Propaganda outlets that report to the Chinese Communist Party are foreign agents, not ‘journalists,’” the […]

Russia Learning How To Bypass FaceBook’s Disinformation Defenses

Russia Learning How To Bypass FaceBook’s Disinformation Defenses      Denial and deception, and a sophisicated disinformation campaign are all elegant arts that have been long practiced by China and Russia, and it is no surprise that Moscow’s disinformation practictioners have evolved to overcome Facebook’s disinformation defenses. Lily Hay Newman wrote in the […]

Playing On Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda

Playing on Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda The New York Times · by Neil MacFarquhar · February 13, 2020 KCXL, in Liberty, Mo., carries programming produced by Radio Sputnik.Credit…Barrett Emke for The New York Times Skip to contentSkip to site index Radio Sputnik, a propaganda arm of the Russian government, began broadcasting on three Kansas City-area radio stations […]

North Korea’s Smartphone Upgrade Adds AI, Face Recognition

Excerpts:   The Jindallae series continued to follow Apple’s smartphone design path, with the iPhone X by getting rid of the home button. Photos posted on DPRK Today’s website showed that the Jindallae’s interface for displaying contacts and sending text messages are similar to what’s available on the latest iPhones.   Although North Korea didn’t […]