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The Reviews Are In: Here’s What Experts Are Saying About Jim Mattis’ New Strategy

The reviews are in: Here’s what experts are saying about Jim Mattis’ new strategy Washington Examiner · by Politics · January 19, 2018 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis released the new National Defense Strategy on Friday, a mostly classified document with a public portion that moves away from anti-terrorism as the top mission and focuses on peer competitors Russia and China. […]

Cyberweapons Now A ‘Core Tool’ Of Iranian Statecraft

One wonders how much Iran cyber efforts were enhanced/accelerated due to the Snowden leaks and sharing/working with North Korea.  RCP, Cyberweapons Now A ‘Core Tool’ Of Iranian Statecraft January 05, 2018 16:10 GMT ·        RFE/RL An Iranian man in Tehran finds that his social-media sites aren’t working on January 2 after the government […]

Will The Protests In Iran Lead To Regime Change?  What Happens Next?  According To At Least One Notable Analysis — ‘The Iran Protests Are D-Day Landing On The War Against Radical Islam’

Will The Protests In Iran Lead To Regime Change?  What Happens Next?  According To At Least One Notable Analysis — ‘The Iran Protests Are D-Day Landing On The War Against Radical Islam’          How serious are the protests and social uprising in Iran?  Is this the beginning of the end of […]

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, And Pink Flamingoes To Watch In 2018

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, and Pink Flamingoes to Watch in 2018 View Original December 28th, 2017 While driving along the shore of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island in September 2011, I saw them for the first time. Black Swans. My wife and I pulled over, jumped out, and spent a half […]

‘Something Is Rotten In Denmark’: Botched Russia Assessment Raises Questions Of Intel Chiefs’ Motives

‘Something is rotten in Denmark,’ to say the least.  RCP, Botched Russia assessment raises questions of intel chiefs’ motives Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, right, with CIA Director John Brennan, center, and FBI Director James Comey, left, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, before the House Intelligence […]

The KGB Playbook For Infiltrating The Middle East

The KGB Playbook for Infiltrating the Middle East By Michael Weiss, View Original December 28th, 2017 This is the second article in a three-part series based on never-before-published training manuals for the KGB, the Soviet intelligence organization that Vladimir Putin served as an operative, and that shaped his view of the world. As former Director of […]

Social Media And War: How Facebook And Twitter Are Reshaping Conflict In The Twenty-First Century

Social Media and War: How Facebook and Twitter Are Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century By Rebecca Greig, View Original A Russian online troll farm is exposed by a disgruntled former employee: “You may think of yourself as a hero but in reality you’re just a little son of a bitch;” A Ukrainian “Facebook warrior” sources everything from fuel to fruit through social networks: “It’s all […]

Project Maven Brings AI To The Fight Against ISIS

Project Maven brings AI to the fight against ISIS · by Gregory C. Allen · December 21, 2017 Maven is designed to be that pilot project, that pathfinder, that spark that kindles the flame front of artificial intelligence across the rest of the [Defense] Department. Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, November 2017 For years, the Defense Department’s most […]

The Mysterious Lives Of The 3 Kids Who Are Believed To Be Kim Jong Un’s

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Writes:  “I have not heard much speculation before about Kim Jong-un’s first child being a son.  Since we have never heard any reports or see the children my […]

North Korea Reportedly Just Launched Its Own Version Of Netflix — But There’s A Catch

North Korea reportedly just launched its own version of Netflix — but there’s a catch By Alex Lockie, View Original December 15th, 2017 North Koreans have something new to watch, according to reports. Reuters/KCNA North Korean state media announced a new Netflix-like app available to smartphone users within the country. North Koreans can only consume state-approved […]