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U.S. Officials Push For Expelling Suspected Chinese Spies At Media Outlets

Excerpts: American officials view the state-run outlets in China as a potent threat in the growing strategic rivalry between the two superpowers, both because it disseminates propaganda around the world and because of its ability to provide cover for intelligence operatives. “Propaganda outlets that report to the Chinese Communist Party are foreign agents, not ‘journalists,’” the […]

Russia Learning How To Bypass FaceBook’s Disinformation Defenses

Russia Learning How To Bypass FaceBook’s Disinformation Defenses      Denial and deception, and a sophisicated disinformation campaign are all elegant arts that have been long practiced by China and Russia, and it is no surprise that Moscow’s disinformation practictioners have evolved to overcome Facebook’s disinformation defenses. Lily Hay Newman wrote in the […]

Playing On Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda

Playing on Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda The New York Times · by Neil MacFarquhar · February 13, 2020 KCXL, in Liberty, Mo., carries programming produced by Radio Sputnik.Credit…Barrett Emke for The New York Times Skip to contentSkip to site index Radio Sputnik, a propaganda arm of the Russian government, began broadcasting on three Kansas City-area radio stations […]

North Korea’s Smartphone Upgrade Adds AI, Face Recognition

Excerpts:   The Jindallae series continued to follow Apple’s smartphone design path, with the iPhone X by getting rid of the home button. Photos posted on DPRK Today’s website showed that the Jindallae’s interface for displaying contacts and sending text messages are similar to what’s available on the latest iPhones.   Although North Korea didn’t […]

Data From Behind Enemy Lines: How Russia May Have Used Twitter To Seize Crimea

Data from behind enemy lines: How Russia may have used Twitter to seize Crimea · by Christine Clark, University of California – San Diego Online discourse by users of social media suggests it can be used by governments as a source of military intelligence to estimate prospective casualties and costs incurred from occupying foreign territories. Credit: […]

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy As We Know It

Excerpts: His tiny company, Clearview AI, devised a groundbreaking facial recognition app. You take a picture of a person, upload it and get to see public photos of that person, along with links to where those photos appeared. The system — whose backbone is a database of more than three billion images that Clearview claims […]

Information Warfare: TikTok Already A Problem

Excerpt:   Turns out that intelligence agencies had discovered Strava as well and reported that they could not only detect PSM users anywhere in the world but could often identify these users by name. Many intelligence and military personnel used their Fitbits while overseas, often while on secret missions. From January to July 2018 the […]

The Dark Side Of Deepfake Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Influencers

Excerpts: There’s an emerging technology that is starting to gain traction in the tech world. Already featured in most major media networks, the role of deepfake artificial intelligence and virtual influencer (VI) touches on a variety of legal and ethical concerns that the business community should take notice of.   … If you’re experimenting with the use […]

Report: ‘Smishing,’ Deepfakes To Continue To Rise In 2020

Report: ‘Smishing,’ Deepfakes to Continue to Rise in 2020 · by $(function() { GEMG.HoverGroup.init({}); }); American consumers and agencies were exposed to a wide range of phishing threats over the course 2019—but in 2020, there’ll be a new, related danger on the horizon: smishing, or text-based phishing. According to consumer credit reporting company Experian’s 2020 data breach industry forecast, smishing is the top […]

North Korean Defector Explains Why The Next Generation Is Different

North Korean defector explains why the next generation is different · by Aarthi Swaminathan · October 28, 2019 Former North Korean diplomat Thae Yong-ho says there’s a generational divide over how the people in his country view the United States. “The majority of the people in North Korea, nowadays they do not mind [the U.S.] — especially […]