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Extremists See Global Chaos From Virus As An Opportunity

Extremists see global chaos from virus as an opportunity AP · by CARA ANNA · April 2, 2020 JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Both the Islamic State group and al-Qaida see the coronavirus as a threat, but some of their fighters also see the upheaval from the pandemic as an opportunity to win over more supporters and strike harder than […]

Top US General Warns Pentagon Against Plan To ‘Destroy’ Iraqi group

David Maxwell Comment:  “Who leaks this information? (assuming it is accurate)   As an aside I wonder if the General was simply providing a sober risk assessment of a planning order?  (which of course should not be leaked but is this being blown out of proportion by a leaker and the media?)” Top US general […]

Book Review: The Dragons And The Snakes, By David Kilcullen

Excerpts: The snakes have learned to adapt their warfare and their systems to put the West on the back foot. Add to this the rapid development of the internet, wi-fi, mobile phones and social media, and you have warfare in which a small mortar team with a smartphone can use GPS to give their location […]

Al-Qaeda And Islamic State Groups Are Working Together In West Africa To Grab Large Swaths Of Territory

Excerpts: Fighters appear to be coordinating attacks and carving out mutually agreed-upon areas of influence in the Sahel, the strip of land beneath the Sahara desert. The rural territory at risk is so large it could “fit multiple Afghanistans and Iraqs,” said Brig. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, head of the U.S. military’s Special Operations arm in […]

‘Hit With A Truck’ – How Iran’s Missiles Inflicted Brain Injury On U.S. Troops

Excerpts: Among the 2,000 troops stationed there was U.S. Army Specialist Kimo Keltz, who recalls hearing a missile whistling through the sky as he lay on the deck of a guard tower. The explosion lifted his body – in full armor – an inch or two off the floor. Keltz says he thought he had […]

It Wasn’t Luck That No U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Iran’s Strikes On Iraq

Excerpts: An Iranian military commander said it was intentional that there were no deaths, and policymakers should believe him. To understand some of the military implications of Iran’s first retaliatory attack against the United States for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani, policymakers should look back to their assault on Saudi Arabian oil fields last September. In […]

Counter-Terrorism: Tracking Baghdadi

Excerpt:   Many details of how the intel was obtained, organized and exploited have not been revealed because that would put current operations at risk. It was noted that after the Baghdadi raid was revealed the next day, by the Americans, there was a noticeable disruption in ISIL operations. By the end of the month […]

These Aren’t The Ends You’re Looking For: The Death Of Soleimani And America’s Strategic Disconnect – Modern War Institute

Excerpts: There is no doubt that Soleimani was directly responsible for the deaths of Americans. But while his demise therefore signifies that justice has been done, justice does not take strategic considerations into account. On the contrary, foreign policy is meant to achieve optimal results for the country, and this decision may do quite the […]

How The U.S. Knew Iranian Missiles Were Coming Before They Hit

  How the US Knew Iranian Missiles Were Coming Before They Hit Wired · by Daniel Oberhaus On Tuesday, Iran launched more than a dozen missiles targeting two Iraqi military bases housing American soldiers. The attack was retaliation for the US drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani, a top-ranking Iranian military general. In a televised speech on […]

Former Secretary Of Defense Hamre Offers His Thoughts/Assessment On The Soleimani Assassination, Iran And Iraq’s Reaction

Former Secretary Of Defense Hamre Offers His Thoughts/Assessment On The Soleimani Assassination, Iran And Iraq’s Reaction      Former Secretary of Defense John Hamre has penned a note laying out his thoughts and initial assessment of the aftermath of the Solemani assassination. In a note to his colleagues at Georgetown’s Center for Strategic […]