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Can’t Kill Enough To Win? Think Again

I still argue we have to KILL THE PHILOSOPHY.  RCP, Excerpt: In World War II, the United States and its allies did not hesitate to pursue all-out war against Japan and Germany. Here a formation of B-17 bombers drops ordnance on Bremen, Germany, in 1943.   The U.S. military needs to train its judge […]

The Force Awakens To High Risk HUMINT

Excerpt: Poe wants Finn to be the golden human intelligence (HUMINT) source so badly that he is willing to allow himself to be deceived and thus endanger the Resistance’s entire operation. And the Resistance’s desperation combined with their unquenchable thirst for genuine HUMINT nearly led to a catastrophic mission failure at the hands of an […]

The Russian Offensive In Syria You Haven’t Heard About The Russian Offensive in Syria You Haven’t Heard About The Kremlin smells military victory in Syria, but its media campaign could turn out to be a bigger triumph FEATURE Coda Story Damascus, Syria 28 Nov 2017 Abu Muhammad is watching television as a customer comes into his shoe store in Al Hamra market, in […]

Inside The New American Way Of War

David Maxwell Comment:  “Quite a critique.  In a 2015 OpEd Anthony Cordesman called the use of SOF “strategic tokensim.” Seems like things have not changed.”   Excerpts: Over the past 16 years, Special Operations have become the new American way of war. Once mainly used to supplement the work of conventional troops, the elite units […]

Is The Philippines The Next Caliphate?

Conclusion: And although the Duterte administration has claimed it is committed to finishing this fight, the Philippines’ history as a major hub for insurgents motivated by radical Islamic ideology demonstrates that quelling the fighting will be far more difficult in practice.   Even if the Philippines fails to mature into a major node in the […]

The jihadist Plan To Use Women To Launch The Next Incarnation Of ISIS

Then the women will also die.  RCP The jihadist Plan To Use Women To Launch The Next Generation Of ISIS   By Joby Warrick, Souad Mekhennet, View Original November 26th, 2017 The wife of a suspected member of the Islamic State group waits on the western front line to be questioned last month after fleeing the center […]

Saudis Set To Launch Counterterror Coalition Commanded By Ex-Pakistan General Sharif

Saudis Set to Launch Counterterror Coalition Commanded by Ex-Pakistan General Sharif November 25, 2017 1:14 PM Ayaz Gul View Original November 25th, 2017 FILE – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman speaks at the opening ceremony of Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 24, 2107. ISLAMABAD —A Saudi-led Muslim military coalition, […]

Technology And The Future Of War

David Maxwell’s Comment:  A warning we must heed (It may come down to M4 rifles, 45 cal pistols, paper maps, and compasses): If the Chinese would be unwilling to attack the US satellite system by exploding a nuclear weapon in space, they have already proven to have other means at their disposal: namely, antisatellite missiles […]

An Expert On Warfare Examines Centuries Of Evolving Mayhem

Excerpts: Freedman is eclectically curious not merely about the predictions of generals, spooks and nuclear strategists, but also novelists, from Arthur Conan Doyle — who in 1914 wrote a prescient potboiler about German submarines sinking British civilian ships — to a chilling 1958 novel of nuclear annihilation that became the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s film […]

After Niger, Is America’s ‘Light Footprint’ Counterterrorism Strategy Sustainable?

Excerpt: The question is whether the United States can tolerate this dissonance between what the public wants and the costs it is willing to bear to get it. How many shocks like Niger will it take for Congress and the public to become fully disillusioned with the light footprint? Right now, that approach seems to […]