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Two New Books Discuss The History Of “When Spies Took To The Skies,” Reviewed By Edward Kosner

Two New Books Discuss The History Of “When Spies Took To The Skies,” Reviewed By Edward Kosner        There are two new books out on “the spies who took to the skies,” during the heyday of the Cold War with the Soviet Union: “Brotherhood Of Spies,” by Monte Reel; and, “Above And Beyond,” by Casey […]

HASC Chair Opening Remarks – Subcommittee On Emerging Threats & Capabilities

For Immediate Release: July 11, 2017 Contact: HASC Communications (202) 225-2539 OPENING REMARKS OF CHAIRWOMAN STEFANIK SUBCOMMITTEE ON EMERGING THREATS & CAPABILITIES WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Chairwoman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, made the following remarks, as prepared for delivery, on the Subcommittee’s hearing titled “Department […]

Analysis: Pentagon Continues To Underestimate al Qaeda, Downplay Ties To Taliban

Analysis: Pentagon continues to underestimate al Qaeda, downplay ties to Taliban By Bill Roggio, View Original July 5th, 2018 Screenshot from video produced by the Taliban in Dec. 2016 that emphasized the ties between al Qaeda and the Taliban. Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden and Taliban founder Mulla Omar (center, top) are shown side by […]

Trump’s Counterterrorism Pick Is Joe Maguire of Tampa, Now Helping Commando Families

Trump’s counterterrorism pick is Joe Maguire of Tampa, now helping commando families Tampa Bay Times · by Howard AltmanTimes staff writerMore articles · July 3, 2018 TAMPA — The intelligence leader who keeps tabs on terrorist threats and communicates them to the nation will be a retired vice admiral from Tampa, if President Donald Trump has his way. […]

The American Who Says He’s Been The Target Of Five Air Strikes

The American Who Says He’s Been the Target of Five Air Strikes By Conor Friedersdorf, View Original June 18th, 2018 He was born Darrell Lamont Phelps. He grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, moved down to the city, tried his hand at comedy, and later converted to Islam, adopting the name of Bilal Abdul Kareem. […]

Liberation Of Yemen’s Hudaydah – First Objective Of New U.S.-Backed Saudi-UAE Pact Liberation of Yemen’s Hudaydah – first objective of new US-backed Saudi-UAE Pact Jun 16, 2018 @ 12:21 Diane Shalem The Saudi-Emirates’ partial capture of Hudaydah airport from the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels on Saturday, June 16, came on the third day of their offensive to capture the important Red Sea port town. This success is already strategically significant in six ways, DEBKAfile […]

Germany’s Chief Federal Prosecutor Charges Syrian Air Force Intelligence Chief With Crimes Against Humanity

I missed this earlier this week.  An arrest warrant was issued by the German Federal Court for the Syrian officer below.  Then, there is ISIS and North Korea.  There is a lot more work needed in this domain.  RCP, Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief charged with crimes against humanity Germany is the first Western […]

Drone Wars: How ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Drones Are Changing The Way Wars Are Fought.

Drone wars: How ‘off-the-shelf’ drones are changing the way wars are fought. By Kam Razavi, View Original May 28th, 2018 As the battle for control of the Middle East rages on, a new front is opening up in the skies, and it’s capturing the attention of the world’s top military planners. For years, the United States […]

“The Guys Burnt Happily.” What Is Known About The Death Of Russian Military In Syria “The guys burnt happily.” What is known about the death of Russian military in Syria 2 hours ago ·        Mark Krutov Russian soldiers under Paolmira, May 2016 Share this ·        39 · · View comments Print this On Sunday morning, May 27, the Ministry of Defense confirmed the death of four Russian soldiers in Syria in the […]

New Clues Bolster Belief That ISIS Leader Is Still Alive — And Busy With A Chilling New Mission

New clues bolster belief that ISIS leader is still alive — and busy with a chilling new mission By Joby Warrick, Souad Mekhennet, View Original May 19th, 2018 In this photo taken from a propaganda video, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi adresses worshipers at a mosque in the militant-held northern Iraqi city of Mosul on July 5, 2014.Photo by: […]