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Coronavirus: Experts Warn Of Bioterrorism After Pandemic

Coronavirus: Experts warn of bioterrorism after pandemic | DW | 25.05.2020 DW · by Deutsche Welle ( The Council of Europe has warned of a potential increase in the use of biological weapons, like viruses or bacterias, in a post-coronavirus world. Terrorists would not forget “lessons learned” during the pandemic. Security experts from the Council of Europe […]

Special Operations Forces’ Adviser Warns ISIS May Exploit Pandemic: ‘Maybe We’re Not Paying Enough Attention’

Special operations forces’ adviser warns ISIS may exploit pandemic: ‘Maybe we’re not paying enough attention’ · by Matt London | Fox News Video ISIS could exploit coronavirus pandemic to carry out terror attacks, EU officials warns Former Green Beret Lt. Col. Scott Mann, writer of ‘Last Out’ airing on Fox Nation, reacts. Get all the latest […]

Rockets Fired At US Military Base In Afghanistan; ISIS Claims Responsibility

BREAKING NEWS Rockets fired at US military base in Afghanistan ISIS claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan early Thursday. The five rockets launched at the base did not cause any injuries, the military said in a tweet. Click here for more. For more news, please go to and watch Fox […]

Extremists See Global Chaos From Virus As An Opportunity

Extremists see global chaos from virus as an opportunity AP · by CARA ANNA · April 2, 2020 JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Both the Islamic State group and al-Qaida see the coronavirus as a threat, but some of their fighters also see the upheaval from the pandemic as an opportunity to win over more supporters and strike harder than […]

Author, Former Special Operartor Dr. David Kilcullen Interviewed On CSPAN On His New Book: “The Dragons And The Snakes: How The Rest Learned To Fight The West;” A Peak At The Evolving State Of Warfare

Author, Former Special Operartor Dr. David Kilcullen Interviewed On CSPAN On His New Book: “The Dragons And The Snakes: How The Rest Learned To Fight The West;” A Peak At The Evolving State Of Warfare      Former Australian Special Forces soldier (Iraq and Afghanistan) and author Dr. David Kilcullen, was interviewed this […]

A Re-Post From 2017: Cyberterrorism And Biotechnology When ISIS Meets CRISPR

Thursday, June 1, 2017 Cyberterrorism and Biotechnology When ISIS Meets CRISPR Amrit P. Acharya and Arabinda Acharya AMRIT P. ACHARYA is a consultant at McKinsey & Co and a former employee at Monsanto’s Corporate Venture Capital group and ITC Ltd’s Agribusiness group. ARABINDA ACHARYA is Associate Professor in the College of International Security Affairs […]

Book Review: The Dragons And The Snakes, By David Kilcullen

Excerpts: The snakes have learned to adapt their warfare and their systems to put the West on the back foot. Add to this the rapid development of the internet, wi-fi, mobile phones and social media, and you have warfare in which a small mortar team with a smartphone can use GPS to give their location […]

The US Should Send More, Not Fewer, Troops To West Africa

The US Should Send More, Not Fewer, Troops to West Africa America’s interests and unique security partnerships in this burgeoning region argue for more help, not less. BY MATTHEW DALTONREAD BIO · by Read bio As the Pentagon looks to redistribute and possibly draw down its troops in Africa, it should consider not trimming but boosting its presence […]

Al-Qaeda And Islamic State Groups Are Working Together In West Africa To Grab Large Swaths Of Territory

Excerpts: Fighters appear to be coordinating attacks and carving out mutually agreed-upon areas of influence in the Sahel, the strip of land beneath the Sahara desert. The rural territory at risk is so large it could “fit multiple Afghanistans and Iraqs,” said Brig. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, head of the U.S. military’s Special Operations arm in […]

US Cyber Command Was Not Prepared To Handle The Amount Of Data It Hacked From ISIS

Excerpts: The six heavily-redacted documents published today by the National Security Archive at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, reveal the conclusions of a 120-day assessment US Cyber Command conducted after the completion of Operation Glowing Symphony. Carried out in November 2016, Operation Glowing Symphony was a classified offensive cyber operation executed by Joint […]