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Al-Qaeda And Islamic State Groups Are Working Together In West Africa To Grab Large Swaths Of Territory

Excerpts: Fighters appear to be coordinating attacks and carving out mutually agreed-upon areas of influence in the Sahel, the strip of land beneath the Sahara desert. The rural territory at risk is so large it could “fit multiple Afghanistans and Iraqs,” said Brig. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, head of the U.S. military’s Special Operations arm in […]

Islamic Reform? Top Muslim University Says ‘No’

View this email in your browser Islamic Reform? Top Muslim University Says ‘No’ by Raymond Ibrahim American Thinker February 16, 2020       Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, Imam of Al Azhar, reads the conclusions of the “Renewal in Islamic Thought” conference. Largely unknown to and unreported in the West, a large, two-day conference was recently hosted (Jan. […]

Xinjiang’s New Slavery: Coerced Uighur Labor Touches Almost Every Part Of The Supply Chain.

Xinjiang’s New Slavery Coerced Uighur labor touches almost every part of the supply chain. BY ADRIAN ZENZ  | DECEMBER 11, 2019, 3:10 PM Foreign Policy · by Adrian Zenz · December 11, 2019 “Employment: Yarkant County satellite factory [for] persons in detention or reeducation.” The spreadsheet, obtained from a cache of local government files, lists the employment status of nearly […]

Analysis | The Death Of Baghdadi Isn’t The End Of ISIS

Analysis | The death of Baghdadi isn’t the end of ISIS The death of Baghdadi isn’t the end of ISIS The Washington Post · by Jenna Jordan On Oct. 26, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, arguably the most wanted terrorist in the world, detonated a suicide belt to avoid capture by U.S. forces. His death, an important and symbolic […]

After Baghdadi: What Hurts the Islamic State May Help Al-Qaeda

Excerpts: The decapitation of any terrorist group inevitably hurts its ability to recruit. Baghdadi tried to protect his legacy by martyring himself with a suicide vest, but his death is still a serious blow to the Islamic State’s brand and harms its ability to project strength and resilience. This may benefit al-Qaeda, which has long […]

The Islamic State Meets Southeast Asia

Excerpt: In many ways, the Philippines has emerged as ISIS’ greatest hope for a revival of its caliphate. In May 2017, ISIS militants seized control of Marawi [8], a city of 200,000 on the island of Mindanao, in the restive southern Philippines. For five months the fighters held off the U.S.-trained Philippine military, before being routed through […]

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Kabul Homicide Wedding Party Attack That Kills 63 And Leaves 200 Wounded; “We Need A Judgment At Raqqa”

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Kabul Homicide Wedding Party Attack That Kills 63 And Leaves 200 Wounded; “We Need A Judgment At Raqqa”      Numerous media outlets are reporting that an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan has claimed responsibility for a homicide wedding party bombing in Kabul Saturday night, that killed 63 and wounded another […]

ISIS’s Second Comeback: Assessing The Next ISIS Insurgency

The 76 page report can be downloaded here: ISIS’S SECOND COMEBACK: ASSESSING THE NEXT ISIS INSURGENCY By Jennifer Cafarella with Brandon Wallace and Jason Zhou EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) is not defeated despite the loss of the territory it claimed as its so-called ‘Caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria. It is stronger today than […]

Don’t Discount The Threat Posed By Returning Female Foreign Fighters/Jihadists

Don’t Discount the Threat Posed by Female Foreign Fighters · by GSSR · May 9, 2019 May 09, 2019 ISIS’ all-female al-Khansaa brigade, a morality police, ensures women in the caliphate adhere to Islamic norms. Photo Credit: The Strait Times. By: Alicia Chavy, Columnist In December, the U.S. announced that it would withdraw its troops from Syria, […]

As ISIS Regroups, The U.S. Is Forgetting The Lessons of Counterinsurgency—Again

Excerpt: The ascendance of the COINdinistas, as they became known, was not without controversy. Critics argued that the emphasis on COIN in procurement, training and operations would degrade the U.S. military’s ability to conduct combined-arms warfare against a conventional peer adversary, meaning China. But proponents, who came to include then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, argued that […]