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An Assessment Of The Likely Roles Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Systems In The Near Future

An Assessment of the Likely Roles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems in the Near Future · by Divergent Options · July 16, 2018 Ali Crawford has an M.A. from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce where she focused on diplomacy, intelligence, cyber policy, and cyber warfare. She tweets at @ali_craw. Divergent Options’ content does not contain […]

Makeup Artists Have Found A Way To Defeat Facial Recognition Technology/Surveillance

Makeup Artists Have Found A Way To Defeat Facial Recognition Technology/Surveillance      Caroline Haskins posted a July 2, 2018 article on the website,, with the title, “Juggalos Figured Out How To Beat Facial Recognition,” technology using Juggalo makeup. Ms. Haskins writes that “according to Twitter user @tahkion, a computer science blogger for, Juggalo makeup outmatches […]

5 Technology Trends Driving An Intelligent Military

5 technology trends driving an intelligent military By Antti Kolehmainen, View Original July 5th, 2018 The rise of non-traditional actors, cyberattacks and state-sponsored subversion is challenging democratic governance and creating an increasingly volatile operational and security environment for defense agencies. To address these threats, military organizations must be able to operate seamlessly and intelligently across a […]

Facebook Finds Independence Document ‘Racist’

We have ‘found the enemy,’ RCP, Facebook finds Independence document ‘racist’ View Original July 5th, 2018 Facebook’s algorithms have ruled that parts of the US Declaration of Independence are hate speech and removed excerpts of them posted to the platform. In the run-up to Independence Day, a US community paper based in Texas […]

Wars Of None: AI, Big Data, And The Future Of Insurgency

A weapon of mass disruption is coming to a wargame, and ‘battlefield,’ near you.  RCP, Conclusion: Whether AI and information technology will empower states or insurgents remains unclear. Most likely it will do both, with AI and information technology supercharging insurgencies in failing or weak countries while constraining the space in which insurgency can […]

Are Your Eyes Lying To You? Experts, Pentagon Hunt For Tools To Detect Hoax Videos

Artificial intelligence is going to make this a very difficult and troublesome issue.  These fake videos could become weapons of mass disruption, as deception and spoofing will be in full bloom.  But, two can play this game; and hopefully we are preparing offensive intelligence operations designed to undermine our adversaries; or, prompt them into doing […]

Expert Predicts ‘AI Nationalism’ Will Change Geopolitical Landscape

Expert predicts ‘AI nationalism’ will change geopolitical landscape By Tristan Greene, View Original June 25th, 2018 The US and China are leagues ahead of any other country when it comes to AI technology. And it’s because they know how to prioritize their own programs. Rather than waste time discussing the dangers of AI with the UN, […]

What Artificial Intelligence Predicts For Stocks

What Artificial Intelligence Predicts For Stocks      Reshma Kapadia had a feature article by the title above in this weekend’s (June 25, 2018) Barron’s.  “Yin Lou was working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), long before the terms entered the lexicon,” and the prominence it has today, Mr. Kapadia wrote.  “Today, he [Mr. Lou] uses gleanings from […]