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Technology And The Future Of War

David Maxwell’s Comment:  A warning we must heed (It may come down to M4 rifles, 45 cal pistols, paper maps, and compasses): If the Chinese would be unwilling to attack the US satellite system by exploding a nuclear weapon in space, they have already proven to have other means at their disposal: namely, antisatellite missiles […]

An Expert On Warfare Examines Centuries Of Evolving Mayhem

Excerpts: Freedman is eclectically curious not merely about the predictions of generals, spooks and nuclear strategists, but also novelists, from Arthur Conan Doyle — who in 1914 wrote a prescient potboiler about German submarines sinking British civilian ships — to a chilling 1958 novel of nuclear annihilation that became the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s film […]

U.S. Officials Warn Special Ops Forces Being Stretched To Possible Breaking Point

Excerpt: Another option, according to both Reed and Ernst, is to expand the number of U.S. special operations forces, which they say may be necessary even with a bulked-up diplomatic corps.   “We have to increase numbers and resources,” Reed said, warning, “We cannot sacrifice quality for quantity.” US Officials Warn Special Ops Forces Being […]

HASC Chairman Comments On NDAA Passage

THORNBERRY ON NDAA PASSAGE FINAL VOTE: 356-70   WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) made the following statement after final passage of the NDAA Conference Report.  The Conference Report passed the House today with a vote of 356-70.  The conference report will now be approved by the Senate and sent the President for  signature.  This […]

Trump Asks For Another $4B To ‘Detect, Defeat, & Defend’ Against North Korea

Trump asks for another $4bn to ‘detect, defeat, & defend’ against North Korea Published time: 7 Nov, 2017 05:03 Edited time: 7 Nov, 2017 08:13 Get short URL FILE PHOTO: A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor © Missile Defense Agency / Reuters AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook193Share to TwitterShare to RedditShare to […]

Russian Special Forces Officer Reveals Syria Fighting Lessons

A word of caution — I was not able to verify the origination/link to the article below.  RCP,   Izvestia October 24, 2017   Russian special forces officer reveals Syria fighting lessons Russian special forces subunits have been active in Syria ever since the start of the Russian operation there. They not only call […]

‘Fat Leonard’ Probe Expands To Ensnare More Than 60 Admirals

‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals By Craig Whitlock, View Original November 5th, 2017 Maritime tycoon Leonard Glenn Francis was a VIP guest at Navy change-of-command ceremonies even though he was under criminal investigation. Clockwise from top left: Francis with Adm. Patrick Walsh at the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii in January […]

Elon Musk Made A Secret Appearance To Elite U.S. Marines And Gave A Stirring Speech

Elon Musk made a secret appearance to elite US Marines and gave a stirring speech By David Choi, View Original November 3rd, 2017 CEO Elon Musk, right, stands by a Marine Corps officer during the 1st Marine Raider Battalion Ball. Facebook/joemusselman1776 Tesla CEO Elon Musk made an undisclosed appearance before a group of elite US Marines […]

Was The Tet Offensive Really A Surprise?

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP David Maxwell Comments:  Perhaps there are no intelligence failures.  We can always find an analyst who correctly forecasted what was to come.  The blame lies with decision makers who fail to […]

DoD Releases Budget Figure For 2017 Military Intelligence Program (MIP)

You are subscribed to News Releases for U.S. Department of Defense. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.   Department of Defense Releases Budget Figure for 2017 Military Intelligence Program (MIP) 11/01/2017 11:13 AM CDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-379-17 Nov. 1, 2017 Department of Defense Releases Budget Figure for 2017 Military Intelligence […]