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What Really Matters In The Defense Authorization Act & What Didn’t Get Done

David Maxwell Comment: “Of course this special operations excerpt is most interesting to me.” Congress has slowly and consciously restructured special operations as an independent service. The assistant Defense Secretary for special operations and low intensity conflict now has duties similar to those of a service secretary, and the commander of Special Operations Command has […]

San Francisco Is A ‘Nirvana’ For China’s Main Intelligence Agency — And The Center Of An Intensifying Spy War

Excerpts: “China from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most pervasive, most threatening challenge we face as a country,” Wray said. The FBI director has consistently warned of China’s efforts in this regard.   Similarly, a government report released on Thursday warned China, Russia, and Iran are ramping up cyber espionage efforts in the US […]

Army To Unveil Details About New Futures Command In Biggest Reorganization In 45 Years

Excerpts: McCarthy said the Army wanted to be near people with expertise in science and technology, especially systems engineering and software development. It also valued locations with robust small-business growth and strong support from local officials.   “You almost need to be smashing into people in innovation,” he said. “You have to have the engagement […]

Giant Pentagon Policy Bill Kicks Off Closed-Door Debate

Giant Pentagon policy bill kicks off closed-door debate Defense News · by Joe Gould · July 11, 2018 WASHINGTON — U.S. House and Senate conferees on the massive 2019 defense authorization bill met Wednesday to launch closed-door negotiations between the chambers’ competing drafts. Lawmakers are expected to wrangle over troop levels, how many F-35s to buy, a ban on […]

How Will The Senate Defense Bill Impact Future Pentagon Agenda?

Main topics: Doubling down on research and development Requiring a roles and missions report Basing American troops in Poland permanently Exercising greater oversight of Pentagon accounting Revamping the human resources system at Pentagon   How will the Senate defense bill impact future Pentagon agenda? By Mackenzie Eaglen, View Original June 14th, 2018 This week, the Senate […]

U.S. Special Operations Command Europe Welcomes New Commander

US Special Operations Command Europe welcomes new commander By Sgt., View Original (STUTTGART, Germany) – Service members, family and friends of U.S. Special Operations Command Europe took part in a change of command ceremony, 12 June, at Patch Barracks, during which U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark C. Schwartz relinquished command to U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. […]

Wanted: New Analytical Tools For The Defense Department – Modern War Institute

Excerpts: It is the actor who identifies and refines the problem, rapidly iterates and innovates, and then brings a coalition of partners together against the entirety of the problem who will gain the strategic upper hand.   And the necessity to start thinking differently about our policy and strategy problems has been recognized on the […]

Drone Wars: How ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Drones Are Changing The Way Wars Are Fought.

Drone wars: How ‘off-the-shelf’ drones are changing the way wars are fought. By Kam Razavi, View Original May 28th, 2018 As the battle for control of the Middle East rages on, a new front is opening up in the skies, and it’s capturing the attention of the world’s top military planners. For years, the United States […]

A Soldier-Poet’s Memorial Day Commentary A soldier-poet’s Memorial Day By Thomas C. Stewart   Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) was an American soldier-poet who was killed in France during the waning months of World War I. He is remembered today primarily for his poem “Trees,” which is, unfortunately, one of the most mercilessly parodied poems in all American literature.   […]

Army’s New Weapon: ‘Enemy Can’t See We’re Targeting Him Until We Pull The Trigger’

Army’s new weapon: ‘Enemy can’t see we’re targeting him until we pull the trigger’ By Jim Michaels, Usa Today, View Original May 9th, 2018 Army Capt. Joshua Redmond at Fort Belvoir, Va., demonstrates new night vision goggles that allow soldiers to see through smoke, fog and foliage, on May 4, 2018.Photo by: Photo: Jack Gruber, USA […]