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Third Phase Of Nunes’ Investigation Will Focus On Obama CIA Dir. John Brennan

Report: Third Phase of Nunes’ Investigation Will Focus on Obama CIA Director John Brennan REUTERS/Yuri Gripas by Kristina Wong 13 Feb 2018     House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is next planning to investigate the role former CIA Director John Brennan and other Obama intelligence officials played in promoting the unverified dossier on Trump, according to a new […]

Trump To Appoint Schadlow As Deputy National Security Adviser

Trump to Appoint Schadlow as Deputy National Security Adviser, Official Says Bloomberg · by Justin Sink @justinsink More stories by Justin Sink President Donald Trump will appoint Nadia Schadlow to replace Dina Powell as his deputy national security adviser, according to an administration official familiar with the decision. Schadlow, currently a senior director of strategy on the […]

McMaster Makes His Pick To Replace Powell On The NSC

McMaster makes his pick to replace Powell on the NSC Politico · by Annie Karni · January 21, 2018 H.R. McMaster (above) is making a switch that brings a longtime colleague with a rare academic background into Trump’s West Wing. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images The White House has settled on a new deputy national security adviser to succeed […]

Q & A with Merrill “Tony” McPeak: Powerful Comments By Former Top Air Force Leader

The comments highlighted in blue below re by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell David Maxwell: A very long interview.  Some powerful comments from General McPeak.   Excerpt from Carl Prine:   The last of his Aerial Trilogy, Roles and Missions, covering his four years as the Air Force’s top uniformed leader, recently published.   Because he’s […]

New POTUS Trump Executive Order Imposing Additional Sanctions On North Korea

EO is here: https://www. sanctions/Programs/Documents/ nk_eo_09182017.pdf. Excerpt: The provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions and policies of the Government of North Korea, including its intercontinental ballistic missile launches of July 3 and July 28, 2017, and its nuclear test of September 2, 2017, each of which violated its obligations under numerous UNSCRs and contravened its commitments […]

Mattis’ Plan To Modernize Military Faces Uncertain Future

U.S. Air Force SSgt Jette Carr Mattis’ Plan To Modernize Military Faces Uncertain Future  RealClearDefense By Sandra Erwin September 05, 2017 It’s the story line of the Trump agenda: Everything keeps getting pushed further and further back as priorities pile up and infighting escalates. This will no doubt complicate Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ plan to modernize […]

North Korea: Why Do They Want Nukes? | In 60 seconds

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP David Maxwell:  Everyone should take sixty seconds and watch this video from Nick Eberstadt.  Please go to this link to watch the video.  There is more information packed into this […]

Federal Officials Say Privately They Are ‘Pretty Certain’ Layoffs Are Coming

David Maxwell’s comment:  Note the planning timeline.  We are probably two years from implementation.  I imagine we might see federal employees start leaving for other civilian non-government jobs before this is implemented (unless they expect that there will be some kind of attractive severance package that employees might wait for). OMB is reviewing the preliminary agency reform […]

McMaster Ousts Senior Intelligence Director On NSC Staff; 2nd Removal Of NSC Member In A Week

McMaster Ousts Second Official On National Security Council By Greg Jaffe, View Original August 2nd, 2017 National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster listens during the daily briefing at the White House on July 31.Photo by: Alex Wong/Getty Images National security adviser H.R. McMaster on Wednesday removed Ezra Cohen-Watnick, his senior intelligence director, from his position in the […]

Ted Kennedy And The KGB: A Reflection On The Late Democratic Senator’s Outreach To The Kremlin To Undermine President Reagan

Ted Kennedy And The KGB: A Reflection On The Late Democratic Senator’s Outreach To The Kremlin To Undermine President Reagan. Jamie Glazov Posted By Ruth King on July 12th, 2017 Editors’ note: In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Trump campaign’s alleged “collusion” with the Russian government during the 2016 US presidential election, which now […]