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Lessons From Kim’s Disappearance

David Maxwell Comment In Black/Blue before article:  “We may think we dodged a bullet with Kim apparently returning alive (but we cannot say well).  But if he did have a medical procedure for his heart we cannot assume he live to life expectancy.  And of course we still have the potential effects from a coronavirus […]

A Campaign Against Bureaucratic Bloat In U.S. Foreign Policy

Excerpts: President Trump inherited this system, and it wasn’t functional. It is conceivable that the episodic nature of the administration’s foreign policy is due as much to NSC paralysis, bloat and turnover as to Mr. Trump’s style. The churn of national security advisers hasn’t helped. Michael Flynn, Keith Kellogg (acting), H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, Charles […]

NSC Chief Slashing Obama’s ‘Bloated’ Staff To Create Efficient, Tight-Tipped White House Operation

David Maxwell: “Every President gets to have the NSC organization they want.” NSC chief slashing Obama’s ‘bloated’ staff to create efficient, tight-lipped White House operation · by Bill Gertz “I am trying to get us back to a lean and efficient staff that can get the job done, can coordinate with our interagency partners, and make […]

The Grades Are In For America’s Military Strength

The grades are in for America’s military strength By: Aaron Mehta and Joe Gould October 30 at 3:01 AM (Staff Sgt. Sandra Welch/U.S. Air Force) WASHINGTON — America’s investments in military readiness are paying off, particularly for the Army, but its armed forces would be stretched dangerously thin if they participate in more than one large war at the same […]

Robert C. O’Brien: Here’s How I Will Streamline Trump’s National Security Council

Opinion | Robert C. O’Brien: Here’s how I will streamline Trump’s National Security Council The Washington Post · by Robert C. O’Brien Robert C. O’Brien is national security adviser. In the three years since President Trump’s election, the United States has seized the initiative from its adversaries all over the world. We decimated the Islamic State as […]

Trump’s New National Security Adviser Plans To Return NSC To Traditional Coordinating Role

O’Brien said he would achieve his goal of reducing the agency’s size primarily through attrition. Experts detailed from other departments like Defense and State will go back to their home bases as their details expire at the NSC, with the goal of streamlining the NSC by the end of January 2020. A senior administration official […]

Trump Orders ‘Substantial’ Cut In National Security Council Staff: Bloomberg

Trump orders ‘substantial’ cut in National Security Council staff: Bloomberg Reuters · by 2 Min Read · October 5, 2019 (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump has asked for a substantial cut in the National Security Council staff, Bloomberg reported late on Friday, citing five people familiar with the plans. The step was described by some sources cited […]

Trump Aide Pottinger Likely To Be Named NSC Dir. O’Brien’s Deputy

Trump Aide Pottinger Likely to Be Named O’Brien’s Deputy By Alex Wayne September 20, 2019, 12:39 PM EDT Updated on September 20, 2019, 1:07 PM EDT Pottinger is a former China-based reporter and U.S. Marine He served as Asia director of the National Security Council Bloomberg · by Alex Wayne · September 20, 2019 Matt Pottinger, center, in Beijing in […]

Trump Reveals His Top Five Picks To Replace John Bolton As National Security Adviser

Trump Reveals His Top Five Picks To Replace John Bolton As National Security Adviser AMBER ATHEYWHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT September 17, 20193:21 PM ET The Daily Caller President Donald Trump told reporters Tuesday that he has narrowed down his next pick for national security adviser to five finalists. Last week, the president announced on Twitter that […]

Who’s On The Shortlist To Replace Bolton

Douglas MacGregor Stephen Biegun Richard Grenell Keith Kellogg Matthew Pottinger Brian Hook Robert O’Brien Rob Blair Jack Keane Who’s on the Shortlist to Replace Bolton Foreign Policy · by Lara Seligman, Robbie Gramer, Elias Groll · September 11, 2019 John Bolton’s abrupt ouster as U.S. national security advisor leaves a significant gap in President Donald Trump’s team. Bolton, […]