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Canadian Sub On Covert Mission To Bolster North Korea Surveillance

Canadian sub on covert mission to bolster North Korea surveillance By David Common, View Original February 6th, 2018 The submarine HMCS Chicoutimi arrives in an allied port after a surveillance patrol in Asia-Pacific waters. CBC News has agreed not to identify the sub’s current location, as it is carrying out classified operations in hot spots around […]

Kremlin Says It’s Up To Russia Where It Deploys Its Missiles Kremlin Says It’s Up To Russia Where It Deploys Its Missiles February 06, 2018 10:40 GMT ·        RFE/RL An Iskander ballistic-missile launcher (file photo) Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that Russia has the right to decide where it deploys its military resources on its own territory, following reports that Russia had deployed nuclear-capable Iskander […]

Democrats Defense Staff In Exile: CNAS Personnel Moves

CNAS PRESS RELEASE CNAS Names Victoria Nuland, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO, as CEO; Robert O. Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Rejoins CNAS as Senior Defense Counselor Washington, January 9 – The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Board of Directors has selected Victoria Nuland, the former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and former […]

Russia ‘Simulated Full-Scale War’ Against NATO, Says Military Commander

Russia ‘simulated full-scale war’ against Nato, says military commander By: Samuel Osborne for the UK Independent // 7 hrs ago Riho Terras confirmed Nato’s fears the Zapad (or “West) exercises were used to simulate a conflict with the US-led alliance and show off Russia’s ability to mass large numbers of troops at extremely short notice in […]

A Russian Blackwater? Putin’s Secret Soldiers In Ukraine And Syria

A Russian Blackwater? Putin’s Secret Soldiers in Ukraine and Syria By Ukraine’s Official Count, View Original January 2nd, 2018 KIEV—Fierce fighting between Kremlin-backed militias and Ukrainian forces has intensified and is now the worst it has been since last February. Soviet-era GRAD rockets started raining on the streets and houses of Novoluhanskote in eastern Ukraine right before […]

PLA Review Of ‘World Military Situation’ Overview of world military situations in 2017 Source China Military Online Editor Zhang Tao Time 2017-12-29 A+- By Lin Zhiyuan  BEIJING, Dec. 29 (ChinaMil) — The world landscape has changed at a faster pace in 2017. Inter-power cooperation and competition coexisted, with the latter becoming more prominent. Major countries paid more attention to contention for […]

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, And Pink Flamingoes To Watch In 2018

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, and Pink Flamingoes to Watch in 2018 View Original December 28th, 2017 While driving along the shore of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island in September 2011, I saw them for the first time. Black Swans. My wife and I pulled over, jumped out, and spent a half […]

Details On Newly Uncovered GRU Online Personas – Bellingcat

Details on Newly Uncovered GRU Online Personas – bellingcat · by Aric Toler · December 26, 2017 On Christmas, Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post from published two widely shared reports on GRU (Russian military intelligence) activities in creating fake profiles on social networks, along with “astroturfed” political activist groups. The first, longer article, entitled “Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet […]

China Wins Its War Against South Korea’s U.S. Thaad Missile Shield — Without Firing A Shot CHINA WINS ITS WAR AGAINST SOUTH KOREA’S US THAAD MISSILE SHIELD – WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT Seoul signs up to military constraints in return for Beijing lifting economic sanctions, setting a worrying precedent for China’s regional rivals BY DAVID JOSEF VOLODZKO 18 NOV 2017 · · Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean President Moon […]

The Future of Conflict: Third Time Around : Global Brief – By Former Dep. CIA Dir.

The Future of Conflict: Third Time Around : Global Brief by John E. McLaughlin The former CIA head revisits his predictions from 2009 and 2014, and projects forward to 2022 For the third time since the inaugural issue of GB in 2009, I will try to look ahead five years to estimate the future of conflict. […]