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Threat Assessment #Fail: al-Qaeda Quietly Growing, By Design

Conclusion: A critical concern for the coming year is that terrorists could export battlefield tactics to populated urban centers far from war zones. Examples of this include ISIS’s use of drones for attacks and the potential for chemical weapons attacks. So when I look at the threat picture over the next year, I see one […]

Inside France’s Secret War Against Jihadists Of Mali

Inside France’s Secret War Against Jihadists Of Mali By Alidad Vassigh, View Original February 12th, 2018 BANDIAGARA — The Twin Otter plane flies full speed over the battlefield, though low enough to almost scrape the tops of acacia trees. At one point its wingtips seem dangerously close to smashing into the jagged cliffs. But there’s a reason […]

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, And Pink Flamingoes To Watch In 2018

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, and Pink Flamingoes to Watch in 2018 View Original December 28th, 2017 While driving along the shore of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island in September 2011, I saw them for the first time. Black Swans. My wife and I pulled over, jumped out, and spent a half […]

Project Maven Brings AI To The Fight Against ISIS

Project Maven brings AI to the fight against ISIS · by Gregory C. Allen · December 21, 2017 Maven is designed to be that pilot project, that pathfinder, that spark that kindles the flame front of artificial intelligence across the rest of the [Defense] Department. Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, November 2017 For years, the Defense Department’s most […]

How ISIS Members Fled The Caliphate, Perhaps To Fight Another Day

How ISIS Members Fled The Caliphate, Perhaps To Fight Another Day By Yusuf Sayman, View Original December 19th, 2017 SANLIURFA, Turkey — A notorious Australian jihadi left the ISIS caliphate this summer and crossed the Syrian border into Turkey. With him was a well-connected Syrian doctor who’d overseen medical facilities in the ISIS capital of Raqqa. […]

U.S. Gen. Reins In Special Operations Forces In Africa After Niger Deaths And Daily Beast Investigations

Excerpt: For the time being, the SOCAFRICA-wide letter sent by Maj. Gen. Hicks suggests that across the continent U.S. forces under his command will be dialing back special operations in countries like Somalia. “I have and will always backed you up [sic], but I cannot afford to be wrong about how well we conduct operations,” […]

Inside The Botched Raid That Left Four U.S. Soldiers Dead In Niger

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell, and his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell’s Comments:  From Buzzfeed.   “A lot of speculation in this to include from sources that may not really be able to offer credible assessments.  But I would really […]

The Probe Into Whether SEAL Team 6 Commandos Killed An American Soldier In Mali, Explained

David Maxwell Comment:  “Still many questions on what happened and why.     But the issues of authorities and oversight of SOF need to be discussed.  We need the right authorities with the proper oversight.” The probe into whether SEAL Team 6 commandos killed an American soldier in Mali, explained By Alex Ward, View Original November […]

After Niger, Is America’s ‘Light Footprint’ Counterterrorism Strategy Sustainable?

Excerpt: The question is whether the United States can tolerate this dissonance between what the public wants and the costs it is willing to bear to get it. How many shocks like Niger will it take for Congress and the public to become fully disillusioned with the light footprint? Right now, that approach seems to […]

Green Beret Found SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed.

Green Beret Found SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed. KEVIN MAURER, SPENCER ACKERMAN 11.12.17 8:00 PM ET   PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY THE DAILY BEAST Logan Melgar hadn’t had a drink on June 4. The Green Beret sergeant’s dry day became a key to unraveling the narrative spun by the elite Navy commandos whom […]