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New Heavily-Armed Submarine Enters Service In North Korea

David Maxwell Comment:  “If this is accurate reporting there is only one reason for developing this submarine – a second strike nuclear capability.  While we cannot know Kim Jong-un’s intentions for sure, he does provide us many indicators for assessment.  Note the comment “non-nuclear missile submarine” refers to the submarine not being nuclear powered not […]

Kim Jong-un Moves To Increase North Korea’s Nuclear Strength

David Maxwell Comment: “Internal and external messaging here.  Clearly we interpret this as a message to us. Kim Jong-un has no intention of denuclearizing but instead will continue his blackmail diplomacy – the use of provocations and increased tension to gain political and economic concessions.  He is sending a message to President Trump that he […]

North Korea’s Kim, In First Appearance In Weeks, Vows To Bolster Nuclear ‘Deterrence’

Excerpts: North Korea’s pledge to boost its nuclear capabilities coincides with news reports that the United States might conduct its first full-fledged nuclear test since 1992, noted Leif-Eric Easley, who teaches international studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. “The intention in Washington for pondering such a move may be to pressure Russia and China […]

Kim Jong Un Has Moved To Kangdong, U.S. Authorities Say

David Maxwell Comment:  “This highlighted excerpt seems like it came out of William Arkin’s book Code Words. Note also the second excerpt and Kim’s likely paranoia.  He must be afraid of US targeting capabilities.  He should know we do have the capability to locate and target him if we choose to.  If we can locate […]

North Korea Finally Addresses Kim Jong-un Disappearance With Bizarre TIME TRAVEL Statement

David Maxwell Comment:  “Quite a title.  A little bit of a leap of logic.     But this is the key point and a change in the regime narrative.  The regime is taking a risk.  To reduce the “deification” of the leaders risks undermining the legitimacy of the regime.  It is going to be difficult to recraft […]

Seoul Closely Monitoring North Korea As Leader Out Of Public View Again (22 days)

Seoul closely monitoring North Korea as leader out of public view again The Korea Times · May 22, 2020 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. YonhapSouth Korea is closely watching the whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the unification ministry said Friday, as his absence from public view has stretched to three weeks once again. A […]

Kim Jong-un Dead? Mysterious Removal At Major Square Hints At Major Announcement

David Maxwell Comment:  “Sigh… I doubt the renovation of began before the death of the Dear Leader was announced.  I do not think this action is an indication of the death of Kim Jong-un.  Again, Occam’s razor probably says this is part of some kind of renovation which would make sense if they are trying to […]

Bizarre Location Of Kim Jong-un’s Boat Fuels Mystery He Has Gone MISSING Again

David Maxwell Comment:  “I think we are going to have to have an international calendar on the internet that tracks the date of Kim last sighting.  I am gratified that more people are paying attention to Kim’s status and what is happening in north Korea I think it may lead to a new cottage industry […]

Mystery As North Korea Seals Off Major City – ‘Could Be Planning Number One Event’

“Many of the residents suspect the closure of the city might be coronavirus related, but the government has not divulged any reason for banning entry.” The resident said the timing was strange, explaining: “Even when the coronavirus was at its worst in China, access to Rason was not fully controlled. Mystery as North Korea seals […]

North Korea Presumed To Have Replaced Chief Of Military Intelligence Bureau

David Maxwell Comment:  “Grain. Of. Salt. Obviously it bears watching but we have been wrong before.   But if this excerpt below is accurate it is significant.  Kim has been in power for nearly 9 years and he is still consolidating power.  Recall that his father had 20 years to consolidate power (1974 when he was […]