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Forcing China’s Hand On North Korea: Beijing’s Corporate Shell Game Enables Pyongyang To Avoid Sanctions Forcing China’s Hand on North Korea Beijing’s corporate shell game enables Pyongyang to avoid sanctions. The Friendship Bridge between Dandong, China, and Sinuiju, North Korea, July 5. PHOTO: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES By Daniel Blumenthal and Derek Scissors July 17, 2017 5:15 p.m. ET 28 COMMENTS After decades of diplomacy in Korea, it is clear there is no […]

A Nuclear Game Of Thrones With North Korea – Modern War Institute

Important conclusion: Game of Thrones is known for its gloomy, zero-sum world of backstabbing elites and barbaric battle scenes that call to mind medieval Europe. To quote Thucydides, “The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must.” There is no kingdom, no glory or riches, for those who rest. Or, as one […]

Will Trump Stop The 10 Chinese Companies Supplying North Korea’s Nuclear Program?

Excerpts: The U.S. told Beijing that if China hadn’t made progress by the end of the summer in sanctioning the “Chi-NoKo 10,” as one American official puts it, then the U.S. would do so unilaterally. And on June 30, the Trump administration signaled it was serious: It announced sanctions against the Bank of Dandong, accusing […]

Winning A War Against North Korea Would Come At ‘Great Cost’: Here’s What It Might Look Like

The comments below highlighted in blue are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell — and, his contact info is at the bottom of this email.  RCP David Maxwell:  The fear of the tragic amount of blood and treasure that will be expended if hostilities resume has led not to a policy of strategic patience but to […]

Cyber Warfare Has Taken A New Turn. Yes, It’s Time To Worry

Cyber Warfare Has Taken A New Turn. Yes, It’s Time To Worry View Original July 13th, 2017 The recent “ransomware” events created headaches and headlines — but also masked a greater cyber-issue: chaos and disruption on the Internet as the new normal. Earlier this week, in fact, the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a new effort […]

Number Of North Korean Defectors Falls 21 Percent On-Year In H1

Note this: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is believed to have ordered tightened surveillance over people since he assumed power in late 2011. David Maxwell’s comment:  Kim Jong-un maybe worried about the resistance potential that is growing. Number Of North Korean Defectors Falls 21 Percent On-Year In H1: Data View Original July 12th, 2017 […]

The Trump Vision For America Abroad; By NSC Adviser LTG. H.R. McMaster

Conclusion: America First is rooted in confidence that our values are worth defending and promoting. This is a time of great challenge for our friends and allies around the globe — but it is also a moment of extraordinary opportunity. The American delegation returned from the trip with tremendous optimism about the future and what […]

The North Korea Puzzle And Its Missing Piece – Will Kim Jong Un See The Light?

Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell’s comments are highlighted directly below in blue; and, a section on his assumptions on North Korea just before the body of the article.  RCP, David Maxwell:  Short answer is no I seriously doubt it.  Some important comments here.   One reality weighs on all parties: Taking no action may be […]

Taking Out Kim Jong Un — And Not For Dinner

Excerpts: With the Trump administration declaring that the era of “strategic patience” is finally over, the big question ought to be not how to bring Kim to his senses, but how to take him down without triggering a war. Is there, perhaps, a lot more that America could do to exploit the North Korean regime’s […]

Would The West Be Able To Save Japan Or South Korea After An EMP Strike?

Would The West Be Able To Save Japan Or South Korea After An EMP Strike? The Hill · by Max Brooks, opinion contributor · July 9, 2017 What would war with North Korea look like? It’s a topic on everyone’s mind. We know we can win, but in doing so, how much damage could Kim Jong Un cause […]