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Why Taiwan Needs Nuclear Weapons

Why Taiwan Needs Nuclear Weapons The National Interest · by Michael Rubin · May 31, 2020 Chinese President Xi Jinping is on the warpath. He has abrogated the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration which guaranteed Hong Kong’s special status more than a quarter-century early. He has precipitated the worst military crisis with India since the 1962 Sino-India War. His repression and incarceration of the Uighur […]

New Submarine Or SLBMs Likely Next Options For North Korea To Claim Enhanced Nuke Deterrence: experts

David Maxwell Comment:  “This would be logical.  The north would want a “second strike” capability to enhance nuclear deterrence.  However, I am sure the ROK and US navy’s have long bee anticipating this and I would guess we have our enhanced anti-submarine warfare capabilities in the region prepared to deal with this threat.  And I would bet we […]

Kim Jong-un Moves To Increase North Korea’s Nuclear Strength

David Maxwell Comment: “Internal and external messaging here.  Clearly we interpret this as a message to us. Kim Jong-un has no intention of denuclearizing but instead will continue his blackmail diplomacy – the use of provocations and increased tension to gain political and economic concessions.  He is sending a message to President Trump that he […]

ICBM Firing, Nuclear Weapons Test Or Wait: What Will North Korea Do For The Rest Of The Year?

Excerpt: At the same time, however, North Korea has not abandoned its attention-seeking behavior in the midst of a pandemic. The DPRK continues to assert the dubious claim that there are no cases of COVID-19 within the state, and tested short-range missiles in late March of this year. A call to attention, perhaps, given the […]

Kim Jong Un’s ‘New Strategic Weapon’ To Be Revealed Soon

Kim Jong Un’s ‘new strategic weapon’ to be revealed soon By 1 min View Original The “new strategic weapon” mentioned by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the end of last year is likely to be a new 3,000-ton submarine equipped with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), the South Korean and U.S. intelligence […]

Russia To Float Out New Sub To Carry Poseidon Nuke Drone In Late June

All news 6 May, 22:41 Tass Defense Russia to float out new sub to carry Poseidon nuke drone in late June — source The first basic carrier of Poseidon drones, a Project 09852 special-purpose nuclear sub, the Belgorod, was floated out on April 23, 2019 A Poseidon underwater drone © Russian Defense Ministry MOSCOW, May […]

North Korea’s New Fertilizer Plant Seen As Linked To Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Program

Excerpts: Yes, the plant is badly needed for the sake of feeding North Korea’s undernourished, poverty-stricken people, but it has a dual purpose. Analysis of aerial imagery and other measures shows it’s far larger and more complex than any ordinary facility built simply to produce fertilizer. Those concerns were summarized in a detailed study by […]

OPLAN 5029: The Military’s Secret Plan To Secure North Korea’s Nukes

David Maxwell Comment: “General Tilelli’s quote is taken from 1999 from this web site which discusses OPAN 5029. You can also find discussion of 5029 on that most authoritative of all sources: Wikipedia. Note that it begins its entry with General Tilelli’s quote which is arguably the best answer ever given in response to press questions about military planning.”   ‘It would […]

The Final Days Of The Iran Nuclear Deal

By GLEN OWEN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY The final days of the Iran nuclear deal 05/01/2020 It’s only fair to share… There is a growing chance that by October, the nuclear deal with Iran, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will be dead. Under the deal with the U.S. China, Russia, […]

When It Comes To The Demise Of Kim Jong Un, Be Careful What You Wish For

When It Comes To The Demise Of Kim Jong Un, Be Careful What You Wish For · by Tyler Rogoway · April 25, 2020 Today we have gotten another round of reports that Kim Jong Un has died. This time they have emanated from a Japanese news magazine, which lends more credibility to the possibility that they are true. […]