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U.S. Military Should ‘Choke’ North Korea To ‘Submission,’ Retired Navy Lieutenant Says

David Maxwell asks:  “A naval blockade?” U.S. Military Should ‘Choke’ North Korea to ‘Submission,’ Retired Navy Lieutenant Says By Carlos Ballesteros, View Original President Donald Trump should deploy a naval blockade against North Korea in order to stop its nuclear weapons program, argues retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Gregory Keely. Keely, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan […]

Ian Bremmer Argues That We Are At The End Of The Global Free Market — As The Rise Of China Dominates Recent Asean Summit

Ian Bremmer Argues That We Are At The End Of The Global Free Market — As The Rise Of China Dominates Recent Asean Summit      Ian Bremmer, the President and Founder of the EURASIA Group, a leading global political risk research and consulting firm, spoke to a luncheon in Boston, Mass., on November 14, […]

Technology And The Future Of War

David Maxwell’s Comment:  A warning we must heed (It may come down to M4 rifles, 45 cal pistols, paper maps, and compasses): If the Chinese would be unwilling to attack the US satellite system by exploding a nuclear weapon in space, they have already proven to have other means at their disposal: namely, antisatellite missiles […]

An Expert On Warfare Examines Centuries Of Evolving Mayhem

Excerpts: Freedman is eclectically curious not merely about the predictions of generals, spooks and nuclear strategists, but also novelists, from Arthur Conan Doyle — who in 1914 wrote a prescient potboiler about German submarines sinking British civilian ships — to a chilling 1958 novel of nuclear annihilation that became the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s film […]

China Expands Its Influence At Djibouti’s Ports China Expands its Influence at Djibouti’s Ports File image By MarEx 2017-11-16 19:41:00 On Monday, Chinese energy consortium POLY-GCL Petroleum Group signed an MoU to invest$4 billion in a natural gas pipeline, an LNG plant and a loading terminal at Damerjog, Djibouti.The preliminary agreement will be finalized within six months and the groundbreaking should be sometime next year, energy minister […]

Downing North Korean Missiles Is Hard. So The U.S. Is Experimenting.

Please go to this link to view the graphics in the correct format. Downing North Korean Missiles Is Hard. So the U.S. Is Experimenting. The New York Times · by DAVID E. SANGER and WILLIAM J. BROAD · November 16, 2017 WASHINGTON — Concerned that the missile defense system designed to protect American cities is insufficient by itself […]

Kim’s Sea Monster: Satellite Images Reveal North Korea Is Dangerously Close To Finishing New Ballistic Missile Submarine

KIM’S SEA MONSTER Satellite images reveal North Korea is dangerously close to finishing new ballistic missile submarine A North Korea monitoring organisation has published images taken on November 5 showing activity at North Korea’s Sinpo South Shipyard. By Corey Charlton 17th November 2017, 9:55 am Updated: 17th November 2017, 10:52 am SATELLITE images taken this month […]

Chinese & Russian Perspectives On Non-Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Risks FULL TEXT (pdf): Entanglement: Chinese and Russian Perspectives on Non-nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Risks JAMES M. ACTON,  ALEXEY ARBATOV,  VLADIMIR DVORKIN,  PETR TOPYCHKANOV,  TONG ZHAO,  LI BIN The risk of an inadvertent nuclear war is rising because of the entanglement of non-nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and their command-and-control capabilities. Published November 08, 2017 Summary The entanglement of […]

China Sending Envoy To North Korea Following Trump Visit

David Maxwell Comments:  Coincidence?  Routine?  I think not. Song Tao, the head of China’s ruling Communist Party’s International Department, will travel to Pyongyang on Friday to report on outcomes of the party’s national congress held last month, the official Xinhua News Agency said.   Xinhua said Song, as president and party leader Xi Jinping’s special […]

Inside North Korea’s Gulags: The Shocking Conditions In Kim’s Political Prison Camps

Inside North Korea’s gulags: The shocking conditions in Kim’s political prison camps By Harvey Gavin, View Original November 11th, 2017 GETTY/NPR.ORG Never-before-shared accounts of time within the deadly camps revealed a strategy to control the population through terror, with many worked to death for supposed crimes as petty as singing to South Korean pop music. Thousands […]