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Silicon Valley’s Control Virus

Silicon Valley’s Control Virus The tech industry’s Chinese surveillance solution to the Wuhan virus. Thu Apr 30, 2020      Daniel Greenfield Silicon Valley was both the epicenter of one of the country’s first Wuhan Virus outbreaks, hosting the 2nd case in California and the 7th in the country, and of the technological tools of the lockdown, from contact tracing […]

How Incognito Google Maps Protects Your Identity — And How It Doesn’t

How Incognito Google Maps Protects Your Identity — And How It Doesn’t      Lily Hay Newman posted an article this week on the security and technology website,, explaining how going Incognito on Google Maps does not guarantee digital anonymity and search activity. As she notes, “behavior tracking and location tracking,” have become an […]

The Dark New World Of Leaks, Rumors And Deadly Hybrid War

Column: The dark new world of leaks, rumours and deadly hybrid war · by Peter Apps 7 Min Read LONDON (Reuters) – As Britain ponders the fallout from leaked diplomatic telegrams from its ambassador to Washington, it ponders an awkward question. Was the so-called “special relationship” deliberately sabotaged by Britain’s own officials or politicians releasing the […]

Scientists In China Develop Ultra Long-Range AI Camera That Can Photograph Subjects From 28 Miles Away

Scientists In China Develop Ultra Long-Range AI Camera That Can Photograph Subjects From 28 Miles Away      James Pero posted a May 10, 2019 article to the DailyMail with the title above. Mr. Pero writes that “according to a paper from Chinese researcher, Zheng-Ping Li published in the open source journal, ArXiv,the camera technology can cut […]

NATIONAL CYBER STRATEGY Of The United States Of America

David Maxwell Comment:  “Two things jump out at me (among many interesting points in the strategy which needs to be thoroughly read and digested).  One is the Cyber Deterrence Initiative. This seems like an important concept and one in which we should  work closely with our friends partners and allies on.  The second is building international […]

The Defense Department Has Produced The First Tools For Catching Deepfakes

The Defense Department has produced the first tools for catching deepfakes By Will Knight, View Original August 7th, 2018 The first forensics tools for catching revenge porn and fake news created with AI have been developed through a program run by the US Defense Department. Forensics experts have rushed to find ways of detecting videos synthesized […]

Bringing Real News To North Koreans What the Truth Could Do To Pyongyang

Conclusion: No matter what happens at the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore [7], increasing pressure on the regime by significantly ramping up support for foreign information campaigns is a must. This option is low-hanging fruit: relatively cheap and easy while actually impactful. It will provide North Korean citizens with alternative sources of information and help to […]

Ex-CIA Officer’s Case Highlights Fears About Reach of Chinese Spying

David does not mention below that the first place Edward Snowden sought refuge was in Hong Kong, where he was ‘hosted’ by senior Chinese intelligence officials.  All of which of course, preceded the OPM breach.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “Interesting.  Note the possible connection (though not proven) with the OPM hack.  Of course this […]

Google Won’t Seek To Renew Pentagon Contract After Internal Backlash

America’s ‘Greatest Generation’ could not have helped defeat Nazism and Japan — WITHOUT CORPORATE AMERICA.  Artificial intelligence, and quantum computing are two ‘races’ we cannot afford to lose.  But, with the kind of attitude being shown at Google — U.S. national security — and these two critical races may not end well for America.  Think […]

Thucydides In The Data Warfare Era

Conclusion: Indeed, information is—to adapt Thucydides’ wisdom—the modern money that fuels war. Those who have the fastest Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) data loop will be able to dominate the cyber battlespace. Better information means more comprehensive threat intelligence, faster response times, and more robust offensive capabilities.   Thucydides is a relevant lens through which to understand modern […]