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A Shadowy War’s Newest Front: A Drone Base Rising From Saharan Dust

Excerpts: Later this summer, workers will lay five inches of asphalt atop the rock bed. In all, commanders say they will pave some 39 acres of airfield. While built mainly for the Reaper drones, the runway and adjoining taxiways and ramps must be able to handle much heavier C-17 cargo planes. Three huge hangars capped […]

Iran Threatens To Restart Nuke Enrichment Program In Matter Of Days

      Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days Threats ‘confirm that the Iranian regime never gave up on its atomic weapon ambitions’ Share Tweet Email Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei / Reuters BY: Adam Kredo April 9, 2018 5:00 am Iranian leaders are threatening to restart the country’s contested […]

Forecasting The Future Of Warfare

David Maxwell:  “A long important read with important history (and a “scorecard”).” Excerpt: How Did We Do? You Decide.   I gave up command of the Army War College in the summer of 2000. Gen. Rick Shinseki, chief of staff at the time, kindly asked that I stay on active duty another six months to […]

Is Russia-China-Pakistan Axis Becoming A Reality? – Analysis

Is Russia-China-Pakistan Axis Becoming A Reality? – Analysis By Observer Research Foundation, View Original April 5th, 2018 By Harsha Kakar The west, led by the United States, is presently involved in a new cold war with Russia. Post the re-election of President Putin and Donald Trump’s congratulatory call, it appeared that the relations could again be […]

The United States Is Preparing For The Wrong War

Excerpts.   There’s nothing wrong with rebuilding the United States’ conventional combat capacity. By all means, buy more fighter aircraft and navy ships. Spend more time training with artillery and tanks. Those weapons are needed to maintain deterrence and keep the peace. But don’t imagine that all this firepower will keep us safe. The United […]

Threat Assessment #Fail: al-Qaeda Quietly Growing, By Design

Conclusion: A critical concern for the coming year is that terrorists could export battlefield tactics to populated urban centers far from war zones. Examples of this include ISIS’s use of drones for attacks and the potential for chemical weapons attacks. So when I look at the threat picture over the next year, I see one […]

Concerns Voiced Over ‘Hybrid Wars’ In Region – Pakistan

Concerns voiced over ‘hybrid wars’ in region By Bureau Report, View Original February 13th, 2018 PESHAWAR: Speakers at a session here on Monday expressed concerns over the ongoing ‘hybrid wars’ at the behest of superpowers in the region. “No arms, ammunition, tanks and missiles etc are used in hybrid wars by the warring parties but they […]

China To Build More Naval Bases To Augment The Maritime Part Of Their Belt-And-Road Strategy

More support bases to be built to assist PLA Navy: analyst By Yang Sheng Global Times 2018/2/12 It is reasonable and necessary for China to strengthen its maritime power as it is becoming stronger, Chinese experts said after People’s Daily published three articles on a whole page to emphasize the importance of building China […]

Abbottabad Files Reveal Iran Helped Train al-Qaeda Recruits To Hijack Planes

  Abbottabad files reveal Iran helped train al-Qaeda recruits to hijack planes The Abbottabad documents revealed that late al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden insisted to use jets in attacks against the US even after the September 11, 2001 twin attacks. Bin Laden urged his commanders to focus their efforts on aerial attacks against the […]

The Long Shadow Of A.Q. Khan: How One Scientist Helped The World Go Nuclear

As one of my blog followers put it: “It is interesting to note that the Council on Foreign Relations article below identifies Benazir Buhtto as the key figure in enabling the A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network to work.  Nevertheless, Ms. Buhtto is lionized at Harvard.”  Just saying…… January 31, 2018 The Long Shadow […]