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Russia/China/Iran/Pakistan Intelligence Cooperation ·        home ·        Publications in the media Meeting in Islamabad,  press-release Press office of the SVR of Russia, 10.07.2018 July 10 this year. Director of the SVR of Russia S.Ye. Naryshkin in Islamabad took part in the working meeting of the leaders of the intelligence services of Iran, China, Pakistan and Russia. The focus was on combating the […]

The Valley Boys: How a Lone Special Forces Team Is Fighting ISIS In Remote Mountains Of Afghanistan

A long long read about our guys at the tip end of the spear.  RCP, The Valley Boys: How a Lone Special Forces Team is Fighting ISIS in Remote Mountains of Afghanistan Buck, a former US Army Ranger-turned-Special Forces communication sergeant, quietly watched as a C-130 cargo airplane lifted off from the runway […]

Strategic Disruption By Exploiting Ethnic Separatism Is A Viable Option To Counter China And Create Alternatives In Afghanistan

Strategic disruption by exploiting ethnic separatism is a viable option to counter China and create alternatives in Afghanistan “A restored independent and secular Balochistan could; derail BRI and Chinese military expansion, open a sea route to Afghanistan, drive a stake into the heart of radical Islam and threaten Iran’s theocracy because of the sizable Baloch […]

Iran’s Hegemonic Quest

Iran’s Hegemonic Quest · by | The Cipher Brief · June 6, 2018 The Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization is putting the IAEA on notice that Tehran is likely to begin producing centrifuges that are used to enrich uranium. According to the Fars news agency, Ali Akbar Salehi says the move does not violate the Joint […]

Israel’s Nuclear Strategy: Enhancing Deterrence In The New Cold War

Israel’s Nuclear Strategy: Enhancing Deterrence in the New Cold War By Louis René BeresMay 29, 2018 “Oh ship of state, new waves push you out to sea….”—Horace, Odes By definition, as long as particular countries regard their nuclear status as an asset, every state that is a member of the so-called nuclear club is a direct […]

Trump’s Pick To Oversee Afghanistan Could Signal A New Approach

Trump’s Pick to Oversee Afghanistan Could Signal a New Approach TIME · by W.J. Hennigan Army Lt. Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller has been tapped to be the next commander of U.S.-led military forces in Afghanistan, U.S. officials said, as waves of attacks continue to rock the wartorn nation after nearly 17 years of conflict. Miller, who spent much of […]

A Shadowy War’s Newest Front: A Drone Base Rising From Saharan Dust

Excerpts: Later this summer, workers will lay five inches of asphalt atop the rock bed. In all, commanders say they will pave some 39 acres of airfield. While built mainly for the Reaper drones, the runway and adjoining taxiways and ramps must be able to handle much heavier C-17 cargo planes. Three huge hangars capped […]

Iran Threatens To Restart Nuke Enrichment Program In Matter Of Days

      Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days Threats ‘confirm that the Iranian regime never gave up on its atomic weapon ambitions’ Share Tweet Email Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei / Reuters BY: Adam Kredo April 9, 2018 5:00 am Iranian leaders are threatening to restart the country’s contested […]

Forecasting The Future Of Warfare

David Maxwell:  “A long important read with important history (and a “scorecard”).” Excerpt: How Did We Do? You Decide.   I gave up command of the Army War College in the summer of 2000. Gen. Rick Shinseki, chief of staff at the time, kindly asked that I stay on active duty another six months to […]

Is Russia-China-Pakistan Axis Becoming A Reality? – Analysis

Is Russia-China-Pakistan Axis Becoming A Reality? – Analysis By Observer Research Foundation, View Original April 5th, 2018 By Harsha Kakar The west, led by the United States, is presently involved in a new cold war with Russia. Post the re-election of President Putin and Donald Trump’s congratulatory call, it appeared that the relations could again be […]