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Aerial Photos’ Point To New Chinese Signals Hub’In The Heart Of The South China Sea Aerial photos ‘point to new Chinese signals hub’ in the heart of the South China Sea Washington-based think tank says flurry of activity on Fiery Cross Reef suggests the artificial island is becoming a communications centre for Beijing to put its stamp on the area PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 February, 2018, 9:33pm UPDATED : […]

China To Build More Naval Bases To Augment The Maritime Part Of Their Belt-And-Road Strategy

More support bases to be built to assist PLA Navy: analyst By Yang Sheng Global Times 2018/2/12 It is reasonable and necessary for China to strengthen its maritime power as it is becoming stronger, Chinese experts said after People’s Daily published three articles on a whole page to emphasize the importance of building China […]

Beijing Plays Down South Korea’s Claims Chinese Warplanes Breached Its Air Defense Zone Beijing plays down South Korea’s claims Chinese warplanes breached its air defense zone Drills were ‘lawful and reasonable … not targeted at any specific country or region’, air force spokesman says PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 December, 2017, 3:10pm UPDATED : Monday, 18 December, 2017, 11:21pm Kristin Huang Seoul on Monday accused Beijing of infringing […]

Kissinger: North Korea Setting Off Nuclear Domino Effect

Kissinger: North Korea Setting Off Nuclear Domino Effect · by | Jasmine Khayami and Matthew Sussis · January 26, 2018 A failure to shut down North Korea’s nuclear program would not only pose a threat to U.S. territory, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told a congressional panel. It would encourage other countries to develop their own […]

As Trump Focuses On North Korea, China Pushes Into West Pacific

Excerpt: China is employing a “cabbage strategy” in which it gradually surrounds a disputed area with multiple layers of security, according to June Teufel Dreyer, a University of Miami political science professor and author of “Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun” — a 2016 book on China-Japan ties.   “To the extent Taiwan and […]

The Reviews Are In: Here’s What Experts Are Saying About Jim Mattis’ New Strategy

The reviews are in: Here’s what experts are saying about Jim Mattis’ new strategy Washington Examiner · by Politics · January 19, 2018 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis released the new National Defense Strategy on Friday, a mostly classified document with a public portion that moves away from anti-terrorism as the top mission and focuses on peer competitors Russia and China. […]

A Secret Warrior’s Secret War In Laos

A secret warrior’s secret war in Laos · by Lee Williams Decorated Green Beret John Meyer, who ran reconnaissance missions, will be the featured speaker at the Fifth Annual Florida Fun Shoot. Lee Williams Topics EditorAs the ancient Sikorsky H-34 helicopter carrying an elite six-man reconnaissance team was spiraling down toward a landing zone in Laos, […]

Secretary Of Defense Mattis Set To Visit China In Spring US defence chief Jim Mattis set to visit China in spring, Pentagon spokeswoman says Mattis likely to ask Beijing to step up efforts towards achieving a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear issue PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 January, 2018, 11:31am UPDATED : Sunday, 14 January, 2018, 10:51pm 5  Minnie Chan Chinese military […]

The Taiwan Strait After A Second Korean War

The Diplomat FEATURES Soldiers from Taiwan’s special forces move past colored smoke during a helicopter landing training and all-out defense demonstration in Taipei, Taiwan (Dec. 14, 2017). Image Credit: AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying The Taiwan Strait After a Second Korean War The end of the Kim regime would spell trouble for the Taiwan Strait. By Eric Chan […]

World War I Stands As A Lesson Against A “Bloody Nose” Strike On North Korea

World War I Stands as a Lesson Against a “Bloody Nose” Strike on North Korea · by Angry Staff Officer · January 10, 2018 How do you solve a problem like North Korea? This is the song that Pentagon planners have been singing for decades now. We’re told that there are plans to use a limited strike […]