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China Could ‘Turn Off Power’ In The Philippines, Senate Hears

China could ‘turn off power’ in the Philippines, senate hears The revelation has led to concern in the country, which has a territorial dispute with China. China could switch off the Philippines’ national grid, congress has heard in Manila. The head of the National Transmission Corporation confirmed the possibility during a senate session. […]

Unopposed No More: Beijing’s Ambitions In The South China Sea Increasingly Draw U.S. Attention

Excerpts: As Schultz explained during a recent visit to Manila following the US-Japan-Philippines trilateral sama-sama naval exercises, “we are looking at taking that proof of concept and pushing that probably into a little longer duration in the future”. The struggle for the South China Sea has become even more crowded, as the US deploys an […]

With al-Baghdadi Dead, Jihadists Are Eyeing ASEAN – Southeast Asia Globe

Excerpt: With al-Baghdadi’s death, I think more and more militants will not even consider traveling to Iraq and Syria. Instead, Mindanao will be the draw for them, where they can graft onto the various pro-ISIS groups such as the Abu Sayyaf, Islamic State Lanao (Mautes), the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters or Ansuar al-Khalifa Philippines. The Philippines […]

Why Russia Is Arming A Longtime U.S. Ally (Philippines) In Asia

Excerpts: Having Russia train Filipino troops is also easier promised than done, he says. The two countries have never participated in joint military exercises, and the Philippines has never sent its officers to study at Russian military academies — important measures for building trust and exchanging information between two militaries. To move toward a structured, […]

Did China Just Announce The End Of U.S. Primacy In The Pacific?

Excerpts: In short, in the event of a naval clash between China and the U.S., the likelihood of America’s fleet being sent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is very high. The potential loss of the Pacific Fleet cannot be taken lightly: it could serve as a trigger for the release of nuclear weapons […]

The Islamic State Meets Southeast Asia

Excerpt: In many ways, the Philippines has emerged as ISIS’ greatest hope for a revival of its caliphate. In May 2017, ISIS militants seized control of Marawi [8], a city of 200,000 on the island of Mindanao, in the restive southern Philippines. For five months the fighters held off the U.S.-trained Philippine military, before being routed through […]

North Korea Launch Fresh Missiles – Kim Issues Chilling ‘National Success’ Warning

David Maxwell: “I do not think the author has the order of battle numbers for north Korea quite right.  I believe it is about 1.2 million and another 6 million in reserve.   The “chilling” statement:”    And Kim Jong-un later added: “Our country is always testing various defense and strategic systems, and these are […]

China Could Overwhelm U.S. Military In Asia In Hours, Australian Report Says

If our/U.S. allies in the Pacific really believe this — then there may be more urgency on their part to develop a nuclear weapons capability.  RCP, fortunascorner China could overwhelm US military in Asia in hours, Australian report says By Brad Lendon, CNN Updated 10:25 AM ET, Tue August 20, 2019 Hong Kong (CNN)The US military […]

Stealing A March: Chinese Hybrid Warfare In The Indo-Pacific; Issues And Options For Allied Defense Planners

Volume 1 can be downloaded here: Volume 2 (Case Studies) can be downloaded here: Stealing a March: Chinese Hybrid Warfare in the Indo-Pacific; Issues and Options for Allied Defense Planners July 24, 2019  Ross Babbage Resources: Strategy & Policy Volumes 1 & 2: Stealing a March: Chinese Hybrid Warfare in the Indo-Pacific: Issues and Options for Allied […]

Secretary Of Defense Esper: U.S. To Soon Put Intermediate Range Missile In Asia

Excerpts: Some Pentagon estimates have suggested that a low-flying cruise missile with a potential range of about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) could be flight-tested this month and be ready for deployment in 18 months. A ballistic missile with a range of roughly 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers (1,860 to 2,490 miles) could take five years or […]