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Russia And China (And Iran) Target U.S. Protests On Social Media

Russia and China (And Iran) target US protests on social media Politico · by Mark Scott · June 1, 2020 Russia and China are flooding social media with content targeting the ongoing unrest and violence in the United States, according to an analysis of recent Twitter posts by POLITICO. Since May 30, government officials, state-backed media outlets and […]

‘A Single Clenched Fist’: Russia Defiant But Anxious As U.S. Seeks To End Its Monopoly On Manned Space Flight

‘A Single Clenched Fist’: Russia Defiant But Anxious As U.S. Seeks To End Its Monopoly On Manned Space Flight May 29, 2020 17:05 GMT Updated May 30, 2020 20:01 GMT Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty By Matthew Luxmoore Astronauts Doug Hurley (left) and Robert Behnken on their way to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. MOSCOW — As veteran NASA […]

Secret Sacrifice: The Agents Who Risked All Behind Nazi Lines

Secret sacrifice: the agents who risked all behind Nazi lines The Guardian · by Gareth Rubin · May 31, 2020 Major Francis Suttill, codenamed Prosper, led a network covering Paris. He was executed six weeks before VE day. Photograph: Courtesy of Francis J SuttillA very ordinary-looking metal canister will appear on BBC primetime series The Repair Shop next month. The size […]

U.S. Eyes Use Of Security Brigade In Tunisia Amid Russia Concerns

U.S. eyes use of security brigade in Tunisia amid Russia concerns Reuters · by 2 Min Read · May 30, 2020 TUNIS (Reuters) – The United States is looking to use one of its Security Force Assistance Brigades in Tunisia, its military said on Friday, amid concern over Russian activity in Libya. Libya’s civil war has drawn in […]

The NSA Has A Warning: Russia’s Most Infamous Hackers Are Still Active

The NSA has a warning: Russia’s most infamous hackers are still active The alert describes how the GRU is targeting a vulnerability in unpatched Unix systems, an alternative to the operating systems of Microsoft and Apple. NBC News · by Kevin CollierKevin Collier is a cybersecurity reporter based in New York City. · May 28, 2020 The same […]

Russian Fighters Flown Out Of Western Libya After Haftar Retreat

Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat Al Jazeera English Russian fighters in Libya were flown out a town south of Tripoli by their Libyan allies after retreating from front lines at the capital, the town’s mayor said. The reported departure of the Russians on Sunday was another blow to the Libya […]

Trump Administration Confirms U.S. Is Leaving Open Skies Surveillance Treaty

Trump Administration Confirms U.S. Is Leaving Open Skies Surveillance Treaty May 21, 20204:42 PM ET Bill Chappell Twitter Open Skies would be the third major international military pact Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from. This photo from 2007 shows Czech soldiers inspecting cameras on a U.S. Boeing plane at a military airbase in Pardubice, Czech […]

The Putin Regime Cracks

RU opinion The Putin Regime Cracks Vladimir Putin has become increasingly disengaged from routine matters of governing and prefers to delegate most issues. By Tatyana Stanovaya May 7, 2020 President Vladimir Putin’s clever maneuver to dispense with the Russian constitution’s provisions on presidential terms limits will, in theory, allow him to stay in office until 2036. Yet […]

To Compete With Russia And China At Sea, Think Small

Excerpts: With an adequate supply of smaller ships, the Navy could disperse the force to ensure that competition is as global as U.S. strategy claims it should be. Lower-risk regions would not need a robust fleet. The Navy could even resurrect the 19th-century practice of foreign stations— scattered homeports anchored by a station ship and supported by a […]

Russia To Float Out New Sub To Carry Poseidon Nuke Drone In Late June

All news 6 May, 22:41 Tass Defense Russia to float out new sub to carry Poseidon nuke drone in late June — source The first basic carrier of Poseidon drones, a Project 09852 special-purpose nuclear sub, the Belgorod, was floated out on April 23, 2019 A Poseidon underwater drone © Russian Defense Ministry MOSCOW, May […]