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The Coming Kaspersky Crackdown: Congress Targeting Popular Anti-Virus Company Over Links To Russian Intelligence The Coming Kaspersky Crackdown Congress is targeting the popular antivirus company over its rumored links to Russian spies. And there’s more than federal contracts at stake for Kaspersky. Brendan Bordelon @BRENDANBORDELON  Aug. 2, 2017, 8 p.m. Dogged by rumors of a nefarious relationship with Russia’s intelligence services and reeling from its removal as a General […]

SOCOM Identifies Experimentation Opportunities

SOCOM Identifies Experimentation Opportunities By Scott Gourley, View Original August 2nd, 2017 Special Ops SOCOM identifies experimentation opportunities USSOCOM released a public notice on 25 July outlining its next planned round of Technical Experimentation (TE) activities. The semi-annual TE ‘events’ are one of the key ways that USSOCOM’s technology teams engage with external technology providers in […]

America’s Top Drone Company Just Teamed Up With A Chinese Industry Titan

America’s Top Drone Company Just Teamed Up With A Chinese Industry Titan BY MIKE MURPHYQUARTZREAD BIO Less than a year ago, DJI knocked the California-based 3D Robotics out of the consumer market. Now, the US firm has turned to software — and a partnership with its vanquisher.   By Read, View Original July 31st, 2017 Alex […]

China Carries Out Flight Test Of Anti-Satellite Missile: DN-3 Missile Highlights Growing Space Warfare Capabilities

China Carries Out Flight Test Of Anti-Satellite Missile DN-3 missile highlights growing space warfare capabilities Share Tweet Email China’s DN-3 Test BY: Bill Gertz Follow @BillGertz August 2, 2017 5:00 am China recently carried out a flight test of a new anti-satellite missile that highlights the growing threat of Beijing’s space warfare capabilities. The flight test […]

Artificial Intelligence May Exceed Human Capacity

Excerpt: The actual threat to human domination of the planet will not likely come from killer robots, but from voting robots. At some point in time after singularity occurs, one of these self-aware machines will surely raise its claw (or virtual hand) and say; “hey, what about equal pay for equal work?”   In the […]

U.S. Detects ‘Highly Unusual’ North Korean Submarine Activity

The comments highlighted in blue below are from/by Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this email.  V/R, RCP David Maxwell:  I sometimes wonder what would happen of some of the north Korean submarines just never returned to port.  They are after all old and they are hard to […]

Give Up On Denuclearizing North Korea

Give Up On Denuclearizing North Korea BY JON WOLFSTHALTHE ATLANTIC By Read, View Original Eugene Hoshiko/AP AA Font size + Print A man walks in front of a public TV screen broadcasting news of North Korea’s test-firing of its second intercontinental ballistic missile, in Tokyo, July 29, 2017. Strategic milestones don’t come along everyday. Today was […]

We Don’t Need Another National Biodefense Strategy – Modern War Institute

Conclusion: The United States is better prepared for responding to biological threats than the critics suggest, but could benefit from clearer policy on how it prepares for and executes biodefense, biosafety, and biosecurity. The US military in particular needs to re-examine its own strategies and programs to ensure that the right capabilities are developed to […]

The Hacking Wars Are Going To Get Much Worse

The Hacking Wars Are Going To Get Much Worse By Adam Segal, View Original July 31st, 2017 Reports this month that the United Arab Emirates orchestrated the hacking of a Qatari news agency, helping to incite a crisis in the Middle East, are as unsurprising as they are unwelcome. For years, countries — in particular Russia […]

SOCOM Wants Commandos To Become Walking SIGINT Sensors

The highlights in blue below are from/by Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell, who’s contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, Another interesting example of what you can learn about the future direction of an organization by studying the open source contracting documents.    I just hope we make some lightweight equipment for […]