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White House Drafts Order To Probe Google, Facebook Practices

White House Drafts Order To Probe Google, Facebook Practices · by Ben Brody (Bloomberg) — The White House is considering a draft executive order for President Donald Trump that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., and other social media companies. Bloomberg News […]

China Is Going To New Lengths To Surveil Its Own Citizens

Excerpts: China Is Going to New Lengths to Surveil Its Own CitizensNew tech—including drones disguised as birds—can be a nightmare for Muslims in particular.BY SIGAL SAMUELTHE ATLANTIC By Read, View Original AP Photo/Ng Han Guan AA Font size + Print In this Nov. 4, 2017 photo, residents walk past a statue showing Mao Zedong near billboards […]

Deepfakes Are Coming. And They’re Dangerous. Deepfakes Are Coming. And They’re Dangerous. · by JENNA LIFHITS    · July 20, 2018 Technology is making it easier and easier to create the impression that someone said or did something that, in reality, they did not. For malicious actors armed with that impersonation software, the possibilities for havoc are endless: political sabotage, humiliating […]

The Next Cyber Battleground: Defending The U.S. Power Grid From Russian Hackers

David Maxwell Comment:  “And from China, north Korea, and Iran.  And woe be it to us if these four ever synchronize their activities (both physical cyber actions – e.g., attack of infrastructure, and influence activities to sow dissent and discord among the American people).” Thursday, July 19, 2018 – 12:00am The Next Cyber Battleground Defending […]

Military Intelligence, Fake Online Personas, Fake Local News: How Russia Targeted U.S. Elections – EU vs DISINFORMATION

Military Intelligence, Fake Online Personas, Fake Local News: How Russia Targeted US Elections – EU vs DISINFORMATION On Friday 13 July, the US Justice Department took a further step in their investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 US Presidential election by indicting 12 Russian officials. Previously, 13 Russian citizens as well as the Internet […]

Social Engineering As A Threat To Societies: The Cambridge Analytica Case

Conclusion:   Of course, it can be difficult in today’s information age to determine what is real and what is meant to manipulate our beliefs. Online platforms such as Facebook enable malicious actors to socially engineer users on a large scale, at relatively low costs. Entire societies, rather than just groups of individuals, can be […]

Powered By AI, Orwellian Surveillance Is Changing Us

Powered by AI, Orwellian surveillance is changing us By Steve Levine, View Original Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios For six decades, generation after generation has wondered whether George Orwell’s nightmare vision has finally arrived — of an all-powerful, omnipresent state bureaucratizing truth and turning people into languid automatons. The big picture: China has become a surveillance state, similar technology […]

Facebook Finds Independence Document ‘Racist’

We have ‘found the enemy,’ RCP, Facebook finds Independence document ‘racist’ View Original July 5th, 2018 Facebook’s algorithms have ruled that parts of the US Declaration of Independence are hate speech and removed excerpts of them posted to the platform. In the run-up to Independence Day, a US community paper based in Texas […]

Wargaming Moscow’s Virtual Battlefield: Parts I, & II

Excerpts: Bottom Line: Russian involvement in the information domain includes electronic warfare, espionage and active measures such as disinformation, propaganda, psychological pressure, destabilization of society and influence of foreign media. The aim is to sow doubt and division amongst strategically targeted societies with the longer-term objective of boosting Moscow’s comparative power and influence across the […]

Senate Votes To Require Pentagon To Disclose Cellphone Spying Near Military Facilities

Senate votes to require Pentagon to disclose cellphone spying near military facilities The Hill · by Morgan Chalfant · June 25, 2018 The Senate passed legislation Monday evening that would require the Pentagon to notify Congress of cellphone spying activity near U.S. military facilities. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) successfully added the amendment to the spending legislation approved by the upper […]