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Chinese Money Sows European Disunion: ‘Eastern States Are Being Seduced By The Allure Of Authoritarianism’ The EU’s consensus-based approach to diplomacy and security makes it difficult to stand up to China, if even one member sides with Beijing.   © AP COMMENT Chinese money sows European disunion Eastern states are being seduced by the allure of authoritarianism   HIROYUKI AKITA, Nikkei commentator April 23, 2018 13:55 JST TOKYO — The […]

Nobody Is Safe From Russia’s Colossal Hacking Operation

Nobody is safe from Russia’s colossal hacking operation By Nicole Kobie, View Original April 21st, 2018 No-one is too unimportant to be targeted by Russia-backed, state-sponsored hackers. While that may be good for the self-esteem, it’s bad news for online security — enough so that this week US and UK authorities teamed up to issue a joint […]

What If The Insider Threat Is You?

What if the Insider Threat Is You? Karl WagnerFormer Chief of Counterintelligence Operations, CIA Sometimes we’re the threat, whether to ourselves or others, without even realizing it. Insider threats trace back to humans, thus, it’s at our own peril that we ignore the lessons of psychology when building our threat mitigation program. This is […]

Experts Warn ‘Trust This Computer’ Is A Massive iPhone Security Risk

Experts Warn ‘Trust This Computer’ Is a Massive iPhone Security Risk By Mike Peterson, View Original April 19th, 2018 When you first plug an iPhone into a computer, you’ll often see a pop-up that says “Trust This Computer?” And while the prompt might seem innocuous, new research suggests that it could have some serious security implications. […]

“The Darkest Web: Drugs, Death, & Destroyed Lives,” – New Book On The Dark Underbelly Of The Internet By Ellen Ormsby 

“The Darkest Web: Drugs, Death, & Destroyed Lives,” – New Book On The Dark Underbelly Of The Internet By Ellen Ormsby        Melborne, Australian-based lawyer ,investigative journalist, and author, Ellen Ormsby’s new book, “The Darkest Web: Drugs, Death, & Destruction,” just published by, Allen&Unwin, is Ms. Ormbsy’s second work on the digital underground, and the […]

Mysterious Company Is Using Facebook To Build A Massive Facial-Recognition Database

Mysterious company is using Facebook to build a massive facial-recognition database By Monica Chin, View Original April 17th, 2018 A surveillance camera with facial recognition technology at Berlin Suedkreuz station in Berlin, Germany, Aug. 3 2017.Photo by: Image: steffi loos/Getty Images Facebook has been under fire for its handling of personal data, but what companies around […]

‘Terror Plot? There’s An App For That;’ Mysterious ‘MuslimCryppt’ App Helps Jihadists Send Covert Messages

‘Terror Plot? There’s An App For That;’ Mysterious ‘MuslimCryppt’ App Helps Jihadists Send Covert Messages        The above title is from Lilly Hay Newman’s March 29, 2018 post on the security and technology website,  In an unsettling/worrisome; but, not surprising article, Ms. Newman explains how ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Islamic extremists are using a […]

Digital Footprints: How To Find Out What Facebook And Google Know About You Digital Footprints: How to Find Out What Facebook and Google Know About You Michelle QuinnSAN FRANCISCO — As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of Congress about the company’s practices this week, Americans are waking up to just how much personal information tech companies have collected about them. Facebook said it will begin […]

Facebook Has Always Been One Big Swindle

     “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”  Steve Jobs       But, as the old saying goes, ‘nothing good comes easy.’  Perhaps there is a better way; and, this current social media ‘crisis’ may shed some light on the underbelly of social media companies — and, hopefully a […]

Forecasting The Future Of Warfare

David Maxwell:  “A long important read with important history (and a “scorecard”).” Excerpt: How Did We Do? You Decide.   I gave up command of the Army War College in the summer of 2000. Gen. Rick Shinseki, chief of staff at the time, kindly asked that I stay on active duty another six months to […]