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Outing Spooks: “Doxing” In The Cyber-Hack Era

Outing Spooks: “Doxing” in the Cyber-Hack Era · by | Levi Maxey · December 6, 2017 Revealing the identities of intelligence officials – a practice known as doxing – could become more common among nation-states, directed in particular at the clandestine cyber-spies who operate overseas. Doing so undermines an unspoken norm of confidentiality among even adversarial intelligence services […]

When Terrorists Learn How To Hack

When Terrorists Learn How to Hack · by | Levi Maxey · December 3, 2017 Terrorist groups are expanding their use of the internet beyond mere messaging and disseminating operational know-how, slowly adding a cyber-hacking toolset that could one day rival that of criminal or state-sponsored hacking. To date attacks have included website defacement, doxing of personally identifiable […]

The Russian Offensive In Syria You Haven’t Heard About The Russian Offensive in Syria You Haven’t Heard About The Kremlin smells military victory in Syria, but its media campaign could turn out to be a bigger triumph FEATURE Coda Story Damascus, Syria 28 Nov 2017 Abu Muhammad is watching television as a customer comes into his shoe store in Al Hamra market, in […]

Uber Concealed Cyber Attack That Exposed 57 Million People’s Data

  Uber Concealed Cyberattack That Exposed 57 Million People’s Data Bloomberg Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing company ousted Joe Sullivan, chief security officer, and one of his deputies for […]

Examining Russian Disinformation

Examining Russian Disinformation NPR · by Author Interviews · November 19, 2017 Thomas Rid of Johns Hopkins tells NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro about the history of Russian disinformation and how it’s become more effective in the age of social media. LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO, HOST: When we look at Russian interference in the affairs of other countries, including ours, we should […]

The FBI Blindly Hacked Computers In Russia, China, And Iran

Excerpts: The news signals the bold future of policing on the so-called dark web, where investigators are increasingly deploying malware without first knowing which country their suspect is located in. Legal experts and commentators say the approach of blindly kicking down digital doors in countries not allied with the U.S. could lead to geopolitical fallout. […]

It Takes Just $1,000 To Remotely Track Someone’s Location Once They Click On A Mobile Add, Or App;  Famed Hacker Kevin Mitnick On How You Can Go ‘Invisible’ Online And Hide Your Digital Tracks

It Takes Just $1,000 To Remotely Track Someone’s Location Once They Click On A Mobile Add, Or App;  (Re-Post) Famed Hacker Kevin Mitnick On How You Can Go ‘Invisible’ Online And Hide Your Digital Tracks      “I really feel like…someone is watching me,” goes the words to the 1997 hit song by the late […]

Cyber Command Is Growing Up. Now For the Real Issue.

Excerpt: Many, indeed perhaps most, of the most disruptive cyber attacks on the United States in the past years have been more about the impact of the use of information, not from the specifically cyber elements. The most important examples are the attack on Sony, in which the North Koreans released embarrassing and commercially sensitive information, […]

Russian Operatives Used Facebook Ads To Exploit America’s Racial And Religious Divisions

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America’s racial and religious divisions By Craig Timberg, Adam Entous, View Original September 25th, 2017 The batch of more than 3,000 Russian-bought ads that Facebook is preparing to turn over to Congress shows a deep understanding of social divides in American society, with some ads promoting African American rights groups, […]

Will U.S. Cyberwarriors Be Ready For The Next Big Hack?

Excerpts: People skills in cybersecurity also are needed at the policy level, said Debora Plunkett, former director of information assurance at the National Security Agency. “Cyber is a lot of technical work, but also a lot of policy.”   “We need lots of technical people,” Plunkett said at a New America conference in Washington. “We also […]