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CyCon U.S. Call For Papers Is Now Open: Full Paper Submission Deadline Is July 22, 2018

CyCon U.S. Call for Papers is now open Theme: Cyber Conflict during Competition CyCon U.S. seeks technical, legal, political, and military positions and research related to Cyber Conflict during Competition. Important Dates Full Paper Submission Deadline: July 22, 2018 Notification of Paper Acceptance: August 20, 2018 Final Paper Submission Deadline: September 17, 2018 “Inter-state strategic […]

Alexa, Tell Me A National Security Secret: Amazon’s Reach Goes Beyond The Post Office

Alexa, Tell Me A National Security Secret: Amazon’s Reach Goes Beyond The Post Office By Brian Naylor, View Original April 23rd, 2018 Amazon has been one of President Trump’s favorite targets on Twitter. He’s accused the company of not collecting taxes (which it does), charged it with putting retailers out of business — and focused his […]

Virtual War And Weapons Of Mass Deception – Modern War Institute

A cautionary conclusion.  Will we heed these words? Sixteenth-century Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus noted that “Prevention is better than cure.” Enemies of the United States continue to probe our virtual defenses. Our rivals are building the plans to attack and win in Virtual War so that they can avoid US military overmatch capabilities in physical […]

Palantir Knows Everything About You

     Blaming Peter Thiel & Palantir for excessive surveillance may be convenient for liberals and Silicon Valley; but, our personal privacy was substantially compromised long ago.  We absolutely need to have a thoughtful debate about how much surveillance is too much.  But, singling out Palantir does nothing to advance that debate; and, singles out […]

The Case For Extreme Worry

In places that include China and Russia, chief rival powers to the U.S., technology is “empowering top-down authoritarianism as liberal democracy weakens.” The case for extreme worry Axios · by Mike Allen To White House insiders, this is the most dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency so far, from the brewing trade war with China that he denies is a […]

North Korea Imprisoning More Youth For Viewing Foreign Media

The strategy appears to be part of wider plan by the regime to mold the youth of the country into future supporters of the dictatorship. Fearing that foreign media will erode the “ideological purity” of the youth and lead them to someday oppose the government, the authorities are allegedly attempting to instill paranoia in the […]

Building The Future Force: Guaranteeing American Leadership In A Contested Environment

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “The 40 page report can be downloaded here:   Interestingly there is no discussion of Special Operations in the future force nor irregular, political, or unconventional warfare, […]

A Cyber Attack Hobbles Atlanta, And Security Experts Shudder

A Dry-Run? An indication of things to come?/Worse? A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder By Nicole Perlroth, Alan Blinder, View Original March 29th, 2018 Municipal employees in Atlanta were able to use computers again on Tuesday as the city worked to recover from a cyberattack, but some digital services for residents remained unavailable. Credit David […]

‘Paranoid’ Kim Jong-un Orders North Korea Citizens To Take Handwriting Tests To Find Graffiti Vandal

Excerpts:   One former high-level North Korean official, now living in South Korea, also told Daily North Korea on condition of anonymity that similar incidents have occurred in the past at factories or universities, but the latest is more significant given the explicit anti-Kim message and the chosen location.   He said: “Someone here thought […]

Fears Of A Trade War With China, FaceBook’s Troubles, Derail The Bulls On Wall Street; Cloud Software Stocks Rise On M&A Hopes

Fears Of A Trade War With China, FaceBook’s Troubles, Derail The Bulls On Wall Street; Cloud Software Stocks Rise On M&A Hopes      Well, we know the romping bull market in stocks that lasted all of 2017, is no more.  Investors and traders were spoiled throughout last year, as volatility and any […]