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Seoul Closely Monitoring North Korea As Leader Out Of Public View Again (22 days)

Seoul closely monitoring North Korea as leader out of public view again The Korea Times · May 22, 2020 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. YonhapSouth Korea is closely watching the whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the unification ministry said Friday, as his absence from public view has stretched to three weeks once again. A […]

Kim Jong Un’s ‘New Strategic Weapon’ To Be Revealed Soon

Kim Jong Un’s ‘new strategic weapon’ to be revealed soon By 1 min View Original The “new strategic weapon” mentioned by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the end of last year is likely to be a new 3,000-ton submarine equipped with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), the South Korean and U.S. intelligence […]

4 Things That Will Happen If Kim Jong-un Died

Excerpts: Any mystery will be short-lived. The successor will likely be a member of the Kim family. North Korea may be on pins and needles. The risk of inadvertent conflict may increase during the early phases transition process, but so does the chance for a diplomatic agreement. 4 Things That Will Happen If Kim Jong-un […]

Rumors Over Kim Jong-un’s Illness Not True, No Sign Of Surgery: Spy Agency

David Maxwell Comment:  “We should never forget that north Korea is the master of denial and deception and it almost always shows us what it wants us to see.  The article does not mention the mark on his wrist that many are interpreting as evidence of a medical procedure.  But it could be a mark […]

Lessons From Kim’s Disappearance

David Maxwell Comment In Black/Blue before article:  “We may think we dodged a bullet with Kim apparently returning alive (but we cannot say well).  But if he did have a medical procedure for his heart we cannot assume he live to life expectancy.  And of course we still have the potential effects from a coronavirus […]

OPLAN 5029: The Military’s Secret Plan To Secure North Korea’s Nukes

David Maxwell Comment: “General Tilelli’s quote is taken from 1999 from this web site which discusses OPAN 5029. You can also find discussion of 5029 on that most authoritative of all sources: Wikipedia. Note that it begins its entry with General Tilelli’s quote which is arguably the best answer ever given in response to press questions about military planning.”   ‘It would […]

Why The U.S. Withdrew Its Bombers From Guam

David Maxwell Comment:  “Strategic reassurance. Strategic resolve.  This author thinks we are giving them up.”    Conclusion:   From within the US, questions are bound to arise about America’s commitment to maintaining forward deterrence while a major potential adversary, China, is building up capabilities and adding impressive technology-based systems to its arsenal. Why the US […]

Video Claiming Kim Jong Un’s Death Spreads In North Korea – Daily NK

David Maxwell Comment:  “This indicates the ability to communicate and spread information within north Korea.  This is important   However this video might be the work of someone who is trying to conduct an information and influence campaign and foment resistance.  I would be the escapee/defector organizations are responsible for this.  Resistance of course sounds fine to some and […]

South Korea’s Ministers Say They Know North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Location

David Maxwell Comment:  “Do they really know?  Does anyone really know?” South Korea’s ministers say they know North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s location · April 28, 202 Speculation about the 36-year-old North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health accelerated after the Seoul-based news site Daily NK reported April 20 that he was recovering from surgery, […]

Kim Rumors Rekindle Fears Of A ‘Weak’ North Korea | The Japan Times

David Maxwell Comment:  “Excuse me.  There is a rest of the story here (see excerpts below).  I was one of those in the 1990s (and now) who worry about all these scenarios.  What should be remembered is that the regime in the north was saved by the ROK Sunshine Policy and Peace and Prosperity Policy […]