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Video Claiming Kim Jong Un’s Death Spreads In North Korea – Daily NK

David Maxwell Comment:  “This indicates the ability to communicate and spread information within north Korea.  This is important   However this video might be the work of someone who is trying to conduct an information and influence campaign and foment resistance.  I would be the escapee/defector organizations are responsible for this.  Resistance of course sounds fine to some and […]

South Korea’s Ministers Say They Know North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Location

David Maxwell Comment:  “Do they really know?  Does anyone really know?” South Korea’s ministers say they know North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s location · April 28, 202 Speculation about the 36-year-old North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health accelerated after the Seoul-based news site Daily NK reported April 20 that he was recovering from surgery, […]

Kim Rumors Rekindle Fears Of A ‘Weak’ North Korea | The Japan Times

David Maxwell Comment:  “Excuse me.  There is a rest of the story here (see excerpts below).  I was one of those in the 1990s (and now) who worry about all these scenarios.  What should be remembered is that the regime in the north was saved by the ROK Sunshine Policy and Peace and Prosperity Policy […]

No More Kim For North Korea

David Maxwell Comment:  “From our  good friend Ri Jong-ho. I have benefited from his mentoring since he came to the US.  I too would like the Paektu bloodline to end with Kim Jong-un and I would like the Korean people living in the north to have their human rights restored and to be allowed to […]

3 Scenarios For Kim Jong Un’s Mysterious Absence

David Maxwell’s Comment & Observations: “A very important essay (but I am going to hijack it with my recommendations).  My bottom line (and I think this is in line with Duyeon’s and Lief’s thinking) is there is no successful outcome on the Korean peninsula for the ROK and/or US that is not built on the […]

South Korea’s Foreign Policy Adviser Says Kim Jong-Un Is Alive

South Korea’s Foreign Policy Adviser, Chung-in Moon said North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un “is alive and well; and, said the South Korean Government’s “position is firmly that Kim is not dead.” The Foreign Policy Adviser said that Kim had been in the Wonson area since April 13, 2020, and “there have been no suspicious movements.” […]

Japanese Media Claims North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un In A ‘Vegatative State’

Japanese media is reporting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is in a ‘vegatative state,’ after undergoing emergency heart surgery several days ago. RCP,

North Korea’s Interesting Defense Moves

Excerpts: When inspecting the “test firing of a tactical ballistic missile” on March 21, Kim stated that “the new weapons system and the tactical and strategic weapons system under development” is a “most trustworthy war deterrent.” These comments are worth noting. In the past, North Korea claimed that it had secured an American deterrent with […]

South Korea Says North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Appears To Be Handling State Affairs As Normal; No Signs Of ‘Unusual Movements’ In The Country

South Korea Says North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Appears To Be Handling State Affairs As Normal; No Signs Of ‘Unusual Movements’ In The Country      Trying to accurately tell what is happening inside North Korea, and inside Kim’s inner circle is like trying to catch an eel in a bucket of lard […]

How A Kim Jong Un Demise Could Spark Unrest, Require US, South Korean Military Response

How a Kim Jong Un demise could spark unrest, require US, South Korean military response · by Howard Altman · April 21, 2020 A Kim Jong Un demise could destabalize the region, create a massive refugee flow and force the U.S., South Korea and possibly other regional allies to react to the upheaval. That’s how experts contacted by Military […]