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Trump Team Mulls Giving North Korea A ‘Bloody Nose,’ Betting Kim Won’t Retaliate

Trump Team Mulls Giving North Korea a ‘Bloody Nose,’ Betting Kim Won’t Retaliate By Margaret Hartmann, View Original January 9th, 2018 I wouldn’t count on that. Photo: STR/AFP/Getty ImagesPhoto by: Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images There’s already been a breakthrough in the renewed talks between the Koreas, with the North agreeing on Tuesday to send its athletes to February’s Winter […]

On Talks With North Korea: The Parable Of The Mountain Rabbit – Modern War Institute

On Talks with North Korea: The Parable of the Mountain Rabbit – Modern War Institute · by ML Cavanaugh · January 9, 2018 I think a lot about the Korean peninsula. When news emerges from there, I take note. Like recently, when both the commandant of the Marine Corps and the secretary of defense made ominous statements that signal the serious […]

Mystery Children And Sibling Rivalries — This Is Kim Jong Un’s Family Tree

Mystery children and sibling rivalries — this is Kim Jong Un’s family tree By Michal Kranz, View Original January 8th, 2018 Statues commemorate Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.Wikipedia The Kim family has long kept quiet about exactly who belongs to their sprawling, complex family tree. But thanks mostly to South Korean intelligence, we have a pretty […]

The Intelligence Community Is Not Solely To Blame For North Korea (Underestimating Nuclear Progress)

Excerpts: The Kim regime got this far, so the narrative goes, because the intelligence community was working on outdated and stale assumptions about the technology the North Koreans were using and underestimated Kim Jong-un’s devotion to developing an operational nuclear weapons arsenal. The Times places the blame on the backs of the analysts, supervisors and […]

New North Korea Hack: Hijacking Computers To Power Cryptocurrency Mining

New North Korea Hack: Hijacking Computers to Power Cryptocurrency Mining New cyberattack uses foreign computers to generate Monero and send it to a university in Pyongyang Students at Kim Il Sung University work on computers in 2013. Pyongyang’s latest cyberattack targeting cryptocurrency appears to have originated from the university.PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS By Timothy W. Martin […]

It’s Time To Bomb North Korea

It’s Time to Bomb North Korea Foreign Policy · by Edward Luttwak · January 8, 2018 Nothing can be known about this week’s talks between North and South Korea other than their likely outcome. As in every previous encounter, South Korea will almost certainly reward North Korea’s outrageous misconduct by handing over substantial sums of money, thus negating […]

China’s Soft And Sharp Power/The Strategist, By Joseph S. Nye

China’s soft and sharp power | The Strategist · by Joseph S. Nye · January 8, 2018 China has invested billions of dollars to increase its soft power, but it has recently suffered a backlash in democratic countries. A new report by the National Endowment for Democracy argues that we need to re-think soft power, because ‘the conceptual vocabulary […]

Beijing Vows To Tackle Violators Of UN Sanctions On North Korea After Report Of Regular Oil Deliveries At Sea

We’ll see…….. Beijing vows to tackle violators of UN sanctions on North Korea after report of regular oil deliveries at sea South Korean newspaper says Chinese-owned ships making regular transfers of fuel to North Korean vessels PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 January, 2018, 7:45pm UPDATED : Friday, 05 January, 2018, 8:00pm 4 Jan 2018 China […]

How U.S. Intelligence Agencies Underestimated North Korea

How U.S. Intelligence Agencies Underestimated North Korea The New York Times By DAVID E. SANGER and WILLIAM J. BROAD JAN. 6, 2018 WASHINGTON — At the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, American intelligence agencies told the new administration that while North Korea had built the bomb, there was still ample time — upward of […]

North Korea Can’t Destroy Seoul With Artillery

North Korea Can’t Destroy Seoul with Artillery The National Interest · by Prakash MenonPR Shankar · January 5, 2018 The year 2017 marked a highpoint in U.S.-North Korean tensions with the United States continuing to maintain that the military option was still on the table. Though nuclear threats have also been exchanged, one of the oft-quoted retaliatory capability […]