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Russia By Cyber, North Korea By Nuke: A New Batch Of Grim Warnings From U.S. Intel

Russia by Cyber, North Korea by Nuke: A New Batch of Grim Warnings from US Intel · by | The Cipher Brief Staff · February 14, 2018 Questioning on Russian election interference and how the Trump White House handles staff clearances dominated the worldwide threat hearing Tuesday, as the Senate intelligence committee grilled leaders of the FBI, […]

To The Moon, Mars, And Beyond: A New Spirit Of Exploration, Fueled By Tech Entrepreneurs, Big Plans At NASA, And Worries About The Fate Of The Earth

To The Moon, Mars, And Beyond: A New Spirit Of Exploration, Fueled By Tech Entrepreneurs, Big Plans At NASA, And Worries About The Fate Of The Earth      The title above is from an article by Dr. Michio Kaku, that was in this past weekend’s (February 3/4, 2018) Wall Street Journal.  Dr. Kaku is the […]

The U.S. Faces An Innovator’s Dilemma In Its Relationship With China

The U.S. Faces an Innovator’s Dilemma in Its Relationship With China | RealClearDefense · by Norton A. Schwartz February 05, 2018 The new U.S. national security strategy refocuses America’s relationship with China, referencing “geopolitical competition between free and repressive visions of the world order.” Regaining the U.S. competitive edge with China dominates the U.S. national defense strategy, released in […]

Hawaii Worker Who Sent False Missile Alert Thought It Was Real

Hawaii worker who sent false missile alert thought it was real By Tali Arbel, View Original January 30th, 2018 Toby Clairmont, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s executive officer, shows new informational materials in Honolulu on July 21, 2017. A Hawaii employee who mistakenly sent an alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile earlier this month thought […]

What Does Strava Data Tell Us About North Korea?

What does Strava data tell us about North Korea? By Martyn Williams, View Original January 29th, 2018 Strava’s heat map of user activity has been raising some eyebrows for detailing movement of people around military bases, but what does it tell us about North Korea? As you might expect, there isn’t a whole lot of activity in the […]

The Reviews Are In: Here’s What Experts Are Saying About Jim Mattis’ New Strategy

The reviews are in: Here’s what experts are saying about Jim Mattis’ new strategy Washington Examiner · by Politics · January 19, 2018 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis released the new National Defense Strategy on Friday, a mostly classified document with a public portion that moves away from anti-terrorism as the top mission and focuses on peer competitors Russia and China. […]

Secretary Of Defense Mattis Set To Visit China In Spring US defence chief Jim Mattis set to visit China in spring, Pentagon spokeswoman says Mattis likely to ask Beijing to step up efforts towards achieving a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear issue PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 January, 2018, 11:31am UPDATED : Sunday, 14 January, 2018, 10:51pm 5  Minnie Chan Chinese military […]

China Lays Out Ambitious Space Program: More Than 40 Launches Planned In 2018 The first Long March 5 rocket being rolled out for launch at Wenchang in late October 2016. Credit: Su Dong/China Daily China, Missions, Moon I DIDN’T REALIZE THE SCALE OF THEIR ROCKET PROGRAM. CHINA IS PLANNING MORE THAN 40 SPACE LAUNCHES IN 2018  Article written: 10 Jan , 2018 by Matt Williams It’s no secret that China’s […]

Kremlin’s New Subs Set Sights On Internet’s Undersea Backbone

Kremlin’s New Subs Set Sights on Internet’s Undersea Backbone · by | Levi Maxey · January 7, 2018 Bottom Line: The U.S. and its NATO allies have warned that an uptick in Russian submarine activity near undersea fiber optic cables means Moscow may be plotting to disrupt or intercept sensitive or other critical internet communications, in the event […]

North Korea Likely Preparing For New Rocket Engine Test at Sohae

North Korea Likely Preparing for New Rocket Engine Test at Sohae | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea · by 38 North · January 4, 2018 A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Frank Pabian and Jack Liu. A Rocket Engine Test Soon Between November 23 and December 25, the rail-mounted environment […]